Ancient Tantric Secrets Siddha Kunjika Stotra

by Sadaguru Sri Sivapremandaji

So take a help of your master a divine Shiva-Shakti as a true father & mother, understand them. Then you do the practice. Then you see the results. And main thing in spirituality is your mind that will make you so many or that will create a lot of obstacles in your path. You need someone to guide you, how to overcome your mind? How to understand this inner mechanism? So you need a, some person who can help you to go into the path with a focus. If you don’t have a focus, if you don’t have a clarity you will not do the meditation properly. So clarity should be there in your spiritual practise. Then you sit and know this, yes who is this guy you know, how she can help me I know. My only job is I should do the sadhana sincerely regularly with a positive expectation. Otherwise you read a book. Oh! This is so good and you start reading. But again you will doing Ganpatiji again you will be doing Laxmi. Again you will be doing you know Maa Saraswati. So many things in your plate. And what happens if you eat too much. So many different things in the one lunch. One meal you eat all these things. What is going to happen? You cannot digest. Make people think you cannot digest and you will say no results. Instead of results I am going back. So it’s very important with a guidance with a understanding you should do the sadhana sincerely regularly. And 100% you are going to get the results. Because why I am telling this 100%. Because it is not a belief system. There are the universal laws that are working. The law is something like a law of gravity – law of gravity. So I know that if you throw a ball it will come down.  If a dog throw a ball what happens it will go up or it will come down? So I am 100% sure that what I am teaching behind that universal law is there. Universal law is there, so it has to happen for you. Your life has to change completely 100%. That is a confidence – that is a confidence. As a scientist what I do, I try to every day in the lab I try to find the property I try to find something that is universal. So that I can use for myself and apply it in my life. At the same time I can give to another person to apply. One other example is the boiling point of water. If you heat the water in your home is boiling point is same or different. Same right. I do this in my home it should be same. Whether I use a you know electric you know, what is a you know for oven or to heat something or I use a gas to heat the water is boiling point is going to change? This is a discovery what scientist are doing. The same way our siddhas also have discovered these mantras. Discovered how to use it and how to change your life. So they checked it, only thing is, problem is I can see I can measure the boiling point with a instrument. But how are you going to measure your thoughts. How are you going to measure your energy whether it’s happening or no.? That is a problem with all of this. But what I am telling, more you start meditating your thoughts will change.  Your inspiration level will change. You will have a hope. Your worry comes these are the symptoms of your spiritual path that you are following or your meditation that is giving the results.

Is it clear to you? So it really works very well. Because it works with the universal laws. And these are very very powerful teaching. It is not something made by you or me. It is given by a creator – given by a creator. These universal laws not made by you and me. Did you made this water qualities all of this, no. Not you not me this made by creation. So we believe in tantras because the creator we call it a Shiva and the one is you now partner Parvati. They taught each other you know and in that process they give a one solution and that is recorded and given in the tantric scriptures. And then we use that to get our problem solved. So it not the Durga Saptashatti is not created by any human body. This is a divine origin. Please understand it is a divine origin. And it has been tested by thousands of people. And thousands of year it has been going on. It is not a one day creation. It has been happening happening-happening. If you go any village if you know any Shakti sadhaka go and search what sadhana he is doing. You will be very clearly understand he is doing the Durga Saptashatti. Go to any you know a place where in ashram or something go and see inside what this Mathadisha is doing. What mantra he is chanting? You will see that he is doing Durga Saptashatti, Srichakra Puja and higher Shakti Sadhana. Got this point. This is done by everyone who is the, has a mastery over a spiritual path. Specially this is the tradition of you know all Siddhas in, all Rishis in everyone has to go through this sadhana. Even Aghoris who are you know left everything who have taken a very you know different path still they have sadhana to do every day – sadhana to do every day. Connect with divine mother in the form of Mahalaxmi, Mahakaali and Mahasaraswati. Ok. This is very very core practise in the most of the Shakti-parampara and it has been given from ancient time. It is not now and the origin is from the Divine.

So what Lord Shiva promises to Parvati, so Shiva says Listen O Devi, let me tell you about the great prayer of Kunjiki stotra. Ok.  By the effects of this mantra or by the recitation of Devi Mahatmaya or Chandi Parayana or Chandi Parayana would become more auspicious and more powerful.  Auspicious means Soubhagya. Soubhagya means all knowledge all power all prosperity comes in your life. Ok. And one more important – there is no need to recite any preliminary stotras like Kavacha, Algalam, Kilakam and Rahasya. Here Siddha Kunjika stotra that is mentioned in the Durga Saptashatti parayana is very important – is very very important. Ok. The moment you say Siddha means it is perfect. So he says you don’t need any preliminary preparation that is Kavacham, no Kilakam. You don’t need to do all of this. Directly you go for Siddha Kunjika stotra. And then he says just by reading this Siddha Kunjika Stotra that is sufficient to get the benefit of reading the Durga Saptashatti. If I sit and do the Durga Saptashatti parayana that is 700 slokas. It will take me 1 hour, 2 hour, up to 4 hour depending upon the person his concentration the way he reads. If you sincerely with a devotion you do this minimum 1 and half hour 2 or 3 hour when I do the sadhana Durga Saptashatti 700 slokas. But here he says just by reading this Siddha Kunjika stotra you will getting the benefit of reading all 700 slokas. This is not said by me, this is said by the one who has given the Durga Saptashatti to the humanity. Can you understand this? Ok.

Then we go there, O Parvati, this is a very secret and it should be kept like that. You see I told you why I, it should be kept as a secret in your life. The more you keep secret the more your mind will be focused. More you discuss with the people, more you start collecting their opinion more you know their advises. What happens you fall down you will not have focus and concentration in your own meditation. This is clear. Ok. Then there is very important thing. So just by doing the sadhana of  Siddha Kunjika stotra the practises like Marana, Mohana, Vashya, Stambhana, Uchattana ok and others can be fully experienced.

Ok here you need to understand, Marana means killing but here we are not killing any other person. Please understand. We are not killing any other person. Marana means killing our own ego. That is the obstacle in our sadhana, spiritual path. Ok.

Then comes Mohana. Mohana means not attracting any your, you know girl or any boy. No, not attracting any girl or boy. Mohana means controlling your mind by attracting its attention to our doings. Now, if I sit for meditation I should able to control my mind ask it to focus or be as a friend with me in my sadhana. That is Mohana.

Then Vashya or Vashikarana. Now a days if you see the newspaper, so many people in 3 hours Vashikarana can be done. Whom you want to do the Vashikarana. Your boss yes, your wife yes, your you know lover, or girlfriend Vashikarana. Go ahead see trust and you will come to know it’s not true. Peoples are you know exploited with all those things. So vashikarana here infatuation of your mind. You should you know do the mastery over your mind. That is real Vashikarana. If you are happy with your positive thoughts if you are happy with inside, why you need another person why you need to you know because many people are dependent on attention of another person. Some people you know if that person smiles I like it. Then my life is. If he appreciates only he or she appreciate then only it is true. Then only my life is happy. otherwise. If you know my society people accepts me as you expecting you know like this type of image you will be having then only I am living my life. Even you know that inside it is so hurtful you are not really the way you want. But you are just you know making a drama in front of all of that to accept all of this. So you have to have control over your mind, Vashikarana of your own mind.

Stambhana means a stillness of your mind – stillness of your mind. So if your mind is not still you will not receive the divine mother blessing, you will not experience the you know truth. You will not experience the bliss joy and all of that. Ok. Stillness.

And ucchatana – ucchatana not you know sending away any other person or breaking two people’s you know relationship. No. I don’t want this person in my life, I do the ucchatana. I don’t want this neighbour in my you know I do the ucchtana he should go. He also build his home giving the money and all of that. You know by just chanting people they want ucchatana, no.  Ucchatana means to send away all negative thoughts you know negative feeling, karma and situations. You see if I am attracting a very bad relation with my neighbour it is because of my karmic relationship with that person. If I do this you know sadhana I remove that karma again I bring back the harmony between me and my neighbour. How to be there without changing the external things but by changing inside the accumulation in the outside objects. That is the spiritual sadhana. Is it clear to you?

So all these things then others can be attained by just chanting Siddha Kunjika stotra. Because many people have this you know it has a traditionally chanted 700 slokas. Guriji you are just teaching the Siddha Kunjika stotra and not teaching all 700 slokas. Because I have tested this. I have done this sadhana for myself before I want to give to others. So I know that what lord Siva say is 100% true – 100% true. And you don’t have a time every day to sit and do for 2 to 4 hours Durga Saptashatti. You can do it on the Navaratri all of that. But every day I want to do it how it is possible – how it is possible. Just by reading this Siddha Kunjika stotra and moola mantra sadhana it will give the same benefits. Don’t take it me you know test me, experience and then trust me. Otherwise. It’s always you need to test, experience. Once you experience yes what Guriji says I trust it. Until you don’t have this testing you don’t. Because now a days you know people everyone is telling, everyone is doing. What I am telling you with my experience without any just reading. This is not a reading knowledge. It is coming from my soul with a first-hand experience. Ok. So this is the sadhana. And Siddha Kunjika stotra. Siddha means it’s perfect, it’s a perfect. And one more thing we missed it here. Even we miss this nor it is necessary to recite any Suktam, Dhyanam, Naysam or to any type of ritual worship. Is it clear?

How good it is know – no need to do all of this no need to worship just chant this and I get all the benefits that is needed in my life. So this is the you know miraculous stotra that is given to the humanity by Shiva and Shakti. Only few can, only few blessed can do this sadhana. Because even you attained the workshop you go to the home still meditating regularly is a challenge. Still meditating regularly is a challenge. One more sadhana, one more mantra one more you know things your mind will be attracted. You will not continue the sadhana it is given. Only the blessed ones who say yes, I should give my time for this sadhana. Every day I should connect and do this. I should do it for at least for 3 to 6 months I give my time for this sadhana and experience myself then only. I see that if something is missing then I will be see for another sadhana. Yes or no. Otherwise what happens you have a so many Kavachas for the before only. Before coming to this workshop so many Kavachas stotra you know slokas and mantras. And now this also piled you know added above to that. Stress you know. Some people have so much stress, in the morning they need to go to the office. 15 minutes they have so much to do you know. Today I need to do this. Today I need to do that. So much stress is spirituality. People you know they say know Purushacharana. In Purushacharana you have to do these many japamaalas. 15 minutes 10 maalas I need to do. Om Namaha Shivay, Om Namaha Shivay, Om Namaha Shivay, Om Namaha Shivay. But BP will be raising know. In spirituality people create a health problem. I am not kidding I have seen the result of the students. They need to finish it in 15 minutes. You know, 10 japmaalas, obviously they will experience a stress. Right. If you want to overcome your stress, you want to change the life you need to do the meditation. But you also following the same thing in a meditation what is going to change. Do you think it is going to change your life? So every time you sit for meditation there are some qualities are needed. One is devotion, surrenderance, love and focus & concentration for the sadhana. If these things are not there whatever you do it is a mechanical and mechanical results will give what type of results? If I work in my project right, if my involvement is not 100%, what is outcome of my project? I am joining the call you know in a phone talking to someone and then I am also doing this, this, this and suddenly you do the mistake. Same in spiritualty. The moment you sit in the, you know meditation first culprit will is it is your mind. It will come and say today you have to so many things. It will come with an agenda you know. Because it is enemy I am telling you. It’s a true enemy. Your mind get this power or food from your soul. If you take away your attention from the mind and start concentrating the divine your soul on the process your mind will die and it want to survive what we call ego. It will create all the problems the moment I sit in the meditation. It will tell you what is more important in your life. Today you have so much important get up, go and do it. Today you need to do it get up go and do it.  You know, you have so many other things in your life is more important than meditation. If you don’t understand this inner mechanism of the mind you will be trapped – you will be trapped. You fall down from your meditation. You couldn’t be able to give your best in your meditation. And the result will be none.

Ok. So it is called Siddha Kunjika stotra. Siddha means perfect one and Kunjika is a essence of Durga Saptashatti – Kunjika, Kunjika essence stotra. Ok, and why we called Siddha you see what here all Shiva says you don’t need to do any Kavacha, any worship, nothing. It is in a state of awaken. You know awaken mantra it is, awakened stotra it is. You don’t need to do Purushacharana or do the Havana or Homa, Marjana, Tarpana to awaken this in your soul. No you just do the sincerely you do the sadhana with positive expectation and allow some time you see the results. Is it clear to you? Siddha Kunjika stotra. Like a Dasmahavidya is you know having a complete package. You have all Dasmahavidyas – all Dasmahavidyas. Shaktis Mahakaali is there. Mahasaraswati is there. Bhuvaneshwari Shakti is there. Chinnamasta Shakti is there. Baglamukhi Shakti is there. Know, Rajamatangi Shakti is there. Everything is there in one stotra. So they say it is a Siddha Kunjika. You cannot believe when I understood this you know I was so happy. I was very very happy because no restrictions of any type. First thing is no restrictions of any type. And I don’t need to put all the efforts to make it as a Siddha you know. Only my job is doing the sadhana. Doing the, you just eating the fruits without any restrictions. Only my job is doing connecting with a divine mother invoking her blessing, energy in my soul by doing the sadhana and having the positive expectation. And just this. I started seeing the miraculous things. I am telling you. It’s a miraculous one. Siddha Kunjika stotra is miraculous one. Many people have been teaching Durga Saptashatti. But only the master to his students he gives this secret. Now you don’t need to go all 4 hours you know. You take this and do it you will get all. So such a power it has. And you know by getting this it is a great blessing – great blessing. Same time your part is sincerely meditate regularly. And you will see the great transformation, good changes in your life.

Meaning of the Durga Saptashatti Siddha Kunjika stotra. First we will understand so the power of this stotra and what actually the meaning of this stotra. Ok. And how it is going to help in my life to change or to bring the transformation. Ok. This is a very very powerful and it is in a awakened state – awakened state.

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