Spiritual Path – Story of Ganesha & Subramanya

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji



 In puranas we say, Shiva and Parvati have given a competition to Subramanya and Ganapathi to circle the world.

Subramanya has chosen and started by taking the path from outside, but Ganesha has taken the pradakshina around Shiva and Parvati. It means that, Ganapathi means the path of inner worship, lord Subramanya means the path of outside worship, so this is a symbolic expression, they don’t need any competition, Ganapathi doesn’t need a competition, Subramanya doesn’t need a competition and Shiva and Parvathi also didn’t want to give the competition, but this is for our understanding to teach that, there is one path where you can find the truth outside by going to this temple that temple, this master that master, this country that country. There is another path where you can rotate or go inside and find the truth around your soul. Soul is nothing but a spark of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva and Parvathi are really in you as a soul, so if you don’t find this truth, it takes so many years for you to find the truth. Outside path also lead to self-realization, inner path also leads you to self-realization, so you have a choice, be Subramanya and go all the way or be Ganesha and workout internally.

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