Secret Principles of Meditation for Samadhi Experience – By Sadaguru Sivapremanandaji

When we do this Durga Saptashati they it is said if you don’t chant Siddhakunjika will not get the force of Durga Saptashati. Why it is? Because it is a key. It will not unlock the power of Durga Saptashati. But what we are doing is we are holding the direct key. Essence we are getting. Directly we are enter into a Prime Minister office without any MLA, MP anything. Directly go to the Prime Minister. It is something Siddhkunjika stotra is directly connecting with divine and receiving the blessing to change our life. So you can do it in the morning or do it in the evening. Any convenient time you choose and do it. If you decided to do it at 6 o’clock or 7 o’clock in the morning then maintain the same time you know and do the sadhana. For example today I do the sadhana at 6 o’clock tomorrow again I should do at 6 o’clock. So this will help to train your mind – train your mind in a meditative state. If you do today at 7 o’clock tomorrow 10 o’clock day after tomorrow in the evening like this if you do it will take a few months to concentrate. You will be fighting with yourself with your own concentration. If I maintain one time and stick to that regularly after a week two three or month at that time automatically I will go into a meditative state. Its training to your mind. If I drink a coffee or tea at 7 o’clock you see that after one or two weeks you will be sleeping your mind will say get me a coffee. Automatically you train your mind for coffee or tea. If you train your mind for meditation what happens 7 o’clock yes after you know you will be sleeping you will be seeing a divine mother you will be seeing the thoughts of divine mother at that time. So you should use this principle to of training your mind that is by maintaining same time regularly. Every day you fix that, today 7 o’clock ok every day I am going to sit for 7 o’clock or at night I will finish everything 11 o’clock I will go for a meditation. Yes go for it. That whatever that is convenient to you there is no disturbance from you know specially with mobiles and your family member. So you should give time to divine mother and for yourself. Because you know that if I do regularly I change my life. And spirituality is and meditation is pillar of my life. Inner world creates outside. I have a choice to experience negativity, negative situations outside or I can burn it by meditating within. Choice is yours. You can choose to attract the accident or burn that accident negative karma with meditation, choice is yours. So meditation is very very (important) and medittion is something like a supermarket you enter, health issue you know relationship issue, money issue everything will be taken care. So this very very important in our life. It is a pillar of our life – it’s a pillar of our life. Until and unless you don’t realize this truth you will be postponing you will be falling not meditating. The day you realize you know it is more important than a food then you will sit and meditate. Until that same drama same things will be going on coffee will be dominating, the TV serial will be dominating, going for shopping mall will be dominating. The choice will be on that side, not for the meditation. But this is very very important that you being able to sit and connect every day to divine mother and here more thing I want to tell to you, if somebody dies in your home or relatives no need to stop the meditation, Ok. For outside rituals there are conditions you don’t need to do Puja when you know somebody dies. For meditation that’s happening inside no condition. If somebody dies or not you should connect with divine mother receive her grace and go for your day to day activity. Is it clear to you? Inner sadhana no conditions no restrictions of any type. Is it clear to you?

You can have whatever life style you want but meditate regularly. I have only one condition meditate. I didn’t put any condition eat whatever you want drink whatever you want whatever you want have whatever relationship, but meditate regularly. Because I know that more you start connecting more your life will change, more your habit change, things will come in order. So I don’t put give you more focus on the outside power. I know that divine mother will take care. All you have to do is connect to her regularly bring her in your life and see the miracles in your life. Is it clear to you? So any doubts you have – any doubts. And specially if you are meditating at night some people we are all different our experiences are different. If you are meditating at night you are feeling more energy more awake less sleep then you need to shift it to the morning Ok. In that case you know that my sleep will get disturbed if I meditate at night, then you need to do it in the morning. For some people they are meditating in between meditating they will sleep, for them meditation at night is very good. They will get very good sleep when they meditate. So in that case you choose to meditate at night instead of morning. Is it clear to you? And stick to the same. It is not that I have to meditate on Brahma muharta and all of this. I have seen it is not possible to many householders, four days like this and then curve will be like this. Chaar din bahut acche tarah subah 3 baje 4 baje then slowly slowly after one week and what happens you know that could be very good excuse for you to not to meditate and you start scolding yourself. Ok. So find one time that is best for you every day where you will not have disturbance of your children your husband no mobile calls nothing sit and do this and tell to yourself this half an hour I want to give to myself. This is a way of taking care of. Lesson of taking care give to myself and divine mother. This is needed. My true father and mother is where I want to connect and do it. Srividya is a core course in us this is supportive tool. This is a support because in Srividya we will be working with every chakra. These chakras represent different aspects of your life. Money centre is there in Mooladhara, sex centre is in Swadheesthanan, food centre is in you know in Manipura, emotional centre is in your heart centre, communication centre is here (throat), discipline centre is there (in between eyebrows), oneness centre is here. I need to work here and all your different karmas are there. I need to work with that and I cannot directly go to the divine mother, I need a steps, slowly I raise my vibrations slowly I raise, because this body need some time to adjust. I cannot you know it is something like you know 100 watt bulb if I put suddenly 1000 watt what is that can happen. So slowly you know 100 to 200 I take, one mantra I give level 1 that is needed for you. Best is Bhuvaneshwari who has created that will be level 1. Then Navakari mantra slowly it will raise and remove all astral doshas, cleanses you. Then level 3 higher you know power is coming more sticky karmas are cleansed. So level 1, 2, 3 cleanses your chakras heal awaken kundalini nadis and remove all your astrological issues whatever doshas of astrology horoscopy whatever it is. The moment you reach level 4 you reach Baalatripursundari a Divine Mother is a innocent form energy Baala like child form you start receiving that blissful joyful so sweetful energy your life will you know start experiencing start you know your kundalini start coming up. Then you go for Paanchadashi where it reach your kundalini up with here then you go to the Shodashi. It will raise your kundalini above your Sahastrara. Then you go for Shivasoubhagya Shodashi where it will take there and again bring it back because you cannot there you know householders. Yogis ok, I am here something happen I leave go. Shodashi is such a problem that is what all people are not given Shodashi mantra. It is kept secret, but people thinking in the other way. He is keeping it secret there should be more power. People ask like that you know. Some People ask why there are 7 levels when divine mother is only one. People ask me that question, I told divine mother is one her mantra is ok but what about you. How many stages you need to go? So this is mantra not for divine mother but for you to stage by stage, step by step. You cannot directly go to become doctor or engineer you need to develop your intellectual abilities and your understanding then you reach where you can give your service your knowledge can be a service to a another person another human you know that’s how you go. So spirituality is like this slowly you take to higher level and then you merge with Shiva and Shakti, Ok. (Question by Student) In Srividya what is a significant role of a Lalitha Trishati? Lalitha Trishati is a you know a expansion of Paanchadashi Mantra. So if I give a mantra diksha to you the Paanchadashi mantra I want to have more understanding of what actually Paanchadashi. What is what intelligence it holds what miracle energy it holds how it an effect and bring a transformation in my life then you go and understand Trishati each word understand the meaning and then correlate this with your soul mind body to realize Paanchadashi mantra.(Student- So you will be teaching that trishati that is Lalitha Trishati). I give you a essence to you a mool mantra. Again t’s your choice you want to go for a stotra. See my job is to simplify give the essence. But people want to again add up add up app up and make it. Why I am you know you are householder you cannot do all of that. That is needed for yogi who want to bring that. I have a student who meditate for 18 to 20 hours a day – 18 to 20 hours a day. With a small one fruit and a cup of milk. There purpose is only Shiva and Shakti, for them the teachings are different. For them I don’t say eat what you want do what you want. No they cannot do it. Meditate 10 hours 12 hours go and eat a one you know Jamun. Next day ulcer will be there. Your body cannot tolerate normal food. Only fruits only you know nuts some juice or some herbs only your body can tolerate with that energy with that system. That’s what I tell to many students householders even don’t meditate more than one hour because you don’t feel to go to office. Problems will start your wife will complain your mother will complain your father will complain. So we have to understand the energy we have to understand all of this then we need to take help and then reach that.

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