Siddha Healing

Where we can heal ourself & others, we can energise ourself & others, we can cleanse ourself & others. We can help our family members also who don’t want to do sadhana. But we can help them, care them, we want to bless them by using Siddha Healing. Siddha Healing is a highest dimension energy of Sadguru Thirumoolarji that will help us to heal ourself & others. It has such a powerful pranas such as Panchamahabhuta Pranas, Guru Prana, ShivaShakthi Prana & Higher Level which is known as Param tatva is also in this. When all these Pranas are in one energy, it can be used for different aspects & applications. we can use this to Activate the yantras, Activate the crystals, to Energise the camphor, dhoops & any material which we are going to use in our life. we can Energise our complete Home, Cleanse the Vaastu of our home also by using Siddha Healing.


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