Karma Suddhi Sadhana 

Karma Suddhi Sadhana 

Held on 2nd June 2024(9AM to 6PM)

Karma Suddhi Sadhana contains series of mantras that helps you to connect with different devatas to burn all your past life negative karmas & protect you from all types of doshas, negativity, enemies and bless you divine grace to manifest peace, good health, flourishing Career,  abundant wealth, loving relationship and happiness.

Who is eligible:

  • Anyone who want to experience divine help to burn his/her karmas of this life and past life using powerful mantra sadhana.

  • No prior knowledge of any type is needed.

  • Age limit is between 18 to 75 years.

Who is NOT eligible:

  • If you have undergone any type of Medical Surgery recently (within 1-2 months)

  • Its not suggested to attend and learn these techniques during pregnancy 

  • People who are suffering any mental disorders like severe depression, bipolar, Schizophrenia disorders are not eligible.


Course Content:

This course contains only mantra sadhana and no chakra meditation. This workshop includes deeksha of the following mantras, Their importance  and guidance:

1.Atma Raksha Ashta-matrika Pratyangira Kavach for overall Protection of body, Mind & Soul

2.Ucchista Ganapathi Mantra for Karya Siddhi, Akarshana and Manokamana Purti 

3.Shatru Samhara Prayangira Mantra to overcome enemy problems

4.Navargrah-Pida-Nashana Mantra for removing evil effects of all 9 planets

5.Pitru Dosha Nivaran Mantra to remove curse and problems created by Ancestors

6.Nagadosha Nivarana Mantra to remove curse and problems created by Snakes

7.Kuladevtha Dosha Nivaran Mantra to remove curse and other problems created by Kuladevatha

8. Chandika Parameshwari Mantra for removing accidents, family dis-harmony and to protection oneself

9.Pakshiraj Abhichara Dwamsha Mantra to destroy all type of negativity, psychic &  tantric attacks and bestows good health & abundance

10.Papanashini, Sarva-shapa-nashini and moksha-pradha Ganga Devi Mantra

11.Punyaphala Prapti Mantra for Receiving results of your mantras & positive Karmas



Date: 2nd June 2024

Time : 9AM to 6PM

Accomodation: CLICK HERE for the information about List of Hotels nearby.

What cloths to wear & things to bring for workshop:

Please wear any comfortable clothes and bring a pen & notebook for writing important points.

please note that, we will provide course notes during the workshop.


Sivapremananda Self-Realization Center
No.87, 3rd Main, 2nd Cross,  Raghvendra Layout,
Gubbalala, Bangalore -560061
Mobile: 9901019177 / 7483528148


Payment Info:

Online Payment

Registration Fees:Rs.3500 (Includes 18% GST) (USD $60 Outside India)


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