Divine mother Mahavarahi Sadhana one of the very powerful Siddhavidya of Srividya Sadhana. We call it as Siddhavidya because her energy is very active and alive on this earth and we call her commander-chief of Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. So she is the one who controls this Bhumandala and also we call her Prithvidevta. We call her a Laxmi in the form of the Prithvi-tattva. So brings abundance and removes all type of negativities from your life, whether it is the negativity in the form of a physical world that is external enemies, whether that is a negativity is or inner enemies. We call anger and desire unwanted desires all other anxieties depression frustration. All these things can be overcome by the help of divine mother Varahi. And here this Goddess is accepted from all the sampradayas whether you take, it is Siva-Shaiva sampradaya divine mother Varahi is worshipped as on the form in Saptamatrikas. In Shiva temple there will be Saptamatrikas where divine mother Varahi will be present to help any devotee comes to Shiva temple to remove all type of negativity and bless him the positive energy so that he can get the grace of lord Shiva. Similarly if you consider in a Vaishnava sampradaya she is Shakti of Bhuvaraha you know Varahamukhi you know she is the power of Varaha. If you go to the Lord Tirupati Balaji where he took the permission of Bhuvaraha to establish himself in Tirupati. So that Shakti of the Varahaswami is divine mother Varahi. So her presence is very very powerful on this earth. Similarly if you go to any other tradition like a Buddhism she is worshipped as a Vajravarahi and different other forms in the Buddhism also. So in Shakti tradition, specially divine mother Lalitambika takes herself with a different other form called Mahavarahi. So Varahi actually has a many forms, more than 8 forms she has it. What we are going to learn is Mahavarahi Sadhana.

She has been you know worshipped as a Paatala Bhairavi in Kashi because she is a gramadevta of Kashi where she controls Kashi at night time. In the morning, lord Kaalabhairava controls entire city. And Kashi is the place where more cremation grounds are there. And where more Aghoris are present to do their sadhana. It’s a land of the tantras where they work at night. If they are working at night, means they are invoking many different invisible beings where divine mother Varahi has to take care of the complete city, control all the aghoris all the tantriks. So that you know she can protect that city, protect that city from all type of negativity. So in Kashi they have temple where they are allowed only in the morning from morning 4 o’clock to 6o’clock. They don’t allow any other time because she has you know travelled complete Kashi and then she come back in her form in her you know a Pranapratishtapana form in a statue and established herself. And when she come back the whatever the negativity she has you know removed and is because of that aggressive nature it is very difficult for a sadhaka to go and face or to go near to her, it’s very difficult. So it is said that you know only 1 or 2 hours it is allowed and not also in front of her. You have to watch her from the top in a small you know window they made it. You just need to watch her feet and only her some parts. Because every part of her has its own energy. You don’t have a power to control that, absorb that or hold her energy. So such a powerful Goddess she is and we are going to worship her.

So she is a Paatal Bhairavi, Chand Varahi, Matsya Varahi, Dhumra Varahi even the form of Dhumavati she can take you know. So like this there are many forms of Varahi and even she is Lakshmi in a different way where she remove the negativity all type of misfortune then whatever you receive is abundance. So she is also in the form of Lakshmi who can protect and bless you abundance. But here divine mother Lalitambika chosen her as a Dandanatha. You know the senadhipati warrior of her you know a Sena what have you know 64 million yoginis and different God and Goddesses controlling each avarana of the Srichakra where Varahi is the one of the main you know minister who is you know controlling entire warrior force of Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari.

So if you see her she you can see her in a different tantras or a different scriptures like Agnipurana and in Rudrayamalatantra and different Srividya you know scriptures even Buddhism. Even Nepal also they worshipped her. So this is very very powerful ancient Goddess who is more active on this earth dimension third dimension. So her worship brings very instant results very quick results and help you to overcome many negativities in your life. Specially she is considered as a Stambhana Shakti – Stambhana Shakti and a Vashikarana Shakti. She literally make your enemies paralyzed stop them. She is the one who make enemy as a friend because of her Vashikarana Vashitva-tattva or that energy. So she is a very very powerful Goddess on this earth. So divine mother Lalitambika chosen her as a Dandanatha.

And also she is one of the Goddess who is more active and working on the Adnya chakra. Off course she also works on the Manipura but she is more active at the higher level on the Adnya chakra and she is very helpful to activate your third eye, inner senses. Intuition can be developed by the help of divine mother Varahi. One of the form is we call her as Vartali. Vartali means she gives news to you before you know it is going to happen. If some negativity is going to happen in your life before only she will come and you know alert you be careful with this person, be careful about this job, be careful about this situation, be careful like this. If something some people are doing around you she will make them Stambhana. Many times we see that our own colleagues our own friends always with us near to us but they are creating lot of problems at the back. But what she does is she makes you know, a, know about the negative intention of the people around you. This is very important for us to survive on this earth to know who is a real friend who is a not real friend, otherwise we will fall down. Many times we accept the people’s suggestion and we don’t know whether he is really suggesting for our growth or he is bringing a destruction in our life. So we don’t know anything. So she is very good to awaken the intuition of the sadhaka awaken the intuition of the person, awaken the third eye so that you know that what is happening there.

Also she is considered, she has one more form called Swapna Varahi where she will communicate very easily in the dreams. Because mind is you know not that much present in the dreams compared to waking state of consciousness. When you are in a dream you start receiving the messages you start receiving symbolic you know dreams where you become alert. Oh! this is what it is. Many times you are searching for the answer in our life that but you are confused. What I should do for this? I want to whether I should go for this job whether I should go for business whether I need to continue with the same job or I need to change my profession. What I should do? Whether I need go with this relationship or not whether I should you know go to deal with this land, whether I can go for this project or not. Whatever it is, sometimes we feel confused to take the decision. When we worship divine mother Varahi you will be surprised, in a dream you started getting a answers if you are really aware before going to sleep if you chant the Varahi with the sankalpa with a intention that mother please guide me so that I can take a right decision. Because right decision give a channel you to the right path whether you want to grow or you are going to fall down in your path in your life. So she very very important on in our life to decide to grow on the right path and to protect our self from all type of negativities.

When I say all type of negativities again you know it is a physically, astral, mental you know celestial even the higher level. You will be surprised she has a one of the parivar devta called Tiraskarani. Tiraskarani means rejection – Tiraskarani means rejection. So what happens whenever I have seen many of our own students whenever they do sadhana sometimes some places are not good, somebody is watching, somebody is draining their energy or some tantriks are you know observing this and they wanted to you know catch hold the energy of that person. More you become a satvik more you will be in attemptive of the negative people because you are the energy source for them. You know you are a energy source for them. So she has one of the form called Tiraskarani. She is called a Mahamaya where she surround you with a layer of a smoke that other people cannot see what you are doing it. Other people cannot understand what is going on, what sadhana you are doing, what you how you are growing. Even not only the other people even the invisible being celestial world the, you know other higher dimension or the you know astral dimension they cannot understand what is happening there. You know we had a student where he you know build you know his home and where he used to live and he used to do the sadhana. But every time he was sleeping he used to see all the, you know invisible beings. He is little bit psychic. He could able to see the things. So whenever he used to sleep he used to see all those invisible beings surrounding him. He don’t know what is happening but and he used to see you know some piercing you know in his you know hands or fingers or in his feet because where ever the energy these are very powerful you know this palms are very powerful with a very you know a high sensitivity of the chakras similarly to the feet and he could able to feel that somebody is observing the energy and somebody is watching his sadhana and doing all of that. So he was a Srividya sadhaka and he was doing all of this and when he took this initiation Varahi initiation, when he started doing the sadhana, it is very surprising that he could able to sleep better he could able to see his entire home was covered with the aura of divine mother and what he used to see the invisible beings no more they are inside the home they are outside the home. So this is the one of the experience of the student where he clearly said Guruji because of the Varahi I feel protected not only myself my complete family. This is one of the quality of the divine mother Varahi. She not only protect you she will protect the entire family. Because she is the Senadhipati. She is the commander chief of Lalitambika, under her there are many yoginis under her there is warrior force. That force contains the Bhairavas, that force contains the Kinneras that force contains the Yakshas that force contains the all the Gandharvas that force contains all the Dikhapalakas that force contains everything that can controls this world. When you are under that force obviously you get a protection. So this is what we could able to experience in our life and in our student life.

Whenever they do sadhana of divine mother Varahi they could able to see lot of changes lot of positive changes not only outside in their own thoughts – in their own thoughts. One of the, if you see her face you know divine mother how she is represented she has a face of a bore ok and down she has you know a body of a divine mother. If you see that it is a oneness of Shiva and Shakti – Shiva and Shakti. Above face is the Shiva below is the Shakti. She is a, She is a Ardhanarieshwara that is the form of divine mother Varahi and if you see we will consider we will call her with a different name as a Panchami if you see that you know we have a Thithinithyas, know, fifth day we call it as a panchami and also she has the energy of Sadashiva – she has the energy of Sadashiva. If you see that Shiva has a form of a Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara you know. Then we have a Eishana or Eshwara or Sadashiva the fifth state where Sadashiva does the recreation regeneration that energy she has it. So we consider her very good for overcoming any type of diseases, whether it is a cancer related where the multiple cells will be growing and forming the tumour where she when we do the Sadhana of Varahi she literally change you know destroy those cells regenerate the normal cells. Then you become a normal and coming back into your life overcome your health issues. You know it is very powerful Sadhana to overcome the health issue. So today we are going to learn her mantra to protect, her mantra to overcome the, a, a, any type of deadly or chronic diseases. Whether it’s a you know a whatever this is your undergoing if you do that and if you energize the water and drink it every day, because energizing the water is very powerful than just chanting the mantra. Because water is a energy – Yes. Can you survive without a water? Because it’s a energy, without water we cannot survive. When we have a energy in the physical form I put the energy of the divine in that water and I drink it every day, specially in the morning, if I drink one litre of water energized with divine mother Varahi mantra. You will be surprised entire physical body get cleansed. All the cells of your body getting the, that divine positive energy. When you have divine positive energy that diseased energy is dissolved.

Remember you are made of you know Shiva Shakti. It’s a positive energy, so you cannot absorb the negative energy, if you create a negative energy that is a diseased energy because of your negative thoughts, negative feeling, negative emotions that is stored in our aura energy our astral body it is stored. And it is not going to absorbed, it is not going to be in harmony it is not vibrating with your soul energy because you are a spark of a Shiva-Shakti it has to release in the form of a negative situations in a relationship, negative situations as accident, negative situation losing a job, negative situation attracting a disease or any other form it has to release. So it cannot hold your body your being cannot hold the negative energy because you are made of Shiva-Shakti. At the deeper level you are a Shiva-Shakti. So anything you create a negative thought, emotions, feelings, beliefs your being cannot hold it. It has to be released in the form of a negativity attracting the negative situations because universal law that is a – like vibrations attracts like things outside and there is a universal law that the inner world creates the outside world. Universal law of karma it says cause produces the effect. If I seed you know a negative thought, if I seed a negative belief, if I seed negative emotion, what I am going to attract negative experience in the outside world. Remember Riddhi brings the Siddhi. Psychic abundance that is a Riddhi brings the material abundance in the outside world. So lord Ganesha has two energies considered as a wife. One is Riddhi another one is Siddhi. So we are every day we are working with a two world inner world and outside world. Inner world is made up of thoughts inner world made of beliefs inner world made of feeling, inner world made of energy and consciousness. This entire thing is you. You are not just a physical body, please remember this. You are not just a physical body you are a thought, you are a feeling, you are a emotion, you are a energy. Ultimately you are pure consciousness, soul, awareness you are that. So this is complete you. If you see yourself you have a physical body around you have a energy body then you have a astral body then you have a mental body then you have a consciousness Anandmaya sharira. Source of all that is existed.

So you are not just physical body you are entire being. So we call it as a being – Being. You are a thought feeling belief everything is you. So these are all your dimensions. These all are different aspects of you. If one aspect is not in a harmony then problem will start, dis-ease. Whatever, if you are harmony everything will be easy in your life. If it is not in a harmony conflict inside negative belief about yourself, your relationship, your job – outside you start seeing the problems. If you are having a you know good belief about yourself, I am good person or if you have belief that I am a very very bad person. If you have a belief that I can do it, if you have a belief that I am not good enough I cannot do it then you see that this energy within you attracts the outside situation. No matter how qualified you are, may be you are PhD outside or you are a doctor outside, you are engineer outside may be you are CEO or President outside you are. But inside if you entertain the negative things you start seeing, attracting the negative situation in your life. No matter you are going for temple to worship, no matter how many Havana you do, no matter how many temple you go. This workshop that workshop until unless you don’t bring your attention to your inner creation you cannot resolve outside problem and specially any problem it repeats again and again and again then you need to take one step back and be aware what belief you are  entertaining in that negative belief you have lesson to learn on this earth. The moment you learn the lesson that belief is dissolved that problem is solved. So life is like this – this is inner world creates outside world. Yadhbhavam Tadh Bhavati. Whatever that is as above in the consciousness so below in the matter. Thoughts are things. You see that anywhere you see this is the universal law this is the fact that this is a truth that you have to follow you have to accept you have to apply. If you do not apply what happens you suffer – you suffer. You cannot be happy outside having so many negative belief inside. You cannot accept yourself outside having negative belief about yourself. You cannot be happy with your outside relationship if you have very negative thought about your own partner. If you have negative thoughts, negative beliefs, negative feeling about your own partner you cannot be happy because inside intention inside thinking expresses in your action. There is no way you can escape. If you really want to change your life you have to bring your attention awareness to your thoughts feeling and energy belief, if you cannot bring it, there is no transformation in your life, no matter how many mantra you do no matter how many puja you do no matter how many temple you know go here and there. No matter how it is, this is how the universal laws work. This is how the, you know earth plane works here, without the learning the lessons you cannot transform yourself, problem cannot be overcome. These are the, you know scientific principles of the life, inner world creates outside world, like vibration attracts the like things. These are very, higher energy replaces the lower energy.

So here on of the very important part is divine mother Varahi is that she brings the awareness about you what is happening inside. Why she has been shown like that you know bore faced form. What is the importance of this you know bore what it does in outside world? It cleanses the dirt yes or no, not only cleanses it will dig dipper into the earth. Can you see that? No other animal has a power to go deeper as bore can do? What is when we worship her you will be surprised you started bringing your attention deeper level of your consciousness until that you are not aware what is happening. When you start worshipping divine mother Varahi you started seeing your own image self-image, what type of self-image you are entertaining about yourself and how this self-image creating a problem in your relationship how this self-image about yourself creating a problem in your job, how this self-image creating a problem in your life. She brings the awareness about you so she is the one the very important you know aspect of divine mother to experience our self to experience our self. Whole spirituality, Srividya sadhana – sadhana is nothing but a Aatmavidya. You have to discover truth about yourself, self-discovery, self-realization experiencing the truth about yourself. Whether you are body mind or a soul. So she is the one help it to go deeper and find what belief you are entertaining, what type of thoughts you are entertaining, what type you know energy you are holding inside and she will help you to when you see that when you do that sadhana of divine mother Varahi. Her energy lift you in such a way and brings the awareness and with that higher consciousness higher energy that awareness gives a different perception about the similar situation and you overcome your karmic pattern. Can you see how she works in the inner world at the same time she work in the outside world? She is very active in the astral world, she is very active in the physical world. So by worshiping her not only we become successful we come to know who we are you know at a personality level, who am I? At the mind level, who am I? At the soul level who am I? So we call her Sadashiva – we call her Sadashiva. Not only she remove the negativity, give the success give the abundance but also help you on the path of liberation, on the path of Self-realization, on the path of God-realization. That is power of divine mother Varahi. So she has been worshipped in Srividya Sadhana.

Srividya sadhana is very powerful, main objective of Srividya sadhana is Self-realization, God-realization. So we call this path is not only for moksha, this is a path for bhoga also. If I don’t overcome my negative belief I cannot be successful. If I cannot be successful I cannot be prosperous, happy in my earth dimension. So Srividya sadhana is the sadhana of bhoga as well as moksha. It is only the path where it won’t ask restriction from your side. Please understand. It is a beauty of Srividya sadhana where you are living your normal family life and doing the sadhana regularly that itself will give a result. It is not asking you to eat this not eat that. It is not asking you to leave this family go to forest. It is not asking you to become a Sanyasa or become a Brahmachari. It is not asking anything. It is a path, because why it is not asking, it is divine mother who is Mahamaya who has created this universe. So she knows how to control the maya-tattva in your life, in your being. So we represent her with a Pasha and Ankusha. Pasha is bondage – the maya. Ankusha is knowledge that will repel the Maya. So she will take you slowly, slowly on the path. First she will give a abundance, help you to solve your problem, protect you, help you, guide you in your life, not only you, your family member. Then she go ahead and slowly slowly she bring the you know awareness realization perception you see that.

You know a, a, Einstein says that if you have a problem – if you have a problem and you have consciousness, yes  you have consciousness – you have a problem, if you want to change this problem you have to alter your consciousness or raise your consciousness then only you can change your problem. When I alter raise my consciousness what happens my thinking will change my perception will change. When perception change problem don’t remain as a problem there is a solution and there is a transformation. And Srividya is the path where I can raise my energy where I can lift my soul consciousness where I can change my thinking system where I can break the karmic pattern. You see, we call a chakravuva in Mahabharata because we born with a certain Karmas with that karmas there is thinking system or with that karma there is a experience in your life a positive experience or a negative experience. With that experience I have developed a belief system with that belief system I have a thinking system. You know, it should be like this it should be like that. With that thinking system again experience and again belief again this. And who is going to break this chakravuva. There should be some changes need to be happen know. If I want transformation I need to change this pattern of same thinking same belief.  I need to overcome. Out of the box I need to go then how it happens when I am having this karmic, you know impression I am having this level of consciousness I am having this level of energy. What I need?  There is a universal law that says that the higher energy or higher dimension energy replaces the lower dimension energy. So this higher dimension energy how I am going to get it that is the question. Higher dimension energy I can get it by invoking the divine energy or divine form divine consciousness. How I am going to invoke this divine form? By chanting the mantra. What is this mantra? Mantras are the vibration or calling codes that will pull the energy it is a programmed you know energy, the light force that is coming to your soul when you chant that mantra. When I chant divine mother Varahi mantra what happens I start absorbing it in my energy body. When I start absorbing this energy you know so what is a quality of this energy. Every energy every consciousness has its quality. So when you invoke divine mother Lalitambika, Varahi, Rajamatanji you know lord Ganesha or Krishna. These have its own qualities the programmed energy when divine mother energy means divine state of consciousness. What is divine state of consciousness – happiness, love, harmony, balance, growth, energetic, inspired, confident you know being fearless. So these are the qualities of that consciousness. If you see we all are different people right because we are made up of consciousness yes or no?

Now I don’t need to say because already proven now, its 21st century – consciousness creates the matter and humans are the consciousness being. So you when consciousness is there means you have a power to create what you want. There is no belief at all now. It is proven fact in a scientific lab that if you are consciousness you have a power to create what you want. There is no question of doubt now. So if you are a individual your life is different because of your consciousness. Because of your creation then your action your karmas you are different you are unique. So consciousness has its own qualities, its own ability, its own energy, its own pattern, its own geometry. So its own consciousness has its own geometry so we call yantras, consciousness it has its own vibration we call it as a mantra. So we use those geometry that is yantra the vibration that is mantra and invoke and change our consciousness our energy. Why we want because we want to experience the bliss because we want to experience the joy because we want experience the strength we want to experience the confident we want to experience the harmony bliss joy and to be powerful on this earth and manifest what my heart is really seeking. I want overcome from my disease. This is very important thing. This is your dharma to protect yourself is your dharma to you know feel confident is your dharma, to become a healthy is your dharma to become a successful is your dharma, to become you know experience the happiness at all levels of your existence is your you know presence on this earth. Otherwise why what is a need of this? To be here, to cry, to be depressed. No. This is not the purpose. You are a spark of a Shiva-Shakti means you are here to manifest your divinity. There is no question at all.  That is you know a perfect everyone has to go into that path. One person accept another person do not accept because of your karma because of his thinking because of his situation and belief he has a different idea about life. But ultimately everyone has to go to the path of self-realization. To realize who am I? If I don’t realize who am I? Then how I know why I am here.  If I don’t realize who am I?  How I know where was I before? Why I am in this body? What I am going to do? Where I am going to go after the death? All those clear questions will come to our life. So divine mother Varahi is very very helpful for us.

When I call her mantra so what happens, my consciousness changes, my energy changes. What I have created ignorantly the karmic impressions psychic impression that are stored within me – within me – changes. Remember, the moment you born you know your because of your birth date birth time birth place your horoscope is made, the moment you are born and this is a outside you know details you are getting. But the same horoscope what we call blueprint of your life is already there in your energy body. Outside rituals take a lot of time, lot of energy lot of money and lot of confusion also. But when I work with the inner blueprint I don’t need to have any knowledge, I just need to bring that divine consciousness whatever type of dosha you consider whether it is Shani dosha, Rahu dosha, Kaal-sarpa dosha whatever it is you know mangal dosha you say, Surya dosha whatever dosha. Dosha means weakness yes or no? It’s a weakness that is present in your energy body right. So weakness means it’s a low energy yes, if I know how to change this low energy to high energy, if I change want to change this planetary low energy into high energy by sitting at home. How could be your life? How should be your confidence? How should you will be acting every day? How should be your life will be? You see this is very important and when we bring these Srividya mantra you see that all scriptures says Srividya sadhana is something that will help you to overcome any type of belief any type of doshas whether it is planetary, nakshatra dosha, pitru dosha or guru dosha or brahma-hatya dosha whatever dosha you consider naga dosha you can overcome with that those mantras. Why it is – because these are not just nakshatra mantra or graha mantras or any other mantras. These are the mantras create the universe – create the universe – create the brahmanda. That what we call brahmanda purana, it creates the universe. So we call her Srushtidevta. Srividya is the Shreem tattva what it does Laxmi – abundance, creation.

So why we call the Sriyantra is a tool of manifestation. It’s a tool of manifestation. Manifestation means to create. Srividya mantra creates dissolving your old pattern old blueprint create the new blueprint. When I bring these mantras this consciousness this energy what happens? All the negative impressions negative karmic blocks negativity in my inner horoscope can be cleansed. I should not worry about you know this. Lord Shiva-Shakti given everything to us within us they have kept a Kaamdhenu, Kalpavrushka your sub-consciousness mind. Within you there is a discriminating power that is your intellectual ability Vivek-buddhi. You have given choice to choose what you want. The power of choice is there. If you do not accept this principle if you do not accept your divinity, if you do not understand the universal law you will suffer. There is no escape. You have a choice to understand apply and experience the joy happiness harmony or you be as you are and suffer as you are suffering. Choice is there. There is no way you can escape from this. This in a world is running with a certain laws. Do you see that you know any time you see that night will not come at all only day will come. The duality – universal law of duality is there. Universal law of polarity is there. Positive is there, negative is there. There is no way you cannot say only positive is my life. You cannot say no law of gravity do now work for me.

Today morning I will go and jump from the you know this building and nothing can touch. Can you say that? We all are same, we are bound by the universal laws. Similarly there are universal law – universal law of karma, cause and effect. Cause is your thoughts your choices, cause is your belief cause is your acceptance cause is your energy and experience – the effect is your outside life experience. If I don’t understand this universal law I fall again and again. I always point you know this guy is doing this to me that guy is doing this to me. This planet is doing this to me, this neighbour is doing this to me. This you know my boss is doing this to me. There is no end for this. You cannot end it. You will be going again and again falling-falling-falling. You ultimately, it comes in such a way you feel this life is no more. Un-fulfilment start happening in your life. When un-fulfilment start you started fighting with your own family members. You start becoming anger and when your real desires are not fulfilling you start feeling frustrated and you become more negative person in your own life. But you, you never try to understand how this universe work. How some peoples are very successful? What it is you know happened? Why their life is very smooth? Why it has not the case with you? What karma I have bought it? How I can change it? Is there a way to change it? Know? All these things need to be understood. So this is entire universe is running with a, you know universal law. You see that everything is growing on this earth. Whether it is a tree whether it a human body whether it is a village whether it is a city everything is growing. Because there is a life force that is sustaining this, you know galaxies. There is, many things are happening. In our life many things are whether it is positive or negative everything is growing. Where ever you focus you attract that. There is no question at all, I focus on my positive qualities I attract positive thing. I focus about my own negative qualities, I, you know. And there is universal law whatever I resist that is going to persist. Today I should not eat – today I should not eat – I should not eat. You say I should not meet this person – I should not meet this person, I should not go here – I should not go here, you will be surprised you are there only. Universal law works. Today I should not meet you know I don’t want to meet this guy today. Just open the door he is there. Jo hukum mere aaka. I am here. So we more we have a fear, fear is strong force on this earth. Why it is? Fear is a tamoguna you know fear is a tamoguna and more you know activity we want our mind always want to you know involve in other things, watch a TV, be in whatsApp, be in a Facebook. Do something but not be silent. No satvikguna you know only rajoguna active even people don’t sit they will be doing this you know holding the pen doing this (pen juggling). Very active rajoguna. Tamoguna people you know (sleeping – snoring) I don’t know where I am you know. Only satvikguna little bit, Oh! Guruji is telling right you know I should apply it. Satvikta. So we are ruled by all these gunas every day. You see that how will you be morning what guna is you know you are exhibiting, expressing you know that. When you are eating a food what happens jadda – tamo is more in you obviously you go for sleep. So this entire third dimension is ruled by tamoguna rajoguna. It is very difficult to be a good person on this earth. I am telling you because of the negativity tamoguna aggressiveness you know the more active activity that is going on how to harm this person how to do this, how to do that mind oriented world it is. Competition you know this is tamo and rajo is more. So fear is more powerful than giving a love to someone, you know blessing someone as a satvik quality. So you should be very careful if you have any fear you need to be aware. No need to do anything no need to chant the mantra. You need to learn to be aware and when there is awareness about the fear then you know that why you are having that fear, you know thoughts behind that fear. Similarly for anger if you have thoughts if these are thoughts from where they are coming. Belief system – when you created that belief you go back just awareness you will be surprised, it is even at the age of 8. You accepted that I am not good enough, I am not intelligent you know. Now you are going for you know job, communication fear you know oh my god what is happening I am afraid Guruiji. I cannot give a best presentation there. Why it is? If you go back be aware during your school days some of your, you know friends you know told you that you are not good enough this is that , this is that you are not good or your parents told something at that you are holding still now. Even you will be surprised you are a very good with communication compared to all other people. Even you are better than your boss. But still you don’t have awareness you don’t have eye to see that you are very good in that. You create all those things so divine mother Varahi is someone who brings all those you know unconscious beliefs unconscious negative energy they will start surfacing in a smooth way in a positive way. She will teach you like a mother, she will hold your hand be careful about this. This belief is creating problem this problem. Try to be aware and release that. Then what happens we start learning to you know all the universal laws. How the life works? How we can change our life? How to you know overcome our problems? So this Varahi sadhana is very very powerful, very very powerful. That will help us in all aspects of our life. Whether you are a person who is doing a job, whether you are businessman, whether you are you know doing any other you know or you are student, for everyone this sadhana is very very helpful to you.

Varahi she is very good for real estate issues. She is very good with real estate issues. If you are you know a person who is working with a real estate. She will give a very good result for you. Any land issues whether it’s a plot, agricultural land anything you having a disputes she is very good in that. Specially court cases you see that court case where you are having all the problem. She is a Stambhana Shakti, make it to stop all negativity paralysed, stopped. So that you can have a right decision from the people and you can grow.

And she is very good for the political carrier. Because political is always you know pull and push only who legs this and who is that pull and push. And more enemies you don’t have that much enemy, but political, I see the families of the politicians. How many enemies you know for them? Oh my God! Not only the enemies you know not only cursed them you know from the you know grandfather level there is enemies.

Varahi is needed for everyone. So she is very good for you know students, she is very good for business person. Because you need to have that confidence you need to have that attraction power. The Varahi is the highest Vashikarana mantra, I can say is the highest Stambhana Shakti is the highest to destroy the negative people enemies in your life. Not only outside inner enemies – kaam, krodha mada, matsara. She will she is the one she can and her energy is more powerful on this earth. So and also she is like a male force. In Srividya you see that it is complete you know force of a Shaktis. But divine mother Varahi is considered as a Sadashiva, Shiva force. So she is very very powerful, make you confident to face your problem confidently. And she will awaken your intellectual abilities to how to solve it. That’s very important. Many times we are stuck because we don’t know how to think better or different to solve the problem. She awaken that because she is governing the third eye and she is very Dandini, Dandanatha, Dandini. I don’t give more about this because you don’t like it. So she will bring the discipline. When this is open what happen, this chakra is more active, time management will come motivation will come.

Now a day’s motivation is a problem to see. You know that there are many benefits of meditation, but to sit for meditation is the biggest problem. You know that if I can exercise I can lose my weight but doing exercise regularly is a problem. You know it I need to follow the diet, you know many problems you know the solution already, but to implement is a problem, motivation is a problem. So divine mother Varahi make you awaken. She is a Shakti of lord Vishnu. She awakens the Vishnu not only you, she will awaken the Vishnu. So she will make you hesitate – Rundhe Rundhini we call her, hesitate you – kshobhan Shakti. She will leave it. She will you know push you get up, do it.

And one more very important thing I want to tell you we call her a Balidevta. Whenever we offer something as Naivaidya in our tantric practices or in a normal puja also, she is the one who can go and visit the devotee place and collect that energy – prana of the Naivaidya. So we have seen and she is called as sanchari devta who can’t sit in one place. She will be (visiting) like Saptamatrikas. Saptamatrikas are the sanchari devtas, if you see any temple these Saptamatrikas are worshipped because they don’t sit at one place. They will be walking to their devotees places and seeing what is need to be done. They will be controlling, helping, blessing. So you will be surprised when you start worshipping divine mother literally she start coming to your home. Her energy just comes to your home. If you are sensitive to you know if you auditory you know you start feeling the presence of her. Somebody is walking in your home, when you do the Varahi sadhana. Somebody is watching you when you are doing sadhana. Because it’s very important I tell you, many times we want to do the sadhana but we are afraid what is happening. But somebody is there to watch and guide you, protect you all the time. Because she her own you know angadevta, upangdevta aadi you know tiraskarani you know Goravarahi, Swapnavarahi, Laghuvarahi they all these forces start surrounding you and her shaktis – Stambhini, Rundhini, Mohini all these you know Andhani who can overcome the ignorance, all these shaktis started surrounding you guiding you giving you those siddhis. And divine mother, this, you know Varahi controls the directions also in your home. So there are many benefits I cannot explain you know she cannot do this or that.

So she is, she has been worshipped in all the traditions. She has been worshipped from many ancient days and she been having a some worship forms even in Egypt also. Similarly for Pratyangara, Varahi they are also worshipped in Egypt with different names of God and Goddess there. So she is the one that is universally accepted whether you go to Buddhism Vaishnava, Shaiva everything. And she can bring you all the abundance, protect you, heal you, awaken your soul to self-realization.

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