Universal Law of polarity /Duality, Free Will & Time

If you see this complete physical world, this is running on the universal law of polarity. There is positive and negative. There is darkness and light. There is male and female. So there is nothing like a permanent. It is always up and down, up and down. So we call it the nature of the wave. It will never be a straight line. And what is the mistake every human makes? He wants a straight line. Permanent job, permanent relationship, permanent health. you see that it is not possible. it is not. So you need to understand that this universe has wave nature. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is permanent.

If I understand this truth, that truth means it’s a universal law. Universal law works the same everywhere, works the same. And it is not made by you or me. It is not made by you or me. Divine has made a universal law, set of rules and rested its own consciousness. That’s why Shiva is always in meditation. He is not bothered at all. Divine Mother Lalithambika, Raja Rajeswari is sitting on the last point, the bindu. She is Sarvanandamaya. She detached herself from this world and sitting in just a blissful, peaceful awareness. It means Divine is not going to interfere in your life until unless you ask. People say “so many bad things are happening in this life. Why Shiva Shakti is not doing anything. why?”. But Shiva Shakti don’t have any interference in your life because there is a universal law of free will. Shiva and Shakti are the true Father and Mother. They have given all the powers to you and at the same time they dont interfere because of the law of free will. They really follow their own universal laws. That’s why if you see all the puranas, it is very tricky to understand why Shiva is doing like this, why Krishna is doing like this. Krishna sometimes lifts, sometimes plays politics. But if you look at a deeper level you understand him. Oh my god! he is realized and his experience of truth is amazing. It’s very difficult for our mind to understand.

And your only job is to understand the universal law. Understand the universal law and be in this moment and act with awareness and forget about your future and forget about your past. This is the essence of spirituality. The problem with people is they cling on to what happened five years ago. Five years and you are still worrying. The past is gone. Even if the person has already died we dont let go. Who is going to get benefit out of this? Who is creating the block? and what about the future? Future always comes as now and here and today. Tomorrow you never experience. This is not true. Past and present are not at all true in the state of consciousness. The truth is always in this moment. Even I experience myself here and now. Not tomorrow, not someday. That’s what I tell many people. Do not postpone your realization thinking that the divine Mother is going to come and bless me only after I chant lakhs of japa. Don’t postpone. That never comes. The day I chant means I’m one, here and now. That is the truth. If you don’t understand, people start doing Purashcharan, millions  of japa, millions of japa and Homa, Shanthi pooja to do one mantra. When will they be reaching and in between so many fluctuations, so many workshops in between and so many mantras, where do you get? no where. It’s very important to have a focussed mind and being aware of this moment. Only working on this present day. That’s what in all the teaching they say. They only think about it today. So they have all these healing or whatever it is. Just the same parampara has been put in a different way so that people can understand. They can follow it and make their life. So it is very important. If I’m working today, if I’m working with my own sadhana, if I’m working with my thoughts, if I’m being aware of my belief, if I’m being aware of my complete energy, feeling, negative emotion, then I can understand what is going on inside me.

Then if I understand inside me, then I can change what is happening, then I can change my life. It’s very important. So spirituality is more of awareness. It’s more of awareness than anything else. More of awareness than anything else. So again and again I tell you spirituality is being aware. Spirituality is being awake rather than just chanting. So this quality you should be very careful because the highest lesson in our life is self awareness. What is this self? Not the old self as a body, as a mind. It is beyond what we call soul conscious. It’s the highest lesson in our life. So  Durga Saptashati,  it is a path to go from a human to a divine. From dvaita to advaita.This is the path to experience Oneness, Samadhi. Sama and Adi. Sama means equal. to whom? To Adi. Adi means source. The divine Samadhi is the equal or oneness of Shiva Shakti. You are not at all there. Only that divine consciousness that is existed, that is working through its own principle, through its own laws and doing all the sustenance of this universe. That understanding will come as you progress, the more you start surrendering, the more you start accepting, more you start allowing. These are the lessons of life that automatically start happening within you from inside. But what is needed is you have to take one step. You have to take one step. And this one step is your regular Sadhana. Your positive thinking, your understanding of your belief. Your understanding or being aware of your complete being. So it says taking one step is not just attending a workshop, not attending the diksha. You have to apply these principles in your life.That is the first step in your life. Is it clear? Just taking diksha is not enough, but bringing that diksha energy into your waking state of consciousness. That’s when you apply the principles that you have learned here.


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