Srividya 1 to 7 levels

Sri Vidya level-1 to 7 Distance Deeksha


Due to Pandemic Situation, for a “limited time period”  that  we are offering distance Srividya Sadhana course.

It will not be offered infinitely, Thank you!


Who is eligible:

  • Anyone who want experience divine and discover truth about himself and life.

  • Understand & Communicate in English

  • No prior knowledge of any type is needed

  • Age limit is between 18 to 65 years.

Who is NOT eligible:

  • If you have undergone any type of Medical Surgery recently (within 1-2 months)

  • Its not suggested to attend and learn these techniques during pregnancy 

  • People who are suffering any mental disorders like severe depression, bipolar, Schizophrenia disorders are not eligible.


Course Duration: 2 years 


Communication Mode:  Registration and deeksha process is communicated through email by srividya sadhana team.


Doubts clearing session: Questions of students will be answered by guruji  in doubt clearing session that is conducted once or twice in a month.

How it works: Every level should be practiced for minimum  2 months. After that only you can send your experience and Guruji will review & send you next level. The two months of each level practice is your preparedness for next level. The review from Guruji is to help student to progress next level without any problems and safety.This review process is mandatory and we don’t offer all 7 level at once in any condition or request.


Distance deeksha Session is held “ONLY ONCE in the beginning” where all srividya sadhana 1to 7 levels mantras will be seeded into student soul by Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji. So you don’t need to sit and receive deeksha for each level every two months.


Language of the Course :English.


Course Material: You will get access to the Webpage for 15 days where you can watch recorded workshop video, Mantra pronunciation Audio, Meditation Procedure with guidelines. You should write down the notes for your reference because we don’t offer any soft/hard copies of the same.


The course content include

  • Srividya level- 1 to 7 ( Every level should be practiced for minimum  2 months to receive next level)

  • Siddha Mind Power (offered when student requests for srividya level-2)

  • Srividya Havan (offered when student requests for srividya level-2)


If you have completed all 7 levels (not just 1 or 5 levels) in the srividya workshop or online course and interested to access this course again then its considered as a repetition. You can make 50% of the registration fees (Rs.10,500 or $165) and send us details. Please note that for repetition, you will not receive all levels at once but with a gap of 2 months from the beginning level-1 as mentioned.



Srividya Deeksha Levels:


The core practices of Srividya sadhana is thought in 7 graduated steps/levels. All the practices are meditative in nature and are not outward puja rituals. Each level should be practiced regularly for 2 months before going to next level.


Eligibility: beginner with willingness, commitment and open mind

Srividya Level 1 – Kundalini Chakra sadhana


Eligibility: level 1

Srividya Level 2 – Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra sadhana


Eligibility: level 2

Srividya Level 3 – Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra Pranayama


Eligibility:level 3

Srividya Level 4 – Bala Tripura Sundari sadhana


Eligibility:level 4

Srividya Level 5 – Panchadasi Sadhana


Eligibility:level 5

Srividya Level 6 – Shodasi Sadhana


Eligibility: level 6

Srividya Level 7 – Siva-Soubhagya Shodasi Sadhana


                         For Any Queries, Please Call to :  09901019177, 07483528148  (Sunday Closed)


How to Apply for Distance Srividya Sadhana Deeksha:



After Payment, Please mail us payment details to so that we can guide you with registration form, deeksa schedule and procedure.


Payments Details:


You can apply for distance Srividya Sadhana deeksha by transferring the amount of Rs.21000 (USD $ 330) (includes 18% GST) using following payment options.

NOTE : The registration fees is Non-refundable and Non-transferable.

Online Payment Option:




Bank Payment Option:

We don’t accept bank transfer from abroad due to documentation  process etc. NRI can make bank transfer from their Indian bank account.


Account holder Name: Sivapremananda Self-Realization Centre

Current Account Number: 233705500174

IFSCode: ICIC0002337

Branch Address: Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore-70

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