Divine Mother Pratyangira Devi

-By Sadaguru Sivapremanandaji

Pratyangira, this is the – you know very very powerful form of divine mother – Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. So she is very very powerful. We consider her something highest form of Ugra Devta. If we have a Narsimha, then above that we have a Sharbheshwara, above that we have a Pratyangira. There is no form beyond this, there is no form beyond this that can you know. Means this Pratyangira is the form where she has a power to take on Devas, take on Siddhas, take on all other tantric astral being. She is such a powerful. And she is something you know avtara of Bhadrakali or you know the energy of Shiva – aggressive energy of Shiva or we can say the energy of the you know Sharebheshwara, energy of the Veerbhadra we can call. All of this is given to Divine mother Pratyangira. And she is the one who can help you to overcome Paancha Mahabhuta problem. She is the one who can help you to overcome Navagraha dosha. She is the one who can help you to overcome any tantric negative effects. And she is specially worshipped to overcome the enemies. Main objective of the you know Pratyangira is how to protect myself from the enemies. And there is also tantra where you offer your enemy to Pratyangira. It is you know vaamachara what they do it. Where because this she is another form of Pratyangira is Bhakshani. Bhakshani means she just swallow the negativity, that’s all. Just swallow the negativity. She is the one who swallow the you know the galaxies. Like a black hole, she is. You know that black hole, what it can does. She is you know beyond that. That is what we call Pratyangira. So she is the one mainly as a protector or guardian of Atharva Veda. You see that in all Vedas are you know very good, when it comes you know Atharva Vedas tantra, mantra, yantra starts. And the one who is protecting all the tantra, mantra, yantra and who is Adhidevta of Atharva veda is Pratyangira.

There are scriptures that says that even Shiva has to worship her, even you know Vishnu has to worship, even Brahma has to worship. In Atharva veda there is a mantra, Brahma what mantra Brahma used to worship Pratyangira. What mantra Narayana used to worship Pratyangira. What mantra Shiva used to worship Pratyangira. Like this there are 64 variations mantras of Pratyangira. 64. How Dattatraya also used Pratyangira – there is mantra for that. So there should be something know if some all these you know Vedas are telling that Shiva worshipped her. Vedas are telling that you know Vishnu worshipped her. Vedas are telling that all these Trimurtis are worshipped all the Indra, other God and Goddesses have worshipped her. There should be some power in that. And so this is very very protective force. And it can manifest very easily on this earth because of the bhutgana. If you read the Khadgamaala of Pratyangira you will be surprised all the Kali, all the Bhairvas, all the bhutganas are in her Khadgamaala stotra. How you have with Khadgamaala for Lalitambika – here very you know soumya form you know. Her force is like that even you have Kinneras in her force, Bhairvas in her force, Yakshas. Everybody is in her force. That is Pratyangira because she is more powerful on this planet earth. Because it’s Tamo – aggressive form of Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. If Bhadrakaali is there then more aggressive than Bhadrakaali is Pratyangira.

So it was a very difficult task you know to worship Pratyangira for householder. What type you know form I have to bring for a householder. So this is form you know Sadaguru has given to us. This mantra where you know we are not asking anybody to kill, anybody to you know – a – you know bhakshana all of this thing. We are not asking anything. We are asking to protect our self and do not get any harm and give us good health. Remove all type of negativity – shudra prayoga. Remove you know overcome all type of diseases and protect us. Is it clear to you?

So this is very very powerful mantra that we have been using. I have tested this mantra to many of my devotees many of my, whomever I have given this mantra they are very very successfully overcome their negative problems. Negativity whether tantric problems any other spirit related problem they could able to overcome with this mantra. Her name itself, no need of you know mantra also, just name Pratyangira itself is a password energy start coming. That’s what you know. That’s the,  that’s the power is that. The power itself is like that. It is said you know the moment you in scriptures how they say – the moment you come know about this Devta means the doors for the prosperity start opening. The moment you come know about this deity means your path is going to be very successful. The moment you come know about this deity automatically all type of doshas, grahas whatever it is. In veeneyoga itself it is said you know Paancha Mahabhutas and Navagraha devta and every devta is under her control. You see in Soundarya Lahri we have done the you know 48th sloka for Navagrahas do you remember? She was the adidevta for this. She was the adidevta for 48th sloka. So this is you know very very powerful deity who can help in all aspects of your life. This is nothing. When this force is behind you no one will control you, no one. Even Nagas will be afraid of you, Yakshas will be afraid of you, Kinneras whatever invisible being they don’t have control on you, when this force is with you. So this is something very very powerful.

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