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 Chidambaram and Thiruvavaduthurai: Siddha Stala


  ||Om Mulanji Namaha Om||


Importance of Chidambaram & Thiruvavaduthurai in our Guru Parampara (Guru Lineage):


Thiruvavaduthurai is a place where Sri Siddha Sadhguru Thirumoolar has mediated for 3000yrs, the place is vibrating with his energy


1.After meditating at Thiruvavaduthurai Thirumoolarji merged with Siva (Cosmic Consciousness) in Chidambaram

2.Our Master Sivakami Omanandi is direct descendant of Goddess Sivagami.

About Chidambaram (Space of Consciousness)

The Word Chidambaram is derived from Chit, meaning “Consciousness” and ambaram, meaning “Space”

He is Supreme Light of Cit [consciousness]

He dances the Dance of Bliss;

He is Nada that is ‘Aum’ [Om]

He dances the Dance of Beauty;

He dances in the Golden Hall;

He dances in Golden Tillai [Chidambaram];

He dances the Dance Wondrous;

Who can ever know him?

1 Translations from B. Natarajan (1991) (Tirumantiram verse 2723)


The first image from left shows the worshipping of Shiva as a formless energy, second picture shows the Natraja form of Shiva with His consort Sivagami, and the third one is the semi-form i.e. linga which is worshipped in the temple

1.The form of Siva as a Cosmic Dancer performing the “Ananda Tandava” or the dance of bliss. There is a small idol of Nataraja made of ruby which is worshipped in the Mahapuja conducted at 10:30 every day. It is also called the Ratna-Sabha, as the Ruby idol glows when the flame is put exactly behind the idol.

2.The semi form of Shiva i.e. the crystal Linga is worshiped 6 times in a day. The Abhishek is done with water, milk, curd, honey, flowers and ashes.

3.The third form is the “Secret of Chidambaram” or the “Chidambaram Rahasya” in which the God is worshipped in not any particular form. The God is worshipped as being formless. It is left to the imagination of the devotees as in whichever form they want to worship the lord who is the whole universe/space/sky. This imaginary space is decorated with the garland of Shiva’s favorite golden bilva patra. (Bilva leaves). Such form of worship is never found anywhere in Hinduism. And thus, Chidambaram Temple attracts the people and makes them wonder about the limitless beliefs of Hinduism and especially of Lord Shiva who is nothing and everything. During the mahapujas, the pandit unveils the black curtain that represents ignorance and reveals the brightness (wisdom). Thus, the act signifies that the worship of God leads you from ignorance to the bliss of wisdom.

The Sivagami Temple

This shrine is dedicated to the Sivagami Amman (Goddess) who is the consort of Natraja (Lord Siva).

Patanjali Temple

A small temple dedicated to Patanjali, here he mediated for 1000yrs to help Humanity. Very good place for meditation.

Sriyantra installed by Adi Shankaracharya

Adi Shankaracharya has installed a perfect geometric Sri Yantra, this is behind Sivagami Temple:

Significance of the Temple Design

The layout and architecture of the temple is replete with philosophical meanings:

  • The 9 gateways signify the 9 orifices in the human body.

  • The five steps signifies the five elements as well as the five indestructible syllables of the mantra “ Si Va Ya Na Ma”

  • The roof is held by 64 beams representing 64 forms of art

  • The main roof is decorated with 21,600 gold plates representing the total breath counts in a day

  • The 72,000 golden nails used to fix the gold tiles represent the nadis in the human body

  • The 9 sacred pots at the top of the roof represent 9 energies

So what is the Chidambara Rahasya (Chidambaram Secret)?

Hence the 1st question to be answered is

Question –  Where is God?

Answer   –   Question is not where God is, where he is not!

Hence the Secret!

“The God that is sought outside is the same as the Consciouness that we have within – and that remains a secret to the ignorant”

“We get Englightened wisdom that GOD manifest everywhere.. And there is nothing other than god in the whole Cosmos”

“When the curtain of Maya (approximate meaning is illusion) is removed one can see his real self. And the seeing of oneself removing the curtain of maya is viewing the secret”

“Once we uncover the dark cloth of ignorance covering the consciousness then we can realize the paramatma (Cosmos) is formless”

About Thiruvavaduthurai

Our beloved master Sri Siddhaguru Thirumoolar Ji has mediated at Thiruvavaduthurai for 3000yrs:

How to reach Chidambaram from Bangalore:

  • By Rail: Please check IRCTC website for schedule as train timing differs by day of the week, need to get down at Mayiladuthurai and take a local bus to Chidambaram

  • By Bus: State transport – KSRTC can been booked @ https://www.ksrtc.in/oprs-web/ or on any travel sites

  • By Road: From Bangalore, approximate 400 kms @ ~8hrs of journey, toll charges as per state permit

  • By Air: Nearest airport is in Pondicherry, from where Chidambaram can be reached in 1hr.45minutes. Booking in advance will have lower fares

***Note: It is customary to get the blessings at Chidambaram & then go to Thiruvavaduthurai

How to reach Thiruvavaduthurai from Chidambaram:

This distance is 65 kms, you can travel by your car. If not, taxis are available from Chidambaram, 2-way trip they charge around INR 1600/-

Local buses are also available, need to take Kombakonam bound bus from Chidambaram, get down at Thiruvalangadu. Its around 2kms from Thiruvalangadu to Thiruvavaduthurai, you can take local autorikshaw. Fare approximately less than INR100/- for bus & auto charges could be INR 70/-

Where to Stay:

We stayed at Arudhra Hotel, great accommodation for reasonable price & this is very close to East Gate of the Temple :

There are 5 star hotels also available at Chidambaram.


Krishna Vilas serves relishing south Indian dishes (800 meters from East Gate)

The tamarind rice in the Temple is also good

Pro Tips:

  • Chant 51 syllable Siva mantra as preparatory to the journey and during the visit

  • Carry your meditation mat & small pillow

  • Best place to meditate, Dias just in front of Nataraja Temple – kind of vantage Point, irrespective of the rush in the temple you will get a good view from here. Patanjali temple & Sivagami Temple.

At Thiruvavaduthurai – Moolanji temple


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