My experience during meditation was very pleasant.Though I was lacking in concentration some times. I was able to again concentrate on the mantram and bring back my thoughts.Even when i am not in meditation, If i think of divine mother i can see her, with my eyes open/closed, while i am working or traveling.I am not sure if its my imagination or her grace. I also some times have intuition/ guidance of mother in my day to day activities.all these in the spiritual side, and materialistically there is lot of changes, all my dream are coming true.                                                                  Its so unbelievable that things that i wanted to have/achieve in the past and not able to do so, and even left the hope that those things will happen. Are appearing and i am able to have/achieve them with out any effort. I am not sure but i guess miracle is the right word to explain this.And the best thing i am most happy about is, i am slowly able to maintain equilibrium in all circumstances and not excited / depressed about anything. I strongly feel that Mother is guiding me and every thing is happening according to her divine will. I am waiting for Mother to remove the “I” feeling and want every thing to be Mother.



Want to share few positive things with you Guruji. On this Friday I was very much worried and wanted protection as things were going wrong, during my daily homam, invoked Chandi Maa and asked for removal of the black magic that was happening around us both me and my wife, After the ahutis I started the meditation Soham and then the deeksha mantra and after that We were praying to her repeatedly “YA DEVI SARVA BHUTESHU RAKSHAA RUPEN SANSTHITA NAMASTASYAI NAMASTASYAI NAMASTASYAI NAMO NAMAH”  we clearly saw from the vision of our third eye a golden orange shield coming from above the heavens as the shape of SriChakra or Meru mountain and forming over our bodies and we instantly were submerged in that divine light it felt as if small snowflakes had enveloped our bodies and we felt so light and all our heaviness and worries were gone instantly.

Later in the Homam I recited the Shanti mantra and we saw the dark energy going up and away from our house and a Pink energy had enveloped it and taken away from us.That evening I was meditating using Chakra method as outlined by you and Lord Shiva in a meditative position complete purple as opposed to blue that he is shown in all the pictures came before me at the level of third eye and saw my cause of worry and said I have removed this lady and the tantrik who is doing evil on you they will not come near you again remove her from the house.

All the negativities are now subsidising with your grace. Thanks for being with me Guruji I am blessed and must have done some very good Karma in my previous lives to get such a great Guru.


During the night after the deeksha: I could not sleep as the energy level was too high and I kept hearing the deeksha mantras in my head. Around 2:05 AM I had a dream or vision where the goddess herself came to me and sat in front of me as in the picture. However she was carrying a pot with a golden liquid it seemed like molten gold, honey or ghee – could not tell. She had an aura of golden light around her. There were some other deities surrounding her but I could not recognize or tell who they were – I am pretty sure one of them was Shri Matangi. She showed me her right hand in the abhaya mudra and pronounced the bija DAM with a sure intonation  The impact was so strong that I actually was completely awaken. After that I felt an immense peace and relaxed completely, and I was able to get back to sleep and woke up very well.

-Jose (Switzerland)


“I am noticing huge difference in my work ever since I started Srividya kundalini chakra meditation . Normally , I receive around 100 – 150 mails per day in my office. Earlier , I used to require one whole day or even some times 2 days to go thru all mails . Now this time time has come down drastically as if my brain is super charged  now . There is  improvement in mental alertness as well.”



Dear guruji, with the divine blessing of divine mother, i have got an offer to go abroad on ship in USA.I have been waiting for quite sometime for this but with your and mother”s grace i got a chance now. i just got a confirmation now.



During my meditation, I had a vision of a 8 or 9 year old girl of divine look, wearing a green silk skirt and a green blouse,with ornaments around her neck and ornaments in her her plaited hair, going in front of me.Suddenly she turned towards me and signalled me (her gesture) to follow her.This happened during Srividhya meditation while watching the involuntary action of mine.I was pondering over it for some time. I saw the image of Bala Tiripurasundari in the Net. ,then I realised  It  must be Her.


I experienced it be be very powerful and difficult and i have been enjoying the results. Soon after the mediation I feel very lights without any blocks in my body. I have gone very silent and chattering does not mean anything to me now.I have gained many friends and respect automatically… just didn’t have to do anything.For some reason I dont crave for things or need to depend on anyone for anything.My breath has gone softer and I can get calmer at my own commands when required.Thank you for all your ashirvaad and guidance…

“I experienced many things with srividya sadhana:  gentle and strong kundalini movements.  Immense pressure and fullness in the midbrain and head—- Immense love, peace, bliss, and vibration— in different degrees and forms, a feeling of fluffiness around the spine and like a cloud around me.  I had a dream/vision and deep feeling of Chinna masta—why I do not know and how I am connected to this aspect in particular— Also very deep feelings for dhumavati and understanding her great mystery and beauty  also visions in the third eye of many divine devis and divine mothers–but I have no idea who they are but they are all benevolent,,,they appear for a few seconds or up to one minute and then disappear……  And the feeling of wanting complete merging of Shiva and Shakti.”

-Ramakrishna Rao (USA)

“I am very thankful to you sir . I am feeling great . Today I have completed my 6 week of  “Sri Vidhya ” level -1 .It was a very fantastic experience for me . I felt vibration on my every chakra . After that when I started to concentrate on my breathing I went deep and felt relaxed .  These days I am doing every thing with confidence . I am doing well without any medicine and my daily problem soughted out naturally.                  

            I want to share one incident which happened with me in these days . I got cut on my middle finger of right hand . Dr. said need to put two stitches but I refused and I did not take any medicine or injection . Do you know that  it cured in one week without any problem” 

-Sangeeta.N (India)

Disclaimer: All these miracles are happening because of the students Karma, faith and devotion to Divine Mother. Sri Sivapremanandaji is not responsible for those miracles. Sri Sivapremanandaji only teaches how to connect and receive grace from Divine Mother through Srividya Sadhana.

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