Srividya Samadhi Siddhi

Srividya Samadhi Siddhi :Ultimate Advaita Vedantic Experience

Srividya Samadhi Siddhi is the Advaita Sadhana of Many Siddha’s, Avadhoota’s, Paramhansa’s and Masters of different tradition to Reach Same TRUTH  !


After completing srividya level-7, One should practiced all srividya levels 1 to 7 for atleast few months to one year  &  Also understood all the principles, philosophy and followed 5 pillars of srividya sadhana.

“Repetition is NOT allowed for this workshop”

This workshop is offered only once in a year during Guru Purnima

21st July 2024 


Workshop Content:

-What is srividya Samadhi Siddhi
-Why it is ultimate experience in Srividya Sadhana
-How it can help to experience liberation or Moksha
-Why same mantra and kriya Pranyama is done or followed by Many Spiritual traditions
-Parabrahaman Mantra deeksha
-Parabrahaman Kriya Pranayama
-Parashakti Paravidya Mantra Deeksha
-Parashakti Kriya Pranayama

Attainment of Srividya Samadhi Siddhi:

-To realize God Within
-Remove Karmic Debt and all its source
-Aware of Your True light within
-Cast from you all fear and Sin
-Experience Paramhansa state
-Experience Ultimate Advaita state
-Experience of Samadhi or oneness
-Experience your REAL Identity in REAL sense


Payment Info:

NOTE: After Payment, please email your MSC/SSRC ID number along with payment details. so that we can check and confirm your participation.

Registration Fees is Rs.9999 (18% GST Included)

After Payment, please mail payment details to  so that we can check and confirm your participation.

You can pre-register by using Razor-pay payment gateway.

Online Payment

For Outside India $150



Date: 21st July 2024

Time : 9AM to 6PM

Requirement: Bring registration ID Card given during your previous workshop.Also bring Pen and notebook.

Accomodation: CLICK HERE for the information about List of Hotels & PG Hostels nearby.


Sivapremananda Self-Realization Center
No.87, 3rd Main, Raghavendra Layout,
Gubbalala, Bangalore -560061
Mobile: 9901019177 / 7483528148

 Venue Map: Sivapremananda self-realization centre

sivapremananda self-realization center venue map

By Metro:

You can come to Bangalore central bus station from Airport through AC Bus then you can take metro and get down at “Vajarhalli metro station”. From Metro station, it is 800m to 1 km that you can take auto or come by walk.

By Road and Rail:

Our centre is located around 15 km from the City central railway station or bus station (called as Majestic). You can hire Auto or taxi or come by bus.

By Air:

Airport is around 35-38 Km from bangalore city central bus station or railway station. It  is  45-50 km to our centre from airport.

You can hire a Taxi from airport directly. Or come to central bus station from Airport through AC Bus then you can take Metro, auto or taxi from central city bus station to our centre.

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