“Advance Manifestation secrets with Divine grace

Here you are asking about visualisation.

And how to hold the visualization, or your Desire, the image, the impression in your state throughout the day is your question.

What I suggest is:

First thing you need to understand is that our mind is never in one state… it’s always fluctuating up and down… okay… up and down.

Now when you do visualisation after meditation you feel so good. You feel it has been manifested in your inner world. Slowly when you come back to the normal state of consciousness, that is, the waking state of consciousness, your thinking mind will jump and go on creating all the illusion, all the negativity around your goal and push it down.

This is the working of the thinking mind – the ego mind creating self doubt without which it will not survive, okay?

This is the mechanism we need to understand.

If we don’t understand this mechanism as to how our mind works – thinking mind works,  how our intuitive mind works, how our subconscious mind works then we get confused. And we believe that all are the same, okay?

So you understand that during your intuition after meditation or somewhere when you feel that it has manifested, great! It has happened, let go!

And when you open your eyes, come back, self doubt will happen, your negative belief in your subconscious mind will start overtaking etc.,and you feel that it may not manifest, but what you need to think at that time?

You need to remind yourself of the truth about your thinking mind – nature of your thinking mind is to fluctuate up and down based on the negative Belief in your subconscious mind. “But I am the spark of Shiv Shakti. I have the power to manifest beyond my negative belief by the grace of mother Lalitha Ambika, by the grace of Truth consciousness, by the grace of Shiva Shakti!”

This is the higher law of manifestation that we need to understand.

Who we are?

We are the spark of Shiva Shakti!

We are above this thinking mind, intellectual ability, and all the emotions that are in the lower dimension.

Our soul controls everything. If the soul is taken away from the body, your body cannot function, your mind cannot function, and there won’t be any thoughts.

You need to realise this truth:

“I am soul. I have control over my body, mind and senses. Self doubts are normal and natural because of my past experience and all but I let go this self doubt. Accept the divine grace of mother Lalithambika. I accept that my manifestation is going to happen.”

Repeat it again and again… this is one thing you need to do.

Second thing is, before going to sleep, you need to visualise what you want, and the moment  you wake up, you need to remember what it is. The first thought in the morning and the last thought in the evening or at night help you to remember, and focus your mind throughout the day.

And whenever the negative thoughts are coming you let go! let go! let go!

You just need to observe. Let Go means thoughts are coming… I see that – I accept the negativity, the negative belief and all, but I am not going to worry about it.

I just say :

“I am the truth, I am the soul, I am Divine… things will manifest.”

This is what you need to learn.

That’s what… remembering and accepting the truth about yourself, help you to overcome all the lower forces of your mind, intellectual ability, negative beings of this world… you need to understand.

That’s what… we need to raise above all these lower dimensions.

Only then we can have mastery over our mind and soul, and manifest what we want!


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