IIOm Mahasiddhar Thirumoolar Namaha OmII

IIOm Srimata Lalithambikayai Namah OmII


Thank you for your interest in our workshops and Distance Courses offered by Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji.Please note on-spot registration is not available for our workshops so pre-registration is mandatory for all our workshops.

To pre-register to Srividya sadhana or other distance courses, please visit the respective workshop or distance course page and make the payment and share transaction details to our mail Id: prem999ananda@gmail.com

We will then send you registration form and other details through mail.

For Upcoming workshop dates, Please Visit:


If you have any doubts related to our workshop or distance courses then Please Call to: 7483528148 / 9901019177 

(FYI, We don’t use WhatsApp for communication)

In the Service of Srimata & Thirumoolarji,
Srividya Sadhana Team
for Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

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