“I felt meditation as if it is happening, “My body posture was steady and attention was attracted towards the middle point of eyebrows and felt cessation of breath and the mind became vacant i.e void of all outward knowledge, only blissful peaceful...

John Dubz (Australia)

“I am experiencing bodiless awareness as if I don’t have a body and everything seemed empty. Also my eyelids become closed and didn’t open inspite of my efforts. All I felt is divine joy and love within me.”


“I was struggling to meditate from long time. But during Srividya sadhana after initiation, my body began to feel a pleasant sensation and there was rush of energy from sahasrara chakra and great peace embraed me”

Jordi Carlos(Spain)

‘I could able to aware of vortex of Prana/Life Force at different chakras during meditation. And there was pleasant experience of cool breeze sensation around my spine”


“Something surprising started happening to me as soon as I sat for Srividya meditation. My body begin to shake in ecstasy of joy and I involuntarily uttered words that I don’t know at all but those words gave me so much joy”
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