Dus Mahavidya

Dus Mahavidya Moolamantra Sadhana

This course includes deeksha of all Ten Mahavidya moola-mantra,  and their practice together.

It is offered as a distance deeksha. The details will be updated in August 2020!

Eligibility:(Not for beginners) Should completed Siddha Healing, Siddha Mind Power and Srividya Havan from us

Our distance/online srividya students are NOT eligible for this distance course. Because first they should complete srividya course by attending workshop where they should learn inner mechanism of each srividya level, its principle, philosophy and learn to use srividya tools like siddha healing, mind power and havan to solve their life problems. Then only they are eligbile for  distance courses. otherwise just adding one more course without learning complete srividya its not effective and helpful.

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