Siddha Mind Power

Siddha Secrets of Mind Power and  Manifestation

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    • Secret universal laws behind manifestation

  • Understand conscious, subconscious & superconscious mind 

  • How to find your heart desires

  • Why subconscious mind is called as wish full-filling tree(kalpvruksha)

  • Secret to make conscious mind as your friend in the manifestation

  • Secrets of subconscious mind power

  • How to communicate with subconscious mind easily

  • Discover the blocks of manifestation & how to overcome them

  • Secret power of visualization or imagination 

  • How cycle of karma affects your manifestation 

  • How to discover limiting or negative beliefs 

  • How to dissolve negative beliefs 

  • How to maintain your focus at all odds & persist in your manifestation  

  • How to decide & take action in the daily life for manifestation

  • Much more…



Anyone who is interested to learn secrets of mind power & manifestation 


What you will receive:

  • You will receive recorded siddha mind power workshop video of Guruji

  • Success Wisdom ebook 



This course was offered free of cost during srividya workshop. But If you want to access this course again then you should make a mentioned payment below and request it with your MSC ID or SSRC ID Number. 



Payment Info:

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