By:- Sadguru Sri Sivapremananda ji

Keeping the Sri Yantra at your home with right geometry it’s very important, right geometry, right energization and right worship gives the good very results.  Many people complain, you know Guru Ji I brought this Sri Yantra, The moment I have it in my home my daughter fell down, The moment I brought the Sri Yantra I lost this much lakhs rupees. …. The moment I have ……then I ask them show me the Sri Yantra, they will send the Sri Yantra Picture and it won’t have angle, even sometimes bindu is not at all there and they are worshipping, head is not there, mother head is not there so what results should you get ?? obviously you will get like that type of results. You see that. Right geometry Yantra if you worship which is energized by the master and with right guidance, 100 percent you will get results. People don’t understand many people, are worried about this, OH if I keep Sri Yantra and I am preparing Non-Veg in my home then what would happen ?? you know people are afraid. Whether I get negative results, whether mother will get anger and curse me. First thing you need to understand- divine mother never get anger. If she is getting anger means she is not divine mother, she is not a divine mother she is a humane not a divine, first thing you need to understand. Because Lalithambika how is she represented, do you see any ashtras ? NO, NO Asthra at all. Pasha & ankusha is just a conscious thing nothing is there, nothing like you know one sword or some trishool. She is not holding anything. Not holding any Runda Munda anything you see her?? She is such a soft beautiful lovely form always blissful and blessing you- unconditional love that is Rajarajeswari That is Lalithamika.

So, When I am working shopping her there are no conditions at all. When I prepare Non-Veg that is a Tamo Guna,…. it’s a Tamo Guna Non Veg means Tamo. When you categorise the food – Sattva, Rajo and Tamo. All these meat comes under the Tamo Guna. If I prepare the Non Veg what is happening? I am creating a Tamo energy in my home, Yes or no? and I am keeping then Sri Yantra and I am telling that, if tamo energy is more mother get anger .. do you see any place where there is no tamo energy??? This world needs sattva, rajo and tamo energy otherwise creation cannot happen., everywhere it is there.

And Sri Yantra represents what? Parama tattava .Parama Tattava that is  the Sri Yantra which is truth consciousness. Para Bhrma saroopa manifesting as a truth consciousness –parama tattava and that is the Sri Yantra. When I keep this Sri Yantra what is its job? It cleaneses Nava Graghas , it cleanses pancha boothas, it cleanses three gunas – Sattva, Rojo and Tamo. If I create a tamo and I keep a Sri Yantra what it does? it will transform the Tamo in to Rajo and Rajo in to Sattava and Sattva in to parama tattava. So if you prepare a non- veg and if you keep a sri Yantra it will not harm you at all instead it will transform and purify the energy of Tamo in your home. Why they say you know sri Yantra is very helpful for Vasthu? because of that. whatever the negative energy is there, very aggressive Tamo Guna is there, when I keep the Sri Yantra what happens? it will start working for that, cleansing that, purifying that transforming in to parama tattva. This is very important we should remove all those you know negative beliefs about Sri Yantra and have no conflict or fear. Sometimes they attend the work shop and they take the Sri Yantra to their home, some relative come and say – you kept sri yantra ?? oh my god… be careful!!! You should Worship it every day. If you don’t worship it every day, then you will have negativity in your life. But That’s not true at all …. that not true at all …

Divine mother doesn’t need your worship first of you think she is dependent on you. No … So you need to understand that we are worshipping to cleanse heal energize and lift ourselves. That’s why we do Sri Chakra Pooja so divine mother is not depending on us. If I do the Pooja what happens ? I connect with the Sri Yantra it is connecting to my soul, it is lifting. Because It’s a fixed geometry and human is not fixed always moving up and down because of the emotions, thoughts and energies. So we need some energy tool that is always vibrating with parama tattva, truth consciousness, transcendental energy that can balance me, my chakras, my pancha maha bootas and my nava graghas. So I do this sri chakra Pooja not for divine mother but for your own sake. Please understand. So if don’t do Pooja mother will not get anger, no negativity is there. This is you know one more fear people have, because many people are travelling now a days and it’s very difficult to be at home and if they go for vacation for three days or one week what will happen to the Sri Yantra?? Nothing will happen and she is always bliss full, always blissful. She is not dependent on you; she is the creator, infinity cosmic consciousness. why she is dependent on you ??? there are many concepts beyond that we cannot understand. She is beyond all that and we cannot understand all that. But you need to remove this fears like sri chakra does this, sri chakra does that. You cannot believe we have given sri chakra for clinics, we have given the sri chakra for industries, we have given sri yantras for the other people. Even I told you last time one of the person has taken the Sri Yantra for his police station as he also wants to bring harmony and peace to his thieves and themselves.

Like this everybody had taken Sri Yantra and they have kept it. In one of the panting company in Delhi they have taken sri Yantra and kept it on every table of the employee so that they can have very good energy. Within a year their income has doubled and their performances doubled everything is very good and they are very happy. we have given the sri Yantra to Americans, you know Poland people have, Japanese people have, even Chinese people have taken now, they have ordered. You know Hawaii island people have ordered and kept. By seeing they feel so much joyful no worship at all. guru ji I just saw and experienced so much joy, if they think you know every day we go for a party, every day we prepare a non veg, everyday mother will…. If the thought is there, negative belief is there then fear is there. So remove all those. This is a power centre, this is geometry and it will automatically attract because it’s made of golden rashim. the angle is made up of golden rashim (I will explain you what is golden rashim) so that golden rashim automatically attracts the spiritual energy- parama tattva. So this yanytra energises, cleanse, heal and blesses your home. So you need to remove one more thing is when their own family member when they come they think “oh my God!! This Yantra is brining negativity, I am feeling bad, This and that”. Because of their own belief all other family members are very happy but this one person is not happy. If it happens to be negative, then it should affect all members. But sometimes husband or wife I tell, in that case take the sri yantra you know merge in to the river or leave in to the river and let it flow in the river. Because they are afraid and they cannot workship so in that case they should respect each other feelings or else it would become a family problem. Sri yantra created a family problem, it should not happen. So we ask them, you respect your paerrtner or family member if you don’t want you can merge in the river. Because if you go the temple also they don’t worship you have to keep it somewhere else so it’s better to merge in the sakthi. What is sakthi? it’s a water. My energy whatever I had woekshioped I want to merge in to the sakthi that is water, then when its gone in to the earth dimension it has to be given back in to your soul. So we ask them to leave in to the river.

This is very important things, and some people cover it with red cloth, if somebody sees this a negative person, they hide it. If somebody sees it?? I told what will happen ?? if somebody touches it and if he did not take bath and he touches ? I told what is going to happen ?? these are all there …we had been conditioned from so many years. If negative person is there, then there is more tamo guna. Yes, or No ??tamo guna person is coming and touching, do you think the person is powerful or sri Yantra is powerful. you see that. By not allowing him to touch we are telling that you are more powerful than sri yantra. Nothing will happen, let him touch. it’s such a blessing for him. Its such positive tool and it will just dissolve all the negativity. It’s not affected by the negativity it just cleanses, heals, energizes   and blesses us that is the if someone comes and see it nothing will happen and no need to cover it, is it clear?   keep it open but only thing is you need have right understanding of sri Yantra.

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