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|| Om Mulanji Namaha Om ||

Flood Relief Project Sept-2019 Mulavarga Foundation

Intent: Serving Divine Mother BalaTripurasundari in Children



Tree Plantation drive from Mulavarga Foundation

Intent:  Serve Divine Mother Earth

Focus:    Cities are in dire need of greenery & good oxygen, hence current focus to plant trees in cities in                           a sustainable model

Where:  RT Nagar Government School, Bangalore

When:   Sunday 30th June @ 7:00am to 10:00am

Location Map

Guidelines & schedule on Plantation Day:

  1. Collectively invoke Sri Maha Siddha Thirumoolarji by Sri Mulanji mantra – min 3 times (mentally)

  2. Infuse Siddha Shakti to fertilizer, plants & mud before planting – min 3 times (mentally)

  3. Invoke Mother Durga by Durga Sapthashathi Moola Mantra – min 3 times (mentally)

  4. Preparation & planting – do mental mantra japa, any mantra is fine, DSS is preferred

  5. Breakfast & gratitude session


When we involve in the Seva/selfless service with spiritual emotion then we receive following benefits:

  • Activates panchamahabhuta/tatvas/5 elements

  • to detach from mind and experience divine connection & presence

  • to overcome past life negative karmas or doshas specialy childless & other issues

  • to ground your muldhar chakra to mother earth that gives stability in life

  • to learn and activate divine will

  • best way to break old patterns of ego due to serving divine will

  • Release of negative emotions like guilt etc

  • Developing feeling of belonging & oneness

  • Actiavating siddha healing powers due to unconditional love through selfless service

  • Experience surrender and invisible hands of divine working through you and others

Important Notes:

  1. We can get havan ash from home, if available, which can be mixed with fertilizer, will enhance innate shakti

  2. Whenever we involve in collective consciousness service should invoke Mother Durga for protection

  3. Seva is a way of showing gratitude, this should be done as part of Sadhana.

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