Secrets of Srividya Mantra Deeksha and Siddhi

by Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

If you want to activate any mantra, awaken any mantra in your soul you have to go through Purushacharana. Purshacharana means if I have Om Namah Shivaya or Namah Shivaya- it’s a 5 letter mantra. You have to multiply it 5 lakh times. Means 5 into One Lakh- how much it is? 5 Lakh. To awaken that mantra you have to chant minimum 5 lakh times. It is for that yuga not kalyuga. These scriptures were not written for this yuga. Now it is multiplied by 3. If it is 5 means minimum 15 Lakh times you have to chant. Ok 15 Lakh times you have to chant. Then you have to do the, this, Havan. 10 Percent of 15 Lakh you have to do the Havan. Then some amount number will come. That 10 Percent you have to do the Tarpan, that 10 Percent you have to do the Marchan, that 10 Percent you have to do the Shaanti Puja. Then there is a possibility that the mantra will become active in your soul. Got this point? So, here it is up to you. We call it as a Updesha where I tell them go and do the Sadhana, make Purushacharana with this mantra- Updesha. Updesha means, I am giving this mantra, I am telling the benefits, I am telling the procedure. But, you have to work out. You have to work out. If Namah Shivaya how many years it will take to activate the mantra and give results to you? I am not telling this. Go in any tantras. Vamkeshwara tantra you take, ok, or any scriptures you take. You go to the Atharvaveda. That is the best thing where it will give all details what mantra, what benefits, how many numbers, what Herbs I need to use, what other elements I need to use to work it. Make its application. Ok! You go through then you realize that when I give a Updesha you have to chant these many things for one mantra- Om Namah Shivaya.

If I have seven levels in Srividya Sadhana, how many times you have to do it? Do you really have a time for that? Do you really have a time for that? You see that, this is very important. It is very important that we need Deekhsha of the mantra not Updesha of the mantra in 21st Century. Deeksha of the mantra where my master has done Three Thousand Three Hundred years of tapas. Sadguru Thirumoolar ji on this earth has done Three Thousand Three Hundred years of tapas. And, he has seen many yugas before that. Before coming to the Earth plain. And these mantras he has done and it is active in him. And he started transferring the part of the power. It is something you know, you want to start your business, I want to give some amount, transfer the amount into your bank account, then you start your business. Is it clear? It is something like I want to start my Spiritual Business you know, so I ask, Sadguru please I want to start my Business, transfer One Lakh units of energy of this mantra. I will start my Journey, because I don’t have time. One hour of meditation is difficult, challenging for me every day. And my mind is not focused. Today This mantra, tomorrow this mantra. Today this god, tomorrow that god. I made god as a toy. I am playing with toy. God’s become a toy. Now a days you know you see puja room. How much politics will be going on in your own home. Puja room how much politics, you know this is my god. Especially if you are going through money problem then Lakshmi, if you have fear then bhairava. You know, other god’s you don’t care. So we do the politics there. We do the politics. But truth is very different. Truth is with your attention, with your intention, with your choice you created a problem. You created a problem. Here, I need a mantra plus awareness about my belief. I need to have an intention, right intention, right guidance of the universal law. Then only, together it will change my life.

But, People are running behind mantra you know. This mantra 3 months, finish. That mantra 3 months. Whom are you fooling, whom are you fooling? You know when Haigriva is waiting, you know Agastya muni goes there and he says that I have done all the Vedic rituals. I have done all the Vedic Sadhana, Gayatri and all of that, still there something is missing. Haigriva, please give me the Sadhana so that I can fill the gap of the missing thing. And Haigriva was thinking. Then he got the Divine mother message that give him Lalitha Sahasranama. Then Haigriva told, take this Lalitha Sahasranama, it is will of divine mother she asked me to give it. And meditate on this minimum 500 years. To the one who has reached Siddhatva, Hiagriva is saying take this Lalitha Sahasranam and meditate on this minimum 500 years. You see that you will be you know, Guruji 500 years? Book is available, read what is this name, Om Sri Mata is Mother, Maha Ragneshwari is this, what is there to meditate 500 years? But, if you really go meditate on one name, it is brahmanda. One name is Brahmanda. It has its own consciousness, it has its own energy, it has its own world. It’s very difficult. So like this. Mantras are not like this. When Gayatri mantra this has to come, how many years he has to do the tapas. You know, to help, to discover, to root, thousands of years. And we think, you see how our mind fools, we think take Gayatri mantra, one week I am doing, and say, Guruji nothing is happening. You see that, this is what we are. We have been doing this.

So, your life is very precious. I am telling you. And you, this spirituality is about you, not about another person. Ok? And mantra is about you, your deity. And this deity is not someone else, it is your own soul. It is your own soul. In India we say that Ishta Devata. I cannot see my soul, it is formless. I cannot feel my soul, it is formless. I cannot. So I need a form. That is where I give a form of deity. Then I worship. As I worship, go beyond the deity, I realize the truth that deity and I are one. Deity and I are one. Then there is a mantra siddhi. When you realize that your soul is Lalithambika then you have mantra siddhi. Then you can give to another person, this is the mantra. And your student realizes the same thing what you have realized.


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