Satsang with Sivapremananda Ji

Meditation, Divine Grace and Clarity are the important factors for spiritual growth and liberation. Sadguru Sivapremanandaji will be holding Satsang on various topics so that advance seeker have a clarity on these subjects and grow in truth Consciousness.

Satsang’s will be offline activity and held in our SSRC center, Bangalore. 

Date of first Satsang will be announced after March 2022. 

First Satsang Topic:

Siddhas and their help in our spiritual growth, serving humanity and God Realization 

-who are Siddhas
-where are siddhas and how to find them
-what siddhas are doing after 1000years of tapasya
-how they choose and work with us
-how to prepare ourself to meet siddhas
-qualities to develop in us to receive grace of siddhas
-Meditation with Sadguru to connect with siddhas and receive messages

-Much More…


Upcoming Satsang Topics will be as follows:

-Guru & Guru Parampara: why you need guru parampara apart from living guru

-Siddha science of self-analysis to experience fullness of your life : Analysis at thinking, feeling, emotional level and discussion further to advance topics of awareness, Consciousness & purpose of life

-Death, Reincarnation and Celestial worlds: (this bring great understanding about our true identity)

-Mahavatar Kriya Babaji : How to connect, communicate and be a part of his mission

-Obstacles, Dangers in spirituality and true sign of Spiritual Progress

-Secrets of Kundalini, Delusive kundalini Meditation practices and Srividya sadhana

-Many More Topics……

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