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Some of the insights you will discover in this book:
Why understanding universe as a spectrum of vibrations is important in manifesting your desires ?
How to make the “Law of Attraction” work for you instead of against you?
What is the secret law behind the law of attraction?
How can you transform ordinary words into dynamic living realities using LIFE SUCCESS FORMULA (LSF). Using LSF will allow you to boost the success of positive affirmations and finally create the reality you desire at high speed.
Why LSF is the best method to materialize your hopes and dreams faster than you previously thought possible? And you only do a fraction of the work!
Why LSF is the powerful way to ask the universe for what you want
Would you like a technique of using your mind to make more money? you break through every financial limitation, even the hidden beliefs and subconscious barriers that you may have and it pays off.
How is it that satisfying your every desire in your own imagination can improve every area of your life?
Do you know why things don’t always turn out the way you want them to in the physical world
What is the TRUTH about astrology or any other divine system? Why they can’t determine the fate of a man?
Why some peoples are born poor and others rich; some healthy and others sickly; and so on?
Why conscious connection with your true self is very important to activate LAW OF FULFILMENT OF DESIRES?
Why understanding the relation between imagination and physical world is must to convince and control your mind? Knowing this is the key to rule the physical world!
How our dreams and desires manifest in our physical reality ? No where you will find this secrete knowledge as described here!
Why affirmations don’t work and Life Success Statements work?
What are Life Success Statements and how they help you change the focusing energy and produce powerful thought vibrations to attract what you want without any resistant from your conscious and subconscious mind?
Why perfectionism in any area of life is a myth?
What is the one LAW that is the basis of certain sexual dysfunctions and how to deactivate this law ?
What is one secret that is required to accomplish everything in life?
How to maintain your FOCUS on target at all critical times? Know this one and your steps towards goal will be effortless !
Why accepting your good is the first step to prosperity?
Why whatever you RESIST will continue to PERSIST?
Why you cannot attract what you condemn or criticize?
Powerful technique for identifying limiting beliefs, creating new ones aligned to your visions and dreams and installing them in your subconscious mind
The different between “barrowed desires” and “heart desires”… why only the latter leads to success…
Identify goals in line with your passions, dreams and heart’s desires.
Why accessing the emotions behind your desires can identify what you really want.
Fail-proof system to uncover and discover your own true heart’s desire… the only driving force that cannot be extinguished…
The essential difference between desire and need and why they are poles apart when it comes to attracting what you want
How to connect to your Higher Self in meditation for healing, love and insight and to raise your vibration and accelerate your growth and success. It can help you overcome any obstacle; generate wealth,income streams and opportunities; find people, build your career, your business, solve problems, and generally improve every area of your life in ways that you can’t even imagine right now… It works behind the scenes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, helping you achieve your goals. It never shuts down, takes no holidays, sick leave or days off. It is perpetually there to take orders and supply what you have asked for…
How to develop unstoppable faith that you will reach your goal and trust that what you want MUST come to you.
How To Know When It’s Time To Take Action.
Ancient simple and powerful meditation technique to quiet your monkey mind effortlessly ?
How to restructure your negative state of mind without thinking POSITIVELY ?
How to get rid of low self- esteem, depression, and poor self image, for the rest of your life?
The Self-Appreciation Technique to allow more self-love into your life.
How o overcome conflict, feel better when something gone wrong? How to solve these problems by honouring your mind ?
What is the central point of distribution for energy which the body is constantly generating? How to activate this centre and supercharge your body and transmute undesirable conditions into sources of pleasure and profit ?
What is the secret of PERSONAL MAGNETISM ? and How to become a HUMAN MAGNET ?
Why feeling is the only and one medium through which ideas are conveyed to subconscious mind? How to command your feeling and emotions instantly?
How to control your behaviour by controlling emotions by using ASTRAL COLOR ALCHEMY PROCESS?
‘Why It’ s not happening’ – why focussing on “how you’ll get there” rather then “what it’s like when you’re there” can hinder your manifesting success
The power of being present and how this opens you to the ‘flow’ of life and the love, joy and miracles available in every moment.
How to command your emotions using Astral Color Alchemy Process that your secret inner power turns negative energy into a positive loving feeling that is so beneficial you feel like a new person.
Do you know how using Astral Color Alchemy process helps to bring you true romantic love and real romantic encounters in everday life?
How to keep your vibration high all day and keep your mind focussed on what you want and not on what you don’t want
Why feelings are more important than logic! You may be able to think of every reason in the world why things should work out for you, but if you don’t learn how to get your feelings behind you and involved in the process – you’re setting yourself up to fail.
The trappings of guilt, control, jealousy, perfectionism, blame/victimhood and fear, and how to move beyond them to maintain an optimum emotional resonance for creating and attracting the realities you desire
What will help you release feelings of need and attachment that can be otherwise detrimental to your manifesting success.
Secrets to raising your vibration on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels to enhance your manifesting success and leverage the law of attraction 100% in your favour. Discover how to create states of consciousness that accelerate the rate of manifesting your desires.
What you need to know about relationship goals
How can you enjoy magical marriage or love relationships and keep them lasting as long as you like by using Astral Color Alchemy Process?
What are the powerful techniques to use in everyday life that make the most of all your relationships, at work and at home? Much more ..!

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