Shivoham – Shivam Aham – I am Shiva

 Whenever we become aware of something, it becomes an object and you become a subject. So the moment I become aware of my body I detach from my body, please understand this, the moment I become aware of my thoughts I become detach from my mind.

The moment I am aware of my Mind & Body automatically I detach from Time.

This is very important & very powerful.

The moment I am detach from Body, Mind & Time I am in this Moment of Super Consciousness State of Pure Awareness/ Para Brahma Tattava/ Parama Tattava

 – in that Awareness I cleanse, heal, energize my panchamaha booths, my planets energy & I connect with my soul & to the ultimate cosmos. Its so scientific. It is your own soul power coming to the Cells of your body.

So your attention, Intention & Choice are your Power. 

So your powers are

  • Attention – Where I can give my attention – Positive Thoughts or Negative Thoughts/ Positive Belief or Negative Belief – this is very important

  • Intention – Whether I have a Positive Intention or Negative Intension – behind any action I am doing. Because that will decide where your life is going to take. You create your destiny with your intention, with your actions, with beliefs, with your feelings. You are That!

  • Choice – So you have a choice that I go inside at my Soul level, that is the creator or I focus outside that is not a creator, that is a product.

So the real power is within, not outside. If I want to change my Life I need to change my Inner World. So Inner World Creates Outside World, in the same way, world is outside universe, entire universe is manifested from Nothingness. But that Nothingness is full of Awareness, that Nothingness is Full of Supreme Intelligence. So Nothingness is controlling, sustaining & also destroying. If you go very deeper level only this Nothingness, that Siva+Shakti, that Maha Tripursundari, that Para Brahma is working everywhere, everywhere!

If I take this flower go deeper level how it is made of, I will come to know that it is made of some atoms. If I take – ok,- this petal is there, other petal is there, but how this petal is made of?

Through Atoms – Yes or No?

If I go deeper level of Atom – what it is made of Proton, Electron & Neutron & this Proton is there, Electron is circulating & Neutron is also there? Ok? I can say it is Energy or Microscopic matter,

where it is happening?

Inside the space, so there is space inside Atom, Yes or No?

So 75% is space or more, 25% is the Energy. So if you go deeper level you see that there is space we call it as consciousness, we have Proton Electron & Neutron it is nothing but energy, that energy & Consciousness doing all the work, so essence of this flower is nothing but consciousness and energy.

So Consciousness is Siva + Energy is Shakti.

If I take this body, if you take any organ of the body, whether – eye, skin, bone, muscle, liver, pancreas, anything you take, they are made of cells? If you go deeper level of these cells what it is made of? You have DNA, Mitochondria all that. Again these are made up of what??

Atom, Yes or No?

Again if you go deeper level of Atom, who is there?? Life force…

Within you as an essence who you are?? Do you accept it or not? It is fact or not?

It is fact that you are SIVA.

With this Understanding can I say Sivohum??

Sivam + Aham – Can I say that?

So this is the Ultimate teaching of Adi Shakaracharya.

This is the Ultimate Teaching of Vedantha – end of the knowledge

Root of All Spirituality

Essence of All Spirituality

It is a real spirituality

So in that case who is really existed and doing everything??

It’s the Consciousness and Energy working in your body, so who is doing all this beauty, so who is beauty of this? It’s a Siva+Shakti

So can I say Satyam Sivam Sundaram, Yes or No? Can I say or not, YES, Obviously.

So in essence only Siva+Shakti exists. But that Supreme Intelligence taking different forms, because of different forms,

its application is different,

its unique quality is different,

its expression is different.

We are all look different but we are all the same. If I understand this, ok, Can I say real existence is only Siva+Shakti, complete whatever manifested is just Temporary reality not True Reality, in that case I say this world is Maya/ Dream? Can I say that? I can say.

This is highest Teaching of Adi Shankaracharya, he says world is DREAM, because its just manifestation from that Siva+Shakti. So everywhere it is that.

So to just REALIZE this TRUTH what we call SRIVIDYA SADHANA.

Srividya – To know that you are Sri, knowledge is Vidya

The day you say, SIVOHUM, SIVOHUM, SIVOHUM, that is the ULTIMATE MANTRA.

Your TRUE identity is SIVA

You are that Brahman, Aham Brahma Asmi

You are also God, I am also God, and everyone is God.

Even this flower is also good.

If everything is God what about the dirty thing?

The dirty thing, Cow dunk, is it Good or not?? Is there anything Dirty in this World?

Everything is Sivamaya

There is nothing negative, nothing is positive. Vibration is different, but who made this Vibration? All of this deeper level, it is Siva+Shakti. So that is the ultimate experience, everything is Poornattava, everything is perfect, it’s expressing, it takes own time to express/ manifest its complete 100%

Everyone is on a path to become Siva+Shakti, whether he is a Worldly person or you are a spiritual person, everyone is going and reaching to that consciousness. So this is the understanding we need go, we should not just stick to the only mantra the chanting, worshipping only outside, we need to see Lalithambika, Rajarajeshwari, Maha Tripurasundari. We need to experience, that is God Realization. We need experience Self Realization, then only it is God Realization. But both are Same.

In the beginning I say I AM SIVA. After that I say EVERYONE IS SIVA.

Everyone is that, then whom I am going to chant, whom I am going to worship? Outside or Inside?

Which is more alive outside or inside?? So which is more advanced and more powerful?

Even I go to the Temple, I bow down to Sri Matha,

Who is listening, Outside or Inside?

Who is going to Bless, Outside or Inside?

Afterwards, so this is the TRUTH, all Siddhas could experience within is the SIVA and Shakti.

So journey start with outside worship, ends with a Inner realization – TRUTH THAT





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