Guru Lineage


Guru Lineage of Sri Sivapremanandaji

Sivapremanandaji belong to Tamil Siddha Parampara that starts from Mahadeva Lord Siva:

Lord Siva

Nandhi devar

Siddha Thirumoolar

Sivakami Om Anandhi


Mulavarga Siddha Guru parampara

Guru & Disciple

He taught me the meekness of Spirit,

Infused in me the light of devotion,

Granted me the Grace of His Feet;

And after interrogation holy, testing me entire,

Revealed to me the Real, the Unreal and Real-Unreal;

Of a certain is Siva-Guru Lord Himself.

Tirumantiram 1573


Who is a guru?

Guru is a tattva(principle or concept) appearing in the human form. Guru appearing in the human form plays an important in the spiritual growth of the sadhaka. Guru empowers students with right spiritual practice, principles and even protects sincere sadhak until he discovers his truth i.e Self-Realization.

What are the qualities of a srividya Guru?

Clarity on the subject, Compassion towards other & purity of the soul are the main qualities of the GURU.

What is Guru parampara?

Guru Parampara is an unbroken tradition starting from Lord siva/Divine Mother to the devotees immeditate guru.

Can you please explain about your guru paramapara?

Our guru parampara is called Siddha Mulavarga Sampradaya.

“Mulavarg”[ Mula=Mulanji(Thirumoolar’s name) & Varg=group] means a group of students following the teachings of Sadguru Thirumoolar. Our Siddha Mulavarg Parampara Lineage is as follows:

Lord Siva ⇒ Nandhi devar⇒ Siddha Thirumoolar⇒ Sivakami Om Nanandhi⇒ Sivapremananda

Can you please tell me more about Siddha Thirumoolarji?

Siddha Thirumoolarji is considered as Grand father of Siddhas and known by the name of Sundarar from the Mt. Kailas area of the Himalayas. He decided to undertake a journey to see a friend and fellow Siddha. This friend resided in the Potheya Mountains of south India. He was known as Siddha Agastyar. Nearing the end of his journey, near the village called Sathanur, he saw a sight that deeply moved him. He noticed a herd of cows lowing miserably around the dead body of their cow herd, Mulan. This yogi who knew well…”Anbe Sivam” (God is Love), felt he should do something to alleviate the suffering of these poor creatures. Through the use of his yogic powers, he put his body in a hollow log for safe keeping and then left it to enter the body of the dead Mulan. The cows were overjoyed to see their master returning to them. He then led them back to the village. After leaving them safely at home, he returned to the old log where he had left his body. He was shocked to find that his body had disappeared. This yogi remained in the cowherd’s body and became famous for the verses he uttered when he occasionally would come out of Samadhi (contemplative absorption). In this fashion, 3000 verses were recorded, and these are now known as THIRUMANDIRAM. Now Thirumandiram is available in nine volumes which took five years for a team of scholars to translate each of its more than 3,000 verses and to write extensive commentaries about them, in nine chapters, known as tandirams. For more details please visit:



How you came in contact with siddha Thirumoolarji and Sivakami OmAnandi? Please share your experiences.

I came in contact with Sivakami OmAnandi during my higher studies in Germany. I read Autobiography of a yogi and wanted to learn Kriya yoga so I searched in the internet for kriya yoga teacher in Germany and somehow I found Thirumoolar’s Siva Mantra. I chanted Thirumoolar’s 51 letter Siva mantra mentioned in the siva sadhana and found so much bliss & joy that I completely forget the world for a few minutes. Then I felt magnetically attracted to siva sadhana teachings taught by Sivakami Omanandi. So I applied for siva sadhana course and started siva sadhana practices under her guidance. This is how I came in contact with my spiritual master and mother Sivakami Omanandhi. As I started meditating under her guidance, my life started changing and I started experiencing great transformation in my thoughts, energy, emotional states and behavior.  

In the beginning, Sadguru Thirumoolar started guiding me in my dreams. After 3 months of Siva sadhana initiation, I got a dream where Siddha Thirumoolar was writing some  coded symbols around my head and those symbols started shining as a divine Siva mantra. This is my first initiation in Sivamantra by Sadguru Thirumoolarji  infusing five letters of Siva mantra around my head as if they are five faces (panchamukhi) of Lord Siva. 

How to find and select a guru?

The disciple with his limited knowledge and perception can’t find a guru who will be able to remove all his miseries and help him directly in the advancement of his spiritual sadhana. Actually, It is the guru who chooses disciple. Sastras say that for getting a proper Guru, one should meditate with utmost faith and devotion on his ista devata.Then by the grace of ista devata, Sri Guru will be known to him. Remember, the connection with the proper guru is really the result of good deeds done in the earlier births by the disciple.

What is the place of a guru in the life of a Disciple?

While guru may appear as an ordinary person, he must be perceived as the embodiment of Shiva-Shakti and not as an individual. Sastras vouchsafe that there is no difference between the Sri Guru and Parashakti. The guru is always in the heart of the disciple and clearing all the doubts arising then and there. This can be an experience of the disciple. The disciple will experience that the guru is the living personification of the divine mother.

How should the guru be honored and respected?

One should have the utmost respect and devotion towards his guru. Guru is living deity who has come to elevate the disciple up from the ocean of samsara. Guru’s words should be taken as the words of divine siva-shakti.Guru bhakti should be something the disciple must feel from within. Mere external expression not necessarily an indicator of one’s respect for his guru.

 Who is a disciple?

Disciple is one who sincerely and faithfully follows the discipline given by the guru.

Can a disciple or seeker give upadesam or deeksha(initiation) to another?

Normally when the Guru is alive, the disciple should not give upadesam or deeksha to another person. However, when guru is unable to do so due to old age etc then one can with the prior permission of the Guru do the same.

Sri Sivapremanandaji


Sri Sivapremananda Guruji


After experiencing higher states of Samadhi, Sivapremanandaji willing to share Sri Vidya & Siva Sadhana teachings for the benefit of those who aspire for Self-Realization but don’t know where to begin, or their worldly responsibilities are too great to allow them the time to pursue in-depth studies.

Now Sivapremanandaji helping sincere spiritual seekers through Thirumoolar Siva Yoga and Sri Vidya Sadhana Online. His Professional Education is as follows,

  • M.S. in Biochemical Science from Germany.

  • PhD in Biomedicine from Spain.

  • Post-Doctorate in Cancer Biology from USA.

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