What happens if I don’t follow the guidelines in Srividya Meditation?

By Sadaguru Sivapremanandaji

So for example if I want to take you Universal level, I cannot take you in a one level, slowly. For Level one mantra prepares you to level two mantra. If it is like you know, if you are, the energy of this a mantra is a few kilometres per hour. The higher energy I want to take how I can take if you are not vibrating I cannot take it. For example, if you don’t do the level one and if you do directly do the level two you will not get the benefits. This is something like that, it is programmed. Once level one mantra is absorbed in your soul then when you do level two that mantra Shakti open to you, otherwise it will not open.

Student: So in such a cases someone does all this seven levels in one go and the seeding has been done then it just a 16 weeks or time is required or it is like a.

Each level minimum 8 weeks, minimum, minimum ok. Minimum 8 weeks you need to practise then you can add next level for yourself. And here some-some person asked you know, how I know that you know I am ready for the next level. This is very good question, you know. How I know? Here what we have done the sadhana is no negative effect here. In this sadhana it is so perfectly prepared by Sadaguru Siddha that it is itself is a Siddha. No negative effects if you follow according to the guidelines.

If I say you chant the mantra only once and do the 3 rounds. Some intelligent people why I do 3 rounds? Why don’t I chant 3 times at each level and do the 1 round. Yes or no? Why I do 3 rounds? Chant 3, 3, 3. Some people 9, 9. Why only 3? 9. So what happens, the moment I chant the mantra what happens, my chakra will be expanding. This energy will be expanding. If I chant it more it (Adnya chakra) will be like this (bigger). This chakra is (Vishuddhi-small). When I brings this energy here (at Vishuddhi), what it does? It will slap, it will hit the another chakra. Got this point.

My intention is smoothly you increase, let the energy flow, smoothly it will go to the next. Next round smoothly increase, come smoothly. If you do you know (too much), your energy is like this (very big) and this is small you harm your chakra. You break your chakra. You tear your chakra. You make a damage for chakra, got this point. But they don’t have understanding you know. 1 round 3 times I chant, finish, 5 minutes I will do. But its not true. So these are the guidelines. So I give to them. Do it only this much. Some people have chanted 108 times. In you know Durga Saptashatti, I told 8 or maximum 9 times. Some person 10 – 1008 time. Now she cannot sit and do the Puja also. The moment he-she sit the Kundalini jump and hit her head. She become blank. She cannot sit you know even you know proper this also backbone is a problem now. Who harmed this? Who has done this? Herself. Why you do that? And what basis you do that? More chanting do not. And see one more thing, these psychic Nadis cannot be reversed if damage has happened. Please understand. Imbalance happens no one can do that healing. Burn away know, you cannot. Durga Shakti is very powerful. Narsimha Shakti very powerful. They inside neuronal fire will created when I chant that, fire will be create, Durga is like that. She is a golden fire. I am playing with a golden fire, why I should do that?

Student: Creates heat.

Lot of heat madam, acidity, heat, ulcer will start. I cannot eat what I want. You see, here with these condition you can eat whatever you want. I have a students who are meditating for 20 hours. (These normal) Conditions are not there, they have to follow the Brahmacharya. They have to follow the food needed. They have to do all of that. There are different set of rules and regulations for them. They have to take bath with different you know herbs. They have to eat the food that is needed. They have to wear in such a way they can absorb that energy. For them rules and regulations are different. For you rules and regulations are different.

You meditate for 10 hours and go to the McDonald, do you think you will digest that, will not digest that. Your vibration won’t match at all. And that is not our objective right? You are a householder you need to balance. You complete your family responsibility slowly you go to the Satchidananda. That is what we are training and teaching. And if you harm yourself no one can help. These naadis burns I tell you, one naadi of one chakra burns finish the cascade will not go there. All this will be jammed. What you do? No one can heal that, no one can. Until and unless it has to be changed by something regenerate recreate that. Why you? That’s why I tell you, follow the guidelines. One person whose kundalini is awakened I told him, don’t chant the mantra. He chanted morning to evening next day in hospital. Guruji, I my brain become faint I don’t know what happened full vertigo. If I see like (upward) this I fall down. Means kundalini is not at all here (Mooldhara) it is already here (Sahasrara) only. You know Paanchadashi makes that, you are not playing with – these are Tantric mantras not Vedic mantras. Please understand. Mahamrutunjaya is Vedic mantra. Gayatri is Vedic. These are Tantric mantras, very powerful. If you receive in a right guidance from Guru it will not leave you. It is very powerful. And this initiation is not for this life, forever. If you leave this life next life also the same energy will be there with you.  Diksha energy will be there, initiation will be there. Because initiation not for body or the mind it is for the soul. It’s a process of the soul it is not a men or women. This spiritual path is the soul journey, not a men or women. There is no difference at all. Not a caste-ism nothing is a difference here. Only it is the path of the soul. You should understand, you should you know follow the guidelines and you can do miraculous things on this life. Ok.

Student: When we are meditating sometime you fell sleepy but you are not sleepy.


Student: Awareness of it, so kind it is.

It’s you know during initiation for many people it happened. During, During the Diksha you know that but you think you are you know sleepy because your mind is off. Because I take you to the higher dimension beyond the mind. You don’t know. When I call, call, you know bring your awareness to the breathing, bring your awareness… What I am doing? I am pulling you from high to low. I am bringing you back. You are somewhere else, you don’t know it what dimension you are because you are going beyond your mind and body. I take you to soul consciousness and slowly again I bring you back to the body consciousness. So it is normal, it’s normal.

Student: In home also.

Home also it is possible. Because many people even while they meditating on chakras they sleep. Some people just aware they don’t know what they are doing, they space out they become a sky. They don’t know they become blank. In that case be there, better know you become a akasha suddenly. From Prithvi you reached Akasha. How much is needed for you to reach you know Shiva-Shakti and merge with that. It’s really good. I tell to many advanced students know they feel guilty you know they don’t complete the sadhana. I tell don’t this, you know, they feel guilty.  If one level is doing you spacing you out taking you to bodiless awareness means you are entering the soul consciousness. Right? If you are entering to soul consciousness then why you worry. You should you know receive it as a blessing know. But they are, Oh! I didn’t complete my 3 more rounds. Its not you know, the path is for self-realization. If you are start entering in level 1 in 1st round only it’s a blessing for you go ahead. Got this point?

At higher level I tell you to don’t do the sadhana. The moment I say Om Namaha Shivaya I am there. The levels are not needed there. You reached there. You know how to enter and come back.  In that case you don’t need to go for level 1 level2 level 3. You close your eyes breathe-in, you are in soul. Got this point? That is possible. That is what you learn from divine it is not taught by anyone. Many things divine teaches you. In spirituality this is my experience we don’t learn many thing from book. We learn from inside there is divine within us that will guide you. It will teach you, oh do this do this be there. Divine within us who is a real Guru, we are all just instruments. Where is a real Guru? (Inside) You are all there right? If your real Guru is not awakened whatever I am telling you is just going here and there. If your real Guru is there awakened in you, you listen oh yes, yes. I grasp it. This is very important. This is very important. So real God real Guru is within you. Outside Gurus are just reflection of inner true Guru. So you see, Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara. Last part you say, Guru Sakshat Parabrahma. Where he is? He is not outside he is in your soul. So real Guru is your soul. Within you is real Guru. So don’t go on attaching any Gurus. Gurus, take the principles teaching but meditate and one with your inner Guru with your soul with your you know real God and Guru is within you. So you just, you should not worry about all of the Gurus and all of that. Take the best from different masters raise yourself and one and merge. That is the best thing. Do not attach with any master with his personal things and all of this.

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