Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathi


Eligibility: (Not for beginners)Should completed srividya level-6 practice 


Vancha means Desires, Kalpa Latha means Divine mother Lalithambika one who grants all heart desires. Vancha Kalpa Latha Ganapathi is the Lalathambika Shakti in Ganapthi form which grants all the heart desires. It is very secret, powerful and rare srividya sadhana.The mantra of Shri Vaancha Kalpa Ganapathy is a samputa of a Rig vedic hymn, vallabha Mahaa Ganapathy moola mantra, Gayatri Mantra and Beejaaksharaas of Ucchista ganapathi, Shri Vidya mantra. Thus this is very powerful and combines in itself the obstacle removal calibre of ganapthy, the wish-bestowing and boundless spiritual power of Shri Vidya mantra, and the power of enchantment of the Rig vedic mantra contained in this.There are 11 variations of Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathy Mantra. You will be receiving very powerful Vanchakalapalatha Ganapathi mantra deeksha choosen by Sadguru Sivapremanandaji for 21st century.

Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathi is the combined form of Shiva and shakthi, the lower part of the body is goddess form(Lalithambika) and the upper part of the body is the Ganesha form. This mantra is the ultimate step in Sri Vidya sadhana. Atharveda text explains importance of this mantra as chanting the mantra of vancha kalpa latha ganapthi once is equal to 444 chants of Maha Ganapathi Mantra and Gayatri mantra.

Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathi mantra is very powerful. This mantra contains, Ksapira prasada Ganapthi, Ucchista ganapathi and Sividya Vallabha Ganapathi, Agni, Surya, Lalaithambika, Balatripura sundari, Kubera, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Rudra, shaktis together. Its very rare to find combinations of all these powerful shakti’s in this mantra. This sadhana itself is sufficient to attain material and spiritual benefit in one’s life. Its a great blessings to receive this sadhana from Self-Realized Master.


  • · To fulfill your heart desires

  • · To remove Rahu and Ketu Dosha/malefic ketu dasa/ bhuktis

  • · To overcome obstacles in any area of your life like health, career, marriage, relationship, financial issues etc

  • · To experience a prosperity and abundance

  • · To protect from negativity

  • · To progress materially and spiritually

  • · To reach your goal of life

  •  To get magnetic personality 


(Not for beginners)Should completed srividya level-6 practice 






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