Srividya E-book (Free & Must Read)

“Srividya Sadhana Questions

Answered by

Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji”



This Ebook contains detail answers to the following questions of students:

Srividya Sadhana:

What is Srividya? Who is the deity of Srividya? What is the ultimate realization of Srividya?

What are the different Schools of Srividya?

Which school of srividya is taught by you?

What are the benefits of Srividya Sadhana ?

How many Srividya Levels are taught in your program? What should be the gap in-between each level of srividya sadhana?

Can you please explain why srividya sadhana is offered in 7 levels and how each level of srividya sadhana is helpful to sadhaka?

Why you decided srividya sadhana to be taught Online/Distant?

Is srividya sadhana learned online/distance is effective?

Can you please explain what is Samadhi? Savikalp Samadhi, Nirvikalp Samadhi and Om Samadhi ?

Why is srividya sadhana considered supreme amongst all the sadhanas?

Where is srividya referred to in Vedic texts?

Das Mahavidya:

What are Das Mahavidyas? What is mysteries, Truth, Attaiment of each Mahavidyas etc ?


What is srividya deeksha or initiation?

What is the difference between deeksha and upadesam?

What are the different types of deekshas?

Whether srividya Deeksha can be given to someone who is widow/widower/bramachari?

Why it is customary to give deeksha to couples in srividya?

Does receiving Deeksha result in the activation of Kundalini Shakti and opening of the Chakras of the Sadhak?

Does one need to receive Deeksha only once? Does it result in the continual purification of the Sadhak once he has received it? How long does it take to reach enlightenment after Deeksha?

What are the pre-qualifications necessary to become as srividya sadhaka?

How do I know that SriVidya sadhana is right for me?

What is the difference between srividya and other paths like dhyana yoga, karma yoga etc?

How can a common man get benefitted from this path?

Is it possible for the common man to make this a part of his busy lifestyle?

Can women practice these srividya techniques?

Is it always necessary to have srichakra or any idol to follow this path?

Can householders follow this path?

Every day I recite Lalitha sahasranama, trishathi and saundaryalahari. Is it enough or is there something to be added on to this sadhana?

We are very happy with our lives and we are also very young. Why should we bother with meditation, Sadhan and Srividya? What benefit does it have for us?


What is the Mantra? What are srividya mantras? Why srividya mantras are considered very powerful?

What is the Panchadasi Mantra? Please explain it?

What is Kadi Vidya, Hadi Vidya and Sadi vidya?

What are other deities associated with srividya sadhana?

What is the first mantra initiated in srividya?

What does Mantra siddhi mean?

What are indications of Mantra Siddhi?

What is suddha vidya, Soubagya vidya and Para vidya?

What is Shodasi and Maha shodasi? Explain greatness of Mahashodasi mantra?

What are the various malas that are used in the mantra sadhana?

Can ladies practice mantra or srividya sadhana during menstruation?

Can you please explain about the importance of lalitha shasranama chanting?

Can you please explain about lalitha trisathi?

Can you please explain about kadgamala strotra?

Can you explain about durga sapthashati?


Who is a guru?

What are the qualities of a srividya Guru?

What is Guru parampara?

Can you please explain about your guru paramapara?

Can you please tell me more about Siddha Thirumoolarji?

Can you explain me more about Sri Sadguru Sivakami OmAnandi?

How you came in contact with siddha Thirumoolarji and Sivakami OmAnandi? Please share your experiences.

How to find and select a guru?

What is the place of a guru in the life of a Disciple?

How should the guru be honored and respected?

Who is a disciple?

Can a disciple or seeker give upadesam or deeksha(initiation) to another?


What is the Kundalini? How Kundalini activation and srividya Sadhana are connected?

Can you please share your kundalini awakening experience?

Is kundalini awakening brings Siddhi’s to the sadhaka?

Is it safe to activate Kundalini? Does it create any problem if it happens at distance/online? Can you explain the process you follow to activate it?

Is there any difference between Kundalini Yoga and Srividya Sadhana?

Sri Yantra & Navavarna puja:

What is sriyantra or srichakra?

What is 2-Dimensional sriyantra, Ardha-Meru and Maha-Meru sriyantra?

Can you explain more about Sri Yantra, its worship & construction etc.?

How sriyantra worship help in spiritual sadhana or on the path to self-realization?

How sriyantra is correlated with the energy centers/chakras in the human body?

Why sriyantra puja is called Navavarna puja?

What are the deities, yoginis, mudra residing in the various Avaranas of the sri chakra and what are their aspects and attainment by worshipping them?

How sriyantra should be drawn?

What is inner worship and outer worship of srichakra puja?

What is the Nyas & Its purpose in srividya mantra sadhana?

What are the Different types of Nyasas done in srichakra upasana?


What is Mudra? What is the significance of Dasmudras in srichkara puja or Nava avarna puja?

Darshan of Divine Mother:

Can you explain the manifestation of divine mother in different forms?

Is it possible to have a darshan of divine mother in all forms?

Can you share your experiences with Physical form?

Can you share your experience about having physical darshan of mother?

Can you please share more about having darshan of divine mother in a subtle form?

Can you share more about having Nirakar darshan of divine mother?

What are the books to be studied by srividya sadhaka?






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