You are Temple of Siva-Shakti

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

One thing is that is real name that is Sacchidananda. Ultimate. It is the name of all you know and another name is Shiva. It is Namahshivay. Nama = Name is Shivaya. I’m Shiva. Namahshivay. That is the Truth. Why siddhas told Namahshivay? Because whatever we think and focus we become that. So everyone of us is Shiva.

You see we have this body okay and if you divide this body what we get is different organs, muscles and all. If you go and divide that also they are made up of cells. If you go and divide those cells what you get? Biomolecules. If you divide those biomolecules then atoms. You go and divide those atoms then you have proton, neutron, electron and if you see that what is that rotating and alive is electron. What is this electron? It is micro sphere of energy and it has its own consciousness and rotating. Yes? So ultimately you are energy and consciousness. Yes or no? So you are Shiva that is consciousness, energy that is Shakti. So who you are? At a deeper level you are Shiva Shakti. You are the Temple of Shiva Shakti.

You know Ravindranath Tagore he told he wrote a small thing “Divine waits for his temple to be built by unconditional love but men bring stones”. See this a poet can able to go deeper level and see the truth. But is it true or not? That’s what everyone says even siddha says why you are? First thing first thing you need to do in spirituality is to accept the truth that I am the Temple of Shiva Shakti. This is the Basic Foundation you need to accept. Otherwise you will not grow. Because if the foundation is wrong then where is the Temple? What is your foundation? I am Shiva Shakti. I am Consciousness. I am Sat Chit Ananda.

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