Srividya Havan 

A very powerful Havan where we understand what are the Universal Principles & what are the Spiritual Laws behind the Havan. How it is going to help you and your family member? How it is going to help you and your surrounding? How you can Cleanse your Subtle energy, Negative energies, Entities and all of that with Havan. At the same time you bless your entire home with the Positive Energy. The nature of fire is that it Burns and Transforms the form, if I put the paper into the fire what it happens?, is the form of paper is same or it will be transformed? And our Siddhas discovered that if I put the Negative thoughts in that fire what it should happen. It should turn into Positive. This is a Universal Principal of how I can take a pure element that is already available on this Earth planet use it to burn my Karmas. And they have technology of Intention, where there is Intention there will be Attention, & where there is Attention there is a your Soul Power Energy. Its universal, so they wanted to troubleshoot the specific problems of your Life.






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