Soundarya Lahari

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


Soundarya means “beauty”. Lahari means “the waves”. This means this is the thought, this is the energy, the expression that is flown to express the beauty of Divine Mother, Lalithambika, Rajarajeshwari, Mahatripursundari. That is the surface – the meaning is at a surface level. But the truth is very different. Every shloka is not just Soundarya, inside that there is an energy.

First shloka has the energy of Sri Rajarajeshwari. But if you just understand the meaning of the shloka, you don’t get anything, you don’t understand. But it is inside the sholka there is a beeja mantra. OK? Inside the shloka, the programmed energy is contained. Inside the shloka one adidevata is there. Her source of energy is coming.

So this is very tantric worship, very secret tantric worship given to the Sri Vidya sadhaks. So first you need to understand this is not just an explanation or admiration of divine mother beauty. It is a Shakti Lahari I can say. It’s a Shakti Lahari. Why this is Lahari? Because energy never moves in the straight line. Energy moves in waves. It’s a non-linear movement of the energy – what we called Lahiri. And “Soundarya” word is just to give normal public the meaning. It explains divine mother, her beauty, how she is, what work she can do. Her work is done by Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara. And all of this.

But beyond that, if you go to a deeper level, it has an energy kept programmed in that shloka. Beej mantras are kept secretly in that shloka. Is it clear to you? So we call it Shakti Lahari instead of Soundarya Lahari.

Every shloka has one yantra. And every shoka has one beeja mantra to activate. When we do the sadhana by visualizing the yantra that is given, by chanting the sholka, we connect to particular god or goddess, or Her energy, Her yogini. Most of the god and goddesses present in the Soundarya Lahari are nothing but Khadagmala devatas –, Jwala Malini, Rajarajeshwari, Mahakaali in a different form and Pratyanghara in a different form, Varahi, Rajamatangi. Every shloka has one adidevata. Hundred shlokas means hundred yoginis are present in this. And there is nothing that you cannot attain – everything is given here. You want to have a siddhi, you want to have a yakshini siddhi. You want to have a gandharva siddhi You want to have an invisible siddhi. You want to have a siddhi to protect yourself. You want to have a darshan of Divine Mother. You want to get liberated with your karmas. You want to heal your doshas. You want to overcome any type of tantric effect. Everything, whatever you ask everything is in hundred shlokas. It is kept very secretly and is given only to the people who are initiated in Sri Vidya sadhana.

So Sri Vidya sadhana is very important when you do the Soundarya Lahari. Sri Vidya sadhana is a pillar and Soundarya Lahari is supportive course or branch. First you need to connect with the main source of Lalithambika, Rajarajeshwari, Mahatripurasundari. Then then her branches are Khadagmala devatas – her own manifestation in a different form as yoginis. With the help of them, you solve your problems. Is it clear to you?

So we call it a Shakthi Tantra Sadhana or Shakt Tantra Sadhana. And here just first two shlokas will take care of your life problems. There is no need of hundred shlokas. Just first and second shloka will take care of all your problems.

First sholka is Rajarajeshwari – you invoke her energy – Sarvakaryasidhhi, prosperity. She will make you like a Rajarajeshwari – a queen or king of your own life. Your business problem, money problem, whatever problem will go away. It’s karyasiddhi. If you are going for education, for examination, for interview, you just need to chant the shloka and go – receive Her blessings. And she will remove all the obstacles. Your kaarya is going to be successful.

Second shloka itself says  – “domination of this world” – prakritijaya. If you have a power to influence the nature – what could be your power? If you have a power to influence your pancha-mahabhutas – how could be you? Can you see that? Mahakaali is the adidevata for the second shloka.

So first shloka, it will give you all the things: prosperity, sarvakaryasiddhi, money, health, relationship. You want relationship to have a balance between husband and wife, to have a balance and harmony with in-laws, to have a balance between the friend circle, to have a balance between your employees, whatever it is – harmony in all relationships. To have a good relationship between your Shiva and Shakti – because you are ardhanaareshwara. A balance is needed in you. You see sometimes, some guys are behaving like female. They are very soft, they speak very soft, they don’t quarrel, fight. They have more female energy. There are some women like male – they will be walking, talking like a male – they male will surrender to them. Because their male energy (Shiva power) is more than Shakti. For some guys Divine Mother Parvathy (Shakti) power is more than Shiva. So you can clearly see the people – what actually they are manifesting – whether they have more Shiva power or more divine mother Shakti. This is very important. And most of the Sri Vidya sadhaks express the female qualities. Because you are invoking Her (Divine Mother) quality, Her energy. So you will be having that compassion, understanding, harmony, respect, love – all those qualities will come and manifest.

So this first shloka balances and brings harmony within you. In yogic terms, balances ida and pingala within you. It’s Sarvakaryasiddhi – your sushumna will open. So you see yogically it is working, outside life also it is working, your problems are also all getting solved, and you are getting the grace of Rajarajeshwari. Only thing is you should know, how to activate this shloka, how to do this sadhana? Is it clear? What is Soundarya Lahari and how it works?

Second shloka will remove all kind of negativity – whether is tantric, mantric, enemies, court case, whatever it is. Mahakaali will remove everything. She is very dominating – even she will dominate this world. Panchamahabhutas are dominated, planets, the navagrahaas are dominated, nakshatraas are dominated, suryamandala, chandramandala, bhumandala is just dominated with one shloka. How powerful it is?

So all these things are kept very secret because they have a power inside them. If it goes to a wrong person, what happens? He can use it in a different purpose. There is a shloka – where you will have a great magnetic energy, you can attract. Your aura becomes so magnetic that you can literally get the attention of people. Even you can make enemy as your friend with that charming, magnetic personality. You will be able to do best in your interviews, best in your business, because your image will be very good. The trust factor is very good. The understanding is very good. So all these things are there in Soundarya Lahari.

The people who are not having children, there is a shloka for them. Shloka number six – where it will help you to remove all the karmic things about your children. If you are not getting a child – you can work on that shloka. Many people are having abortion – they are not able to hold the child – there is a shloka for that.

So why we are giving this – our intention is – a Sri Vidya sadhak could have his focus completely on one deity, Lalithambika, Rajarajeshwari, MahaTripurasundari. He should not go and workshop here and there. His energy should be focused on one thing. His devotion should be focused on thing. His total time is given to one sadhana or one deity. Is it clear to you? So that he should not worry about this god and goddess. Here you have all the things so that you can hundred percent give yourself to one deity, one ishtadevata – accept and change your life! So that what happens – your all mind is focused on one ishtadevata. Because your problems can be solved with all these tools that you are receiving. Don’t run here and there , again one more workshop, one more temple, stop running here and there. Give your hundred percent. And what happens – you have more strong devotion, connection with the deity. Then surrender happens. And once small problems will start – faith will come like anything. Then you are more focused. You have only one form. When there is emergency, you call only Lalithambika. You will not be confused. Just call – Mother please come and help. Because your connection is very strong. You will get hundred percent help in your life.

So that is the intention the way we are giving these sadhanas – Durga Saptashati and Soundarya Lahari with Sri Vidya Sadhana. Sri Vidya is a core sadhana – main pillar. Durga Saptashati and Soundarya Lahari are the supportive branches for your Sri Vidya sadhana. So that you can completely focus in your life, completely take advantage of all these tools, and help yourself, lift yourself and make your life more successful, joyful and better!

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