Science & Importance of Navaratri Festival – Navadurga Sadhana

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

Navaratri you know it is a big festival, 9 days and if you see Durga the meaning of this is the destroyer of negativity. The name itself Durga means kill the negativity. So she has been shown with you know lion and sitting with so many avataram. Just the symbolic representation that she is going to destroy.

Who is you know what is the negativity? That is what the question. Who is creating this negativity? It is all of us doing this. The guilty feeling where it goes? Got this point? I think positive and positive energy. I think negative, negative energy. Fear creates negative energy. Depression creates negative energy. Okay? My own imagination of so many different things create those things. So all this negative thoughts, negative emotions create negative energy and where, not one person billions of people creating this energy. Where it is going? Where it is going? It is there in this atmosphere and then thoughts are things. When same thought is accumulating it has its own consciousness and it becomes a thing, things. It becomes alive. Entity we call it. You see there is a negativity. It has different forms. It is not like a human but it is there. Who created? Its the children of us. We are the fathers, parents for that. All that negativity is there is because of humanity.

Siddhas what they wanted to do? They wanted to erase this negativity. What they did? Navadurga sadhana, collective navadurga sadhana. We all together chant and invoke that positive energy then what happens? That negative energy is removed and positive energy is sustained. This is the importance of festivals. Please understand the science behind our siddhas. Siddhas are great scientists and their intention is to help humanity. Only one intention they have. Help humanity, bring peace, harmony on this earth and lift this earth. That is the intention of the masters and they have done this. What you are going to do? We all together thousands of people will be sitting and chanting Divine vibration, mantra. It has a positive vibration. So what it does? It will remove the negativity. Got this point? This is the truth.

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