Sri Sampath Siddhi Distance

Sri Sampath Siddhi Sadhana – Wealth and Abundance Consciousness Mantra course


Eligibility: beginners


For any Queries, Please Call to us: 7483528148  /  09901019177


Couse content:

– What is Beejamantratmak Sri Suktam ? Its importance in our life ?

– What is the Esotoric meaning of Sri suktam ?

– Why sri suktam is called “sarva soubhagyadayaka” stotra?

What is Lakshmi Tattva and How to Balance it in your life


You will Receive following Mantras Deeksha:

– Srividya Samapath Ganapathi Mantra Deeksha

– Lakshmi Dakshinamurthy Mantra Deeksha

– Swarnakarshna Bhairav Mantra deeksha

 -Kubera Mantra Deeksha

– Bijamantratmik Srisuktam deeksha which contains Bija mantras of Srisuktam , Kamala Mahavidya bhoga pradhana mantra, Kamala Mahavidya Moksha pradhana mantra and Bhuvaneswari Mahalakshmi wealth mantra 


After payment, please e-mail ( us payment details and your SSRC id number. We will check and send your deeksha schedule and procedure


Online Payment 

Registration donation for participant  within India Rs. 5970


Registration donation for participant  within India $99

We don’t accept bank transfer from abroad due to documentation  etc.

Bank Payment

You can pre-register by transferring the Fees to the following bank account:  


Account holder Name: Sivapremananda Self-Realization Centre

Current Account Number: 233705500174

IFSCode: ICIC0002337

Branch Address: Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore-70

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