Siddha Mind Power 

1 hour of Meditation & 12 hours we will be in mental plane. If we don’t know how to Control our thoughts, if we are not bringing Awareness to belief & thinking system, we create negative situation in our life. But the question is How to make your mind think positive? How to make your mind to be your friend? so that it can listen to you. Many times we say that, Visualize.., Believe.., Think.., act.., & then you create. So Inner reality creates the External reality, that is what we say Universal Law of Karma(Cause & Effect) – “Yad Bhavam-Tad Bhavathi”.

I want to be a good person. I want to become a fit person. I want to see these qualities in me. To visualize only is a biggest problem. Your mind don’t allow that. Because it knows all your secrets. It will not allow you to Visualize. If you don’t Visualize in inner world, you cannot Create in outer world. This is very important. We all know that just Visualizing, Imagining don’t work. We also have the Subconscious mind and it is 95% and Conscious mind is 5% and all these Universal law of Attraction that only works with the frequency of the Subconscious mind. So subconscious mind have all the positive and negative belief. If you don’t discover your belief you cannot Manifest & Attract the right thing that you want in your life.

We go deeper in Siddha Mind Power about the following things. What is Conscious Mind? What is subconscious mind? What is Superconscious Mind? How to align Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind & Superconscious Mind? How to communicate with Superconscious Mind? How to communicate with Subconscious Mind? How to control my Conscious Mind? How to make it as my Friend? and very important thing is How to discover what I want in this Life? This is very important if we are confused inside, then what would be our outside life in confusion. Know what actually you want in this Life? If I ask you that I’ll give you these 3 things then you should be ready to make a transition from this are earth plane, what 3 things you will be deciding?-You should have such a focused attention or focused understanding about your desires. At the same time you need to understand what is your passion about your life, otherwise you will not flow & u will not experience the true fulfillment, true purpose of your life.

When my 1 hour of meditation-where I Boost myself, Cleanse, Heal & Energise my karmic background and these 12 hours I maintain Positive thoughts, Positive belief and Positive feeling, then I am going to create a better, best life, the true life that I have been desiring from many lifetime.

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