Why So much heat is created when we meditate?

-by Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Spiritual heat gets generated when we meditate. We have three fires, kamagini, jataragni, knayagni. Center agni kula, we have Surya agni kula to the right of the body and Chandra agni kula to the left of the body. When our sushmana nadi open, when kundalini our inner fire flows, as it flows, it has to burn the karmic impression. Karmic impression do not burn unless spiritual heat is created. Spiritual heat generated by the body is really good and it is tapa shakti.

We need to be careful with too much heat generation, this happens because of too much sadhana. We have to control it, otherwise you may hurt your body. For some one round itself generates too much energy. They feel excess heat but they do not want to stop there, they want to go for second round of the same level, we should not do that knowingly. There is no need to go for next round, instead going to next level of Sri Vidya is recommended or in between you can relax. Breathing in and out via left nostril with right nostril closed. Chandra nadis cooling current will be generated to balance the spiritual heat. Performing sheetali pranayama is good to reduce the heat, the method  was discussed during guru Purnima.

The excess heat can cause skin irritation, too much spiritual heat causes itching. Taking cold water bath or drinking milk, coconut water or butter milk is good. Apply coconut oil and taking a bath with normal or warm or cold water is also good.

Some sadaks might feel cooling energy and some feel warm spiritual heat. It depends on the persons karma, his body nature, prakurthi, body constitution and according to that you experience results.

If heaviness is there then to reduce heaviness, rapid breathing through nose with mouth closed can be done or breath in from nose and breath out from mouth. We need to oxygenate our brain, when this type of breathing is done, automatically heaviness will go.

We can also channel this energy to where we want by performing apana mudra and pulling the energy from top of the body to down or focus on your navel point and pull that energy there or to heart centre. The excess energy can also be channelled to plants, sometime we are more receptive and our body cannot hold the energy so we need to channel it.

For some sadhaks heat/energy is generated and it is not disturbing/uncomfortable then they can continue with meditation.  For some too much heat is generated then they can reduce the rounds or do mantra chanting. Meaning alternate day of meditation, today meditation then tomorrow chant only mantra. Next day do meditation, this will prevent hurting our own body. This would slowly enable you to learn to manage the energy and your body.


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