God form Disappears as you advance in Meditation

-by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

You really dont develop this. As i practice srividhya it happens to you. You go on putting the effrot in the form the form dissapears. You will be surprised what is happening. You worship istadevatha, istadevatha become dissapering, and you will be surprised why this is happening why my istadevatha is angry on me? You know. First thought is this only, our mind will come and jump you know “narayana narayana” you know your you know istadevatha is angry.

It happend to ramakrishna paramahamsa, you know. Diivine mother kali he used to worship and his agenda for everyday agenda is only one thing, today how i can make my istadevatha more happy. What i shoud wear, whati shoudl eat to make my diety happy.

His life is like this, the moment he get up, what he used to think , what i should wear? So that i can make my mother happy?.. What i shoud you know i should chant so that i can make her happy?. What flower i should bring my mother? Only this thought, ther is no thought if you see that  you know, ramakrishna, ther is no thought at all. Other than divine mother there is nothing. He himself not at all there. Only Divine mother, Divne mother.

And he is so much attached to the form of Divine Mother, Divnine Mother clearly said. My dear you have to stop worshiping me in a form. You worship my real form. That is Formless, because i am everywhere.

Now it is very riskly for him, you know very difficult for him. He has been attached. The moment closes his eyes kali, the moment he opens his eyes kali. If everyone comes kali only for him, no one exists, only kali existed in his world. No one else, he fall in love with kali. So everybody else becomes his lover. He just sees that you know.

Then she told, the Mother told, because you mother, your istadevatha dont leave you like that. Istadevatha dont want to leave, but want you to be one with them that is the power. That is what divine want you to do. So divine mother told him leave this, now you have to go for formless worship. Then she told and all, but he didnt listen. No no no i will be like this only. Then she sent one siddha, “ go and hit his agna chakra, remove the form so that

he become one with me “  then totapuri has to come and he has to hit his third eye and then he went into a cosmic conciousness. Form to formless. Then it is a “AAHA” moment for him. “Oh this is my kali” . Then he saw mother is everywhere. Everythig is mother.

I am so ignorant, i am so ignorant that i am holding her in a small statue, she is holding all the universes and so many this entire galaxy, solar galaxy and like this ther are many million milion galaxies are there. Milion unverses are there. Mother shown him everything and he saw the virata roopa of divine mother. We call it as a virata roopa. Then he was silent. In that silence he realised who is a real god . Then who is he is a part and parcel of that . There is no difference between him and that.  Then only he was able to make a transition to become everywhere


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