Soundarya Lahari

Soundarya Lahari Workshop will be held on 17th Aug 2024 !

Eligibility: Beginners

Please Note that On-Spot Registration is Not available. Pre-Registration is MUST !         

 For any Queries, Please Call to us: 7483528148 / 9901019177(Sunday Closed)

Practical Magical Srividya Tantra of Mantras, Yantras and Prayogas


-Introduction to Soundary Lahari
-Importance of Soundary lahari in 21st century
-Real meaning of soundary lahari for spiritual srividya seekers
-Initiation/Deeksha into Soundarya Lahari spiritual practice
-Why soundarya lahari is powerful, Magical and Secret Srividya Tantra
-How to Activate soundarya Lahari mantras and yantras
-Discover Hidden Bija mantras of Soundarya Lahari
-External and Internal worship of soundary lahari
– Prayogas of soundary lahari for health
– Prayogas of soundary lahari for Money and Business
– Prayogas of soundary lahari for Protection from supernatural invisible beings & negativity, enetities, etc
– Prayogas of soundary lahari for Navagrah Doshas
– Prayogas of soundary lahari for Marriage and Relationship
– Prayogas of soundary lahari for education and memory power.
-Many more etc

To pre-register for workshop:

Mobile: 9901019177  /  7483528148




Time: 9AM to 6.30 PM

Registration Fees: Rs. 5,970 (18% GST included) NOTE: The registration fees is non-refundable and Non-transferable. If you can’t attend workshop due to some reason then You can postpone your participation for the next workshop.

Online Payment



Date: 17th Aug 2024

Time : 9AM to 6.30PM

Accomodation: CLICK HERE for the information about List of Hotels & PG Hostels nearby.

Venue: (Please check the location Map and other details at the end of this page)

Sivapremananda Self-Realization Center
No.87, 3rd Main,  Raghavendra Layout,
Gubbalala, Bangalore -560061
Mobile: 9901019177 / 7483528148

FAQ’s :

Can I attend this course online through zoom or distance mode?
Soundarya Lahari workshop is not offered online/distance.

Can I do on-spot registration ?
No, pre-registration by making a payment is mandatory.

I don’t understand and communicate in English. Can you offer the workshop and course notes in other languages like hindi, kannada, tamil, telugu etc?
No, Complete workshop is offered in simple English only.

How much time needed to practice Soundarya meditation daily?
it takes 30min to 45min to complete the Srividya meditation practice.

Is celibacy, pure vegetarian etc conditions needed to practice Srividya?
No restrictions of any type on food, lifestyle etc. Its inner meditation designed for householders and working professionals.

Does it involves rituals like tarpan, yantra puja etc ?

No rituals of anytype involved.

Can I leave the workshop early around 4PM or 5PM?
No, we don’t change workshop timing for any individual. Workshop time is from 9AM to 6.30PM.Please arrange your flight booking or other by considering workshop time.

Can women attend the workshop during monthly cycle and take deeksha?Yes,Women can attend the workshop and take the deeksha during monthly cycle.

What is the dress code for the workshop?
You can wear any dress that is comfortable and helpful for the meditation. Please avoid shorts etc which are not appreciated in the spiritual workshop.

Do you provide Jain or customized meals etc? Do you provide breakfast also?
We don’t provide breakfast. We provide mini meals for lunch for all and not offer any customized meals.

Do you provide accommodation during workshop?
No, we don’t provide accommodation. Following are the list of hotels that you can enquire and arrange your accommodation.

Do you offer any discount if I register more than one person ?
No, We don’t offer any discount of anytype in our system

Do you have any EMI option or installment payment option.
No, We don’t have such EMI option.

Do you offer certificate after completion ?
No, its not a certificate course to show to the public but a spiritual course of self-realization for you.


 Venue Map: Sivapremananda self-realization centre

sivapremananda self-realization center venue map

By Metro:

You can come to Bangalore central bus station from Airport through AC Bus then you can take metro and get down at “Vajarhalli metro station”. From Metro station, it is 800m to 1 km that you can take auto or come by walk.

By Road and Rail:

Our centre is located around 15 km from the City central railway station or bus station (called as Majestic). You can hire Auto or taxi or come by bus.

By Air:

Airport is around 45-50Km from  our center.

You can hire a Taxi from airport directly. Or come to central bus station from Airport through AC Bus then you can take Metro, auto or taxi from central city bus station to our centre.

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