Das Mahavidya Sadhana

This Das Mahavidya sadhana is taught in 2 days.

Workshop Dates for 2024:

25th & 26th May 2024

5th & 6th Oct 2024

Das Mahavidya Inner & Outer Siddha Sadhana

This is the First Time that Dus Mahavidya Complete Sadhana is given to the world by Sri Sadguru Sivapremananda Ji!

Eligibility: Beginners

Please Note that On-Spot Registration is Not available. Pre-Registration is MUST !

For any Query Please Call:09901019177 / 7483528148 (Sunday Closed)


Who is eligible:

  • Anyone who want experience divine and discover truth about himself and life.   

  • No prior knowledge of any type is needed.

  • Age limit is between 18 to 75 years.

Who is NOT eligible:

  • If you have undergone any type of Medical Surgery recently (within 1-2 months)

  • Its not suggested to attend and learn these techniques during pregnancy 

  • People who are suffering any mental disorders like severe depression, bipolar, Schizophrenia disorders are not eligible.


Course Content & Deeksha:

  • What is Das Mahavidya Sadhana

  • Importance of das Mahavidya Sadhana

  • Esoteric teachings of Das Mahavidya

  • How das mahavidya solve Navagraha problems

  • How das mahavidya help to understand life lessons

  • How to do outer worship of das mahaidya using das mahavidya yantras

  • How to do outer worship of das mahaidya using sriyantra

  • How to do inner worship of das mahavidya using mantra and mudra focusing inner energy centers.

  • How to balance das mahavidya ugra/fiercy goddess energies

  • Powerful Jayadurga Body Protection or Deha Raksha Mantra

  • Powerful Lord Ganesha Digbandan Mantra

  • Kali Mantra Deeksha

  • Tara Mantra Deeksha

  • Shodasi Mantra Deeksha

  • Bhavaneshwari Mantra Deeksha

  • Bhairavi Mantra Deeksha

  • Chinnamasta Mantra Deeksha

  • Dhumavathi Mantra deeksha

  • Bagalamukhi Mantra Deeksha

  • Matangi Mantra Deeksha

  • Kamala Mantra Deeksha

  • Shakti ganapathi mantra deeksha

  • BONUS GIFT: secret ONE mantra deeksha that invokes all das mahavidyas shaktis 

  •  Das mahavidya bhairavas mantra deeksha and sadhana (i.e Mahakaal, Akshobya, Kameshwara, Bhuvaneshwara, Krodha, Tripura, Traymbak, Matang and Kamaeshwara Bhairav mantras)

  • how to perform das mahavidya mandala and worship 

  • how to do das mahavidya havan/yagya to solve all material and spiritual problems

  • How to do das mahavidya sadhana to manifest health, money, relationship, job and protection issues

  • Much more…

  • Q & A session

Das Mahavidya Sadhana Benefits:

The  Dasmahavidya Sadhana provides bhoga (fulfillment of materialistic desires) and moksha (spiritual liberation) when you receive the proper deeksha and practice sadhana under the right guidance of a Self-Realized Master.

  • For divine grace and blessings of the Dus Mahavidyas

  • For removing Navagrah Doshas

  • For Removing Vastu Doshas

  • For Removing Sarpa Doshas

  • For Removing kuladevatha, kulaguru & other kshudra devthas doshas

  • For removing negative spells and curses

  • For protection and relief from all type of negativities, psychic and tantric attacks

  • For Protection from inner and outer enemies

  • For health, wealth and prosperity

  • For self-confidence and courage

  • For spiritual growth & self-realization

  • Much More...



Time : 9AM to 6PM

Accomodation: CLICK HERE for the information about List of Hotels nearby.

What cloths to wear & things to bring for workshop:

Please wear any comfortable clothes and bring a pen & notebook for writing important points.

please note that, we will provide lunch, tea & course notes during the workshop.


Sivapremananda Self-Realization Center
No.87, 3rd Main, 2nd Cross,  Raghvendra Layout,
Gubbalala, Bangalore -560061
Mobile: 9901019177 / 7483528148


Payment Info:

Registration Fees for Rs. 19,999-/- ( USD $275) 

After Payment, please mail payment details to  prem999ananda@gmail.com  so that we can check and confirm your participation.

You can pre-register by using Razor-pay payment gateway OR transferring the Fees to the following bank account:  

Registration Fees: Rs. 19,999-/- ( USD $275)

Online Payment

 Venue Map: Sivapremananda self-realization centre

sivapremananda self-realization center venue map

By Metro:

You can come to Bangalore central bus station from Airport through AC Bus then you can take metro and get down at “Vajarhalli metro station”. From Metro station, it is 800m to 1 km that you can take auto or come by walk.

By Road and Rail:

Our centre is located around 15 km from the City central railway station or bus station (called as Majestic). You can hire Auto or taxi or come by bus.

By Air:

Airport is around 35-38 Km from bangalore city central bus station or railway station. It  is  45-50 km to our centre from airport.

You can hire a Taxi from airport directly. Or come to central bus station from Airport through AC Bus then you can take Metro, auto or taxi from central city bus station to our centre.






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