Sadhaka question – “Guruji, is it okay to have Srichakra tatoo, on the body?”

All of us laugh for sometime….

Guruji’s answer –

“Don’t ask next how many Srichakra tatoo can I have on the body? If I allow, next question will be this… And then in which part of the body can I have the tatoo and what size of the Srichakra tatoo can be done….

You can have the tatoo of the Srichakra on the body, no problem at all. Only thing is you have to accept, your partner has to accept, that is very important here. So you can have the tatoo on the body.

Otherwise you can have T-Shirts also, you can have shawl with Srichakra/Sriyantra image on them – it will be Kavacha for you. This it is available now a days.

But real thing is – the real Srichakra is you! That understanding should be there, then the tatoo will work. If that understanding is not there, tatoo will work, but only 3 – 5 percent – you have to understand this.”

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