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 ”These teachings are ever connected to the Ancient 18 Tamil Siddha Tradition, taught in this form as given by Siddhar Thirumoolar. Make them your Polestar and amazing doors will open for you”  -by Mahavatar Kriya Babaji

Siddha Thirumoolar has given us an anceint Siva Yoga Meditation techniques for Self-Realization. The practice of Siva yoga meditation techniques with devotion and concentration will lead you to an experience of eternal bliss in which the mind and soul totally merges(Laya) in the Supreme Being i.e Siva Yoga. Siva Yoga results in the melting of all the impressions which have accumulated throughout one’s lifetime/s, thereby liberating one’s mind from all obstacles and limitations and freeing one from the hold of karma. This also causes the seeds of habitual inclinations (i.e. samskaras) to be dissolved and turned into primal energy.

 It is important to understand that Siddhar Thirumoolar is center stage as a Master/Guru figure for those who choose to practice these teachings. By concentration upon Thirumoolar before or during (or both) these Siva yoga techniques, the student will draw to him to initiate a spiritual charge of transmission for the opening necessary for them to tap the power that lies in these great teachings. He is one of the greatest masters to ever live, and from his place of great love and compassion for his family of the world, he has chosen to again help us.

If you practice these Siva yoga teachings with enduring love for the Divine, you will draw the Divine near to you, for that Divine One is Love (Anbe Sivam). God is Love. When one comes to know the Divine Primal Creator (first through self-realization and then through God-realization) one experiences deep abiding bliss. It is a joy so great that attempts to describe this state always fall short. The transcendental union of the soul with it’s creator is beyond the description of all words and speech. It can only be known through direct experience.

Initiation(Deeksha) into Siva Yoga levels:

The core practices of Siva yoga is thought in 5 graduated steps/levels. All the practices are meditative in nature and are not outward puja rituals. Each Siva yoga level should be practiced regularly for 8 weeks before going to next level.

 level-1: Thirumoolar Shiva Mantra Sadhana

  Eligibility: Willingness and open mind

   level-2: Shiva Pranashakti  Kriya

  Eligibility:level 1

  level-3: Sourabha Samadhi Kriya

 Eligibility:level 2

   level-4: Shiva Jyoti Kriya

 Eligibility:level 3

level-5: Om Samadhi Kriya

 Eligibility:level 4

When these Siva yoga meditation techniques practiced regularly with devotion and concentration, these ancient Siva yoga techniques are a powerful magnet that will draw you into Realization of the Self; that spark of the divine that dwells within each of you. You are that which you seek. The true Church or Temple of God/Shiva is within. It is there that the true Alter of God is found. It is beyond the outer trappings of all religions. They are but dim reflections of the Sound and Light and Bliss to be found within you.          

How to Apply for Distant Sivayoga Deeksha:

Anyone who is interested to receiving divine grace by practicing the discipline given by Guruji with devotion, faith and sincereity. You can apply for distance deeksha by transferring the registration Donation of Rs.7000 (USD $108) using following payment option:

Note to our Srividya sadhana students:

Srividya sadhana practice is complete and no need extra sadhana. It is suggested to practice srividya sadhana for some years(minimum 2-3 years) and then only contact for sivayoga with right reason(what is missing in srividya sadhana etc) if you are applying for sivayoga.  

Payment options:

Online Payment Option:

Offline Payment option:

You can transfer the registration donation to the following bank Account:


Account holder Name: Basavaraj.B.U.

Bank Account Number: 912010059512744

IFSCode: UTIB0000102

Branch Address: Banashankari, Bangalore-85



Account holder Name: Mula Varga Self-Realization Centre

Bank Account Number: 233705500066

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Branch Address: Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore-70




“At the start, white coloured aura of a saint appeared in front of me and then entered into me.  The figure was hazy.  It was nearly the same as the Thirumoolar’s picture you sent me.  After few minutes, there was sudden surge of energy and it was exerting a strong pressure around the abdomen and thorax area.  The muscles in these area become very tensed and uncontrollably contracting as if  it was trying to force something up.  After the contraction, the muscles relaxed for a moment (the relaxation was not complete) and the contraction started again violently. The cycles of contraction and relaxation happened few a times (do not know exactly how many times).     After  that I became normal.  During the deeksha process, I had vision of Golden Spear twice (unable to recall at what time it happened).     After the Deeksha, throughout the day, my saliva is tasting mildly sweet and sour.”


    During Initiation I felt Golden ball of light rising form Manipur chakra entering Anahat chakra merging itself at Ajna chakra. On my Forehead I felt as if Prana Energy filling my entire being with light. Then I felt the touch of the thumb on the fore head third eye center and prana passing through it to all the chakra and all the chakra are getting light up as Lamp and prana is passing through all the chakras in a circular way continuously.

 Nilesh.S (India)

“By chanting the mantra daily for 1008 times , all my  thoughts went towards the forehead .Moreover in my dream an old saint(Siddha Thirumoolar) with glowing appearance came and asked me to meditate on the center of the head and disappeared.”


“The very first time I did this meditation I heard the universal sound of the Divine …Om. It happened with little effort, simple focused attention. At first there was a very bright flash of light within my inner vision and at the centre of this light an opening appeared (like parting of clouds). My awareness was drawn into this opening. Then the sound came. It lasted for 5-10 minutes and was both an intense vibration and a distinct sound. I knew with certainty what it was and that it was the voice of Siva. It was somewhat akin to standing under a railway bridge while a train passes overhead …intense and inseparable sound and vibration. I felt both lovingly entranced and very grateful. Afterwards I could not complete the meditation steps as I had an intense need to sleep. In fact it knocked all the strength out of me and I slept for ½ a day afterwards (although I had done the meditation in the morning and rarely ever sleep during the day). I felt quite scrambled by the experience for a few days. Every meditation since then, I hear the sound but only briefly (maybe 1-2 minutes), not like the first time. I have also been woken during the night to the sound of Om … a spontaneous meditation. My love for Siva is all …and this gift and closeness is a treasure beyond words.I am very grateful to SivaYoga for sharing these meditations handed down by Thirumoolar. Thank you”

“It helped me to concentrate on any topic very easily, it has increased my focus in my daily life , my conciousness has increased few fold , i have become more aware of my self and my duties , it brings sleep to me very easily whenever i wish to sleep,it helps in going to deep meditation and silence very easily and it has also created few degree of tranquilisation in my mind”

” I feel intense heat building up in the chakras, especially the solar plexus chakra. Recently, I have noticed a white-blue light in the ajna chakra (but more in the middle of my head). The light remains whenever I close my eyes for some time after the meditation. The duration of stillness is expanding too and with it a feeling of peace”


“Sometimes i was able to visualize shades of Light , Sometimes a very deep calmness. Now whenever i chant keeping the awareness in Heart chakra , I get a glimpse of something like the vast universe “

“I feel the vibrations in the spine. Sometimes there is slight shaking and at other Times intense pulsating in the chakras. Also sometimes heat, but it isn’t un-Comfortable.I see the golden light in whatever chakra I am concentrating on as long as I am Focused. sometimes, I listen more to the sound or am more focused on the light.It varies. It is getting better- concentrating on all three at once.The sound changes. It sometimes sounds like wind chimes , other times a loud gong sound.Lately, it sometimes has a roaring sound like the sound you hear at the start of a Sizeable earthquake.”

“During meditation, I see myself in padmasana pose in meditation, sometimes I see my face like reflection in mirror during the meditation. Light in between my eyebrows. I had also felt energy in base chakra many times and tiny dot of light in between my eyebrows.I had felt vibrations in mooladhara chakra and hear bee humming / crickets sound. Couple of times I had experienced very tiny vibrations throught my body when I was thinking about Babaji nagaraj, Thirumoolar and Bogar came to me during meditation.”

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