VKG Havan for financial problems!

By- Sadguru Siva Premanandaji


Dear Guruji, how should we use Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathi (VKG) sadhana to overcome financial problems and gain financial abundance? Could you please provide the procedure? Does VKG Havan give quicker results than VKG Japa, and how many times do we offer the mantra during the havan procedure?

Havan is always a powerful procedure to manifest material world solutions. When you work with fire, it awakens your inner fire, and the outside fire acts as a mediator to connect with the deity and receive the blessing. So even if you do it mechanically, there is a very good result. So, make a sankalpa to solve your financial problems and do the japa in your mediation. Secondly, before you do the havan, make a sankalpa and then do the havan with the VKG mantra. You can chant and give ahuti of VKG mantra 27 times, and that is sufficient. The minimum is 9, 18 or 27. But if you have time, you can do more as well.

You need to use all the havan material, that is good for finances, as I had explained in the havan procedure. Sugar, jaggery, banana and coconut are some of the materials that work well in solving financial problems. If you want to enhance the effect, you can also use kamal guttama, i.e., the seed of the lotus flower. This is also very good for manifesting Lakshmi tatva and increasing the abundance principle in your soul. So, you can use the lotus seed while doing the havan with VKG mantra. The havan should be done every day, atleast 27 ahuti should be done of VKG with all the specified material, making a sankalpa to clear all the obstacles related to financial issues and bring harmony, peace, abundance, prosperity and protection to you and your family members. You can also take the sankalpa of your business and follow this procedure.

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