Sada-Shiva is our true nature

-by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

 Could you able to feel the bliss? People call it, more than happiness there is one more feeling called bliss.

When you are detached from all the things. Physical body, mental body, inside, outside, you detach from everything. You go beyond all of this. You will be in a state of Sada-Shiva where nothing can touch, nothing can harm. That is so blissful, joyful. Something like you want be there all the time. Because that is our true nature. Could you able to feel that? At least you could able to touch it. So it should happen in a meditation.

Goal is, how I can go into that State of consciousness that is beyond my body, mind, and beyond all the thoughts. All the things. And detach from everything, but at the same time witnessing all, being everywhere.

If you read it in a book it is very difficult to understand. But if you experience it now, you know this. You know what is the state of Sada-Shiva. Shiva is more involved with the mind and body and creation. Sada-Shiva is more detached in the conscious level.

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