Secrets of Mantra, Yantra and Tantra – by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

The moment I chant those mantras that energy has a qualities of divine love, divine bliss, divine joy, harmony, abundance a prosperity. So these are the qualities I am seeking in my life, right, so I need a some force that can come and start bringing those qualities in me and in my world, in my world. Durga is that power. Durga is… So if I want to that bring that you know that the bliss joy harmony love in relationship abundance prosperity overcome all the negativity all that tantric effects or the enemies court cases, this and that you know whatever may be. So who is the one I need to connect divine mother. So first this should be your first understanding who is Durga and when I connect and chant her mantra what I am going get from that. So mantras are the vibrations, mantras are the codes to connect with the divine source. For example we have a mobile numbers, right, there are only 9 numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 last one is 0. When these 9 numbers are ordered or placed in a different way, what happens it become a mobile number for different people. So when I, to connect you, what I need to do, I have to type that number so that I can connect. Same with the mantras, Aim Hreem Kleem. When they are in order or connected with this specific codes I connect to that power source. Is it clear to you? So when I connect to that power source I start receiving that energy because I have physical body at the same time I have a energy body. So I plug my energy body to divine source called Durga I start downloading her energy. I start downloading. So once that energy starts coming in me what happens, its qualities starts manifesting in me. Earlier I was so fearful, now I am not fearful of. May be I have fear of death, fear of height, fear for the you know, forest, some people are fear for the market also, I have seen. People have different type of fears. Then once I start happening it should change your, you could overcome your fear then you know that yes, Durga is helping me to overcome my problems. So slowly it always in spirituality we call Riddhi and Siddhi. Siddhi is outside accomplishment before that it has to happen in our inner world, in our psychic level. So Riddhi is psychic abundance, siddhi is you know physical abundance. First Riddhi will come then Siddhi will come. So it is very important when we start doing sadhana the spiritual sadhana in  a right way as guided by master then you start getting all this changes happening at your thoughts, at your feeling, at your belief level at your… Then so what happens outside problem start… Because who created those problems you only the greatest master of your life. If you have created a cancer I bow down to you, because you out of ignorance created your… One simple example you take your food habits and see the body structure and take a person who is exercising every day and see the body structure, how you have created you know because it is very easy to have physically what you eating to show up very fast results but mentally what you creates takes time to manifest in this physical world. Because subtle thing subtle matter to manifest as a grosser physical matter it takes some time, some months. There is something like you know I put the water ok to become to make it a ice in refrigerator it need some time right, it needs some time. So we are in this 3 dimensional world where space and time is influencing. So I should do my sadhana sincerely with acceptance with positive expectations and allowing myself for some months, some week, some days then I start seeing the results. Now a days what happens, this a 21st century instant coffee, know, instant coffee. The moment I do the sadhana I should get it. If I am not getting you know they just take a diksha and after 1 week Guriji nothing is happening, Guriji nothing. Know, I visualizing I am following the principles that you have taught nothing is happening. I tell them allow some more time, allow some more time and don’t go on you know digging the same things that the nothing is happening nothing is happening. It is something you know I put a seed into the soil, right. So what I should do, I should have a faith that it is going to become a plant or tree and my only job is water every day add some fertile thing and protect it. So it going become a plant and produce a, become a tree and. After one week you remove this and see the seed, you know, nothing is happening. Do you think it is going to grow, no know. Same thing, thoughts are your seeds, when I put in my conciseness, ok when I accept it the seed enters to my conciseness and every day with my positive expectation visualization and meditating that it is going to happen it’s going to happen and allowing for some time that you believe it may take this much time you believe that it may take 3 months. Then you start seeing the result and at the same time protecting it you know you need to fence it. Otherwise you see if I put the seed ok adding the water and if I don’t put fence around this, some cow can come and eat or some dog can come.  Now a days human also does all the dog and cow act, got this point.

You need to protect, what it mean by protect keep your sadhana secret, keep your sadhana secret and your thoughts and your goals secret. If you tell to your, you know someone who is not believing in spiritually may be your husband is not believing or your wife is not believing or your parents do not believe. Now you sitting in a meditation and you see so much you know good energy so good vibration and so blissful you know a thing. Now you tell to your wife or the one who is not believing they will laugh at you. You chant the mantra, you laugh and you think that is going to change it. So what is happening you lifted yourself in meditation but another person the moment you share who is you know do not have idea do not know what is this the science and you tell them what they do, they will pull you or there some more people you know they put the you know some other things. They are not happy with your know progress, they are not happy with the progress. They will tell you know, be careful you are hypnotizing yourself be careful you are you know creating a problem for yourself be careful this this. Now you become you know or it could be your imagination is it possible for a divine mother to come and bless you.  You are a idiot. You see, your own friend come put one seed into you and if it comes from your friend you know it is like lord Krishna blessing you, it is like a lord Krishna… Then you accept it then you what happens you have experienced it as a first hand but you are not accepting your own spirit. So why I am telling secret, it is not for something you know to hide it. It is for your progress, it is for your focus so that you can manifest one, is it clear?

The people will you know as you progress people will be surprised will come and ask you are looking different your energy is different you are so happy what are you doing. Your, you know your face is glowing I have compared to early now it looks very… you are not anger face. Earlier you used to smoke so much now you are smoking vey less why are you not meeting me at bar, you see that.  You start seeing, I am telling you these are all inside out creation. May be you struggle for alcohol, may be you have struggle for smoking but I tell you the moment that the divine force comes it will start changing your inner mechanism it will start changing your bad habits it will start changing negative thoughts feelings it will start removing unwanted negative people in your life except husband and wife ok. It will start removing all unwanted people. So this is power of spiritual sadhana this is a power of meditation that you need to understand.

So now we understood who is Durga, ok, what are her qualities if I bring her in my meditation if I connect with her everyday what benefits I can get it. Ok, now I will come to core subject, what is Durga Saptashati. Ok, some of you know, some may not know. So Durga Saptashati, it is a sadhana that is given in the Markendeya purana. So this has as a name suggest Durga Saptashati, Durga is a name of divine mother. Ok, sapta means 7, shati means 100 and Duraga Saptishati slokas. So there in this you know a practise spiritual practise the sadhana you have to chant Durga you know a saptishati means 700 slokas, 700 slokas. So each sloka has a different vibration and energy that you can invoke and take the help of that and solve your problem and change your life. Is it clear?

What is Durga Saptishati? So this Durga saptishati you know has a 7 chapters, has a 7 chapters and here we have divided them as a 3 sections. One is first section you know for some chapters and 2nd section and 3rd. There if you see traditionally prathama madhama and uttama. So they have divided in a 3. Why they have divided they have divided because of the Durga manifesting as a different forces. Durga as first manifesting as a Mahakali first one right, you know a pradtama addahaya where divine mother kali force will be there her slokasa her energy. 2nd one 2nd chapter 2nd section not a chapter, section 2nd , madhyama where we invoke divine mother in the form of Mahalakshmi it is there then in last section we invoke divine mother as a Saraswati. Is it clear to you?

So this a Durga Saptashati and this how is they have divided, you know in 3 sections. Now question comes why they divided why they have divided why there are 700 slokas why not 1000 slokas. Why not only 1 sloka you know. Now a days we want only, you know, as less as possible. You know, because as a householder we don’t have much time to do the Sadhana. We want one and get all. We want to do one sadhana but get all. Now a days the way the mind thinks with all the difficult things we are getting all we gathers and all of supportive tools our mind expects same thing in the spiritual world so this is how they have divided. Now you need to understand there is a pure consciousness what we call it as Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. That pure consciousness as oneness of Siva and Shakti. The form of oneness of Siva and Shakti is what they call Mahatripursundari. This pure consciousness is a static consciousness. It will not act. It just a Sarvanandayamaya. It is not a time space consciousness. For this static consciousness to become a dynamic consciousness it needs a 3 force what are these 3 forces. First force is Eichha Shakti, Echha Shakti, next force is Dyana Shakti 3rd force is Kriya Shakti. So the consciousness static consciousness become a dynamic consciousness. A consciousness become a creation what I am telling is become a creation you need a 3 forces. If what is my Eichha Shakti I want to lift this paper, I want to lift this paper is my Eichha Shakti, how to lift this is Dyana Shakti I can use my hands to lift or I can ask him to lift this paper is called Dyana Shakti and lifting this paper is what Kriya Shakti. If these 3 forces are not there my thought can not manifest into a creation. Is it clear to you?

My Eichha Shakti to create what I want to create I want to lift this, it is my creation it is my creation. So consciousness become a creation, static consciousness become a dynamic consciousness with the help of these 3 and the same forces what I call eichha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Dyana Shakti as Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati. Is it clear to you?

Mahatripursundari manifest as a 3 forces that is Mahakali 1st, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. And these 3 forces with permutation and combination form again you know cascade what we call Dasmahavidya. From the source the moment a paramtatva says paramabrahamaswarupa or paramatma says I want to become a many. Earlier there was a God from that God had Eichha a desire a vibration or has a world and he become… (Many). So Paramatma he just a pure consciousness, he want to express himself as a many that desire of it we call it a Kamarupeni Kamakhi Kameshwari. Lalitambika takes a form of Kameshwari during the new moon day that is where from the creation starts. From darkness to the light that is full moon day. New moon day is like black hole from that then start coming creation all this as full moon day. So the pure source paramatma has a desire that he want to become a many. To become a many the eichha has came then with that eichha intelligence came, how to do it, with that you know how to do the, you know action to do that eichha or fullfill that eichha or the desire has come. So Mahakali Mahalakshmi Mahasaraswati. And these forces like Mahakali and Mahalakshmi together they are called one more God. Got this point, together they become a one more God. A Saraswati and Mahalakshmi energy together they become a one power. If you see the Kamakhya in Assam or Guwahati right, so she is the form of Tara and Kali mixed with a Lalitambika, these energies. If I go to the you know Kamakshi, Kanchi Kamakshi there is a force of Parvati and Lakshmi mixed together, she become Kamakshi. Can you see that? The same source they are coming but because of mixing of the energy her vibration is different, her yantra is different, her mantra is different. Because I need to connect to that source invoke that power and change my life. Is it clear to you?

So how the mantra yantra tantra happens. Why divine mother has taken a different forms? Ok. So here Mahakali Mahalakshmi Mahasaraswati 3 parts. Ok 3 parts and why there are 3 parts, again you need to understand because we are living in a 3 states of consciousness. What are 3 states of consciousness? Waking state of consciousness ok dream state of consciousness and sleep state of consciousness. So our whole life, from born until we live on this earth then die and leave this body and complete creation. So this complete life we are living day to day in these 3 state of consciousness. So to bring transformation in these 3 states of consciousness we need a these 3 (forces) ok. And again one more important thing is we are made of 3 gunas qualities ok. One is tamo-guna, rajo-guna and satva-guna. Mahakali is needed to overcome the tamoguna, Mahalakshmi is needed to overcome rajoguna and satvaguna Mahasaraswati is needed to overcome satvaguna. We know that a satvik quality is very good, satvik quality is very good and all our sadhana is to become satva to purify ourself to become a crystal clear but it is not sufficient. You need to become or you need to go beyond 3 gunas also and reach a parama-tatva, parama-tatva. That is ultimate consciousness, ultimate consciousness. That’s where again the force of Durga will help you. First she will take form of kali to cleanse your tamo(-guna) then she take form of Mahalakshmi to cleanse your rajo(-guna) then take the form of Mahasaraswati to cleanse your satva(-guna)  and take you from satva to…That is why Sadguru Adi-shankaracharya could able to establish Mahasaraswati in Shrinngeyri. Why he has to establish all ultimately her in that satvik form so that she take you to beyond that beyond this. You become a going every this. That’s what the representation of Trishula also. Why Siva is holding the Trishula, because he has transformed these tatvas these gunas, you know. He become like a param-eshwara Parameshwara. Even same the moment you transform these gunas what you become, so it is called om-tat, aham brahmasmi. These are the main Vedya-vikyas.  This Duraga saptashati help you to go to that or to experience that knowledge of the Vedas. So could have a understanding of this, any question here? Any question.

Now why there 700 slokas, this is also very important part, Why there are 700 slokas? Why not you know 1000 slokas? Why not 500 slokas? Because we live in this body in a 7 states of consciousness and those state of consciousness represented by our own chakras. How many chakras we have major chakras, 7 chakras. So to go from Mahakali to Mahasaraswati or Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari. I need to go step by step. Is it clear? I need to go step by step and reach to my oneness with Siva and Shakti. So at the Muladhara what is the tatva that represent is a Prutvhi. So, I am on this earth yes, I am on this earth where I need to go, to become divine to become, a transform these tatvas even pancha-mahabhutas, then guru-tatva then Siva-shakti and merge with… So we call it as a map, so 7 level of consciousness, 7 levels of energies that represent 700 slokas. Every chakra is, like you know 100 slokas. So Durga saptishati is a sadhana of from human to a divine, from human to a divine. Is it clear to you? Why there are 700 slokas? And now this path from Muladhara to Manipura is like a Mahakali. From Manipura to here Vishudhi is Mahalakshmi. And from here to here Mahasaraswati. So there are the 3 sections, got this point. Prathma-adhaya madhama-adhaya uttama-addahya. So as I read the Durga-saptashati  I step by step reach my divine state of consciousness.

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