Srividya Havan

Siddha Secrets of Srividya Havan


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Our students who have taken deeksha of any course offered from us. Because this course is about “how-to do havan” by understanding fire principles and laws But no mantra deeksha involved.


Content :

  • what are Srividya havan principles

  • How nature or property of fire burns our karma and negativity

  • How fire ritual awakens mantra shakti and kundalini

  • How fire ritual cleanse your home and vastu

  • How to do srividya havan  without any difficulty

  • How it removes entities from your aura

  • What are ingredients used in the srividya havan

  • how different ingredients used in srividya havan bring solution to your different life problems

  • how to use srividya havan for specific problems of your life

  • Much more…

What you will receive 

You will receive an access to webpage for 15 days that contains 

  • Introduction about srivdya havan and its principles vidoe

  • how to do srividya havan video

  • Havan ingredients video

  • Srividya havan procedure

Please note that we will not offer any soft copies of Video, audio , pdf  or any other files. You should watch videos and write down important points and procedure so that you can refer and do srividya havan.


Our students who have taken mantra deeksha from us.

Note :

This course was offered free of cost during srividya workshop. But If you want to access this course again then you should make a mentioned payment below and request it with your MSC ID or SSRC ID Number. 


Payment Info:

Registration Fees : Rs.3000 ($70)

Online Payment

After payment, please send your SSRC ID number and payment details to  we will send you srividya havan details.

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