Shivaratri Group Meditation

Shivaratri Group Meditation 

Live Streaming Event on 8th March 2024 at 5.30PM  !

Please encourage your family members and friends to join this event because guruji will be seeding siva mantras into all participants soul. No pre-registration is needed for a person who is attending Live Event Online from home!

(Please note that only students who have SSRC ID card are allowed to attend In-person in our bangalore center with pre-registration. Pre-Registration is Must!)

Don’t miss this opportunity to gift this precious sacred blessings to your loved ones on this Auspicious day of Shivaratri!!!

Lord Siva is the Adi guru of our Siddha Parampara. Shivaratri is the the most auspicious day to all our students who have chosen this parampara because Shiva consciousnes, energy and vibration is 1000 times more powerful on this earth. So we take this opportunity to connect with our Adi Guru Lord Siva on this auspicious day through group meditation under the guidance of Sivapremanandaji.

Mahasiddhar Thirumolarji meditated for 3300 years on this earth and he use to come out of samadhi once in  a year to bless all the students on shivaratri only.So this is also an opportunity to Receive his special blessings and grace for our spiritual growth on this auspicious day.

We will be chanting Rudra, Stula, Sukshma, Ati-sukshma, karan, Ati-karana Sivamantras & Thirumoolar Sivamantra to bring siva consciousness at physical, energy, astral, mental and soul body of our being. This is highest sadhana one can practice during shivaratri that will bring material prosperity and spiritual growth.


Youtube Live streaming URL:

Timing (Indian Standard Time): 5.30PM to 9 PM (IST) (Devotees from different countries please adjust your time zone with Indian standard Time

Date: 8th March 2024

Venue: Sivapremananda Self-Realization Centre,

#87, 3rd Main, Raghavendra Layout, Gubbalala,  Bangalore.

Register: Ony few seats are avialable at our center. Please call to Our Center and Register your name for attending group meditation at center. Call: 07483528148 9901019177




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