“E=mc2 & Immortal Golden Light​ body

by Sri Sivapremananda

Einstein says E is equal to MC squared…

E = mc2 right?

Energy = mass × (velocity of light)2

Energy is there, mass is there…what is a critical factor that can change energy into mass or Mass into energy is light… speed of light, right?

So Sidda says how I can increase the speed of light so that I can change the mass into energy and consciousness,is it clear?

How to transform your physical body into golden light body of immortality is given by  our Siddha Masters.

They say ,” increase the speed of light”… in

E = mc2 if I increase C what will be the mass(m)? It will be infinitely small…and Energy ( E)? It will be infinitely huge.

Who you become? You become Shiva!

But the trick is how am I going to increase the speed of light. That is the path of Shiva yoga! Is it clear?

That is where Siddhas give a technique.

How to raise your body consciousness?

How to raise your soul consciousness?

How to raise yourself from human to Divine?

You see that?

How scientific they are!

How have they been working!!

In India, we say that speed of light is like this… (shows a gliding line up in the air).

What is the speed of light? It is 3,00,000 km per second.

We are all under this light, so aging is happening.

We are all under this, so friction is taking place.

We are all under this, so we are coming in contact with time and space.

If I go beyond the speed of light? If I increase my wavelength, my vibration beyond the speed of light who you become? You become a Siddha!!

This is what our Maha Siddha Swami Ramalingam has done!

In India one of the beautiful concepts about light is that when we are under the wavelength of light we call it Belaku/Kirana.

When we go beyond the speed of light we call it Jyoti, you got this point?

We only call Jyotirlinga, we don’t say Belagina Linga.

Jyotirlinga means it is not vibrating below the vibration/ speed of light or in the lower dimension, it is vibrating with the infinite dimension of light. That is the significance of the 12 Jyotirlingas!

Why people go and visit them? It will speed up the process of spirituality. It will raise my soul vibration, soul light.

So our Siddhas made this power centres where you go. The vibrations of these power centres raise your vibration; you dissolve many  karmas there!

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