Guru Tattva & Different Types of Gurus – By Sri Sadguru Sivapremanda Ji

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru devo Maheshwara, here one more step its very important Guru Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Sri Guruve Namaha. Guru is a creator, Guru is the sustainer, Guru is the destroyer. But ultimately who is the real Guru-Sakshat Parabrahma for that Guru Tasmai means I offer my gratitude and love. So here this Parabrahma is a real Guru. This paramtattva is the real Guru that we need to understand who is the real Guru and this Paramtattva is guiding all of us through different human bodies, through different objects in our life. May be sometimes you may learn something from a tree something you learn from your friend something you learn from your own family member something you learn from some book. But it is a principle that is guiding you through different objects through different people in your life. So I told, you know, we meditated we offered our gratitude to all the masters somehow they have helped us to reach one step, to reach one more step, to reach one more step towards Self-realization towards God-realization. So real Guru is Paramtattva you know or Parabrahma. That you know consciousness, truth consciousness soul consciousness or divine consciousness that is a real Guru. First this should be our understanding that is real Guru. So we call divine mother Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari is Dakshinamurthiroopini means from Dakshinamurthi that guiding principle is flowing to the Rushis. You see that we are not just worshipping Dakshinamurthi we go beyond that to see who is a background that is Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. So she is the one who is the Paramtattva who is the real Guru of all Gurus who is a real master of all Siddhas, Yogis and Rushis that is Mahatripursundari. A oneness – it is the form of oneness of Shiva and Shakti. It is not a Shakti, it is not a Shiva, it is a oneness of Shiva and Shakti that is the real Guru principle that the Paramtattva param or parabrahmaswaroopini, we call it with different names. But that principle is guiding. In Lalita Sahashranaam again it is said Gurumandalaroopini, you see that, if I have a Gurumandala of masters, of siddhas in siddhalokas or Rishi in Rishi or any other different dimension that mandala that collective consciousness of the masters where the energy the teaching principle is there that is nothing but divine mother Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. So I we prayed today Jaganmata you come as our master and guide us lift us help us. So she is true master. She is a true master who is teaching through Siddhas who is teaching through different Yoginis who is teaching through different books, through different technique, through different mantras, through different experiences.

So real Guru is that you know unconditional love compassionate divine mother Lalitambika Rajarajeshwari Mahatripursundari. That ultimate source is the real Guru. But here the real problem will come – the problem will come to understand the Paramtattva. If I tell you that, that principle is the Parama, your mind can not understand your mind can not understand because your mind do not know who you are first of all. You are a spark of a Shiva and Shakti. Every scripture says every Upanishad says every Vedas says that you are temple of Shiva-Shakti you are a spark of Shiva-Shakti, you are a spiritual path of Shiva-Shakti or that divine consciousness or truth consciousness or the nature of you is Sat-Chitta-Ananda. But the problem is our senses cannot understand or our mind cannot understand our intellectual abilities cannot understand Who am I? That Soul, that Chaitanya cannot be understand. So the real Guru is within you as a soul. Real Guru is within you as a soul Chaitanya, Parabrahmaswaroopa. But our mind cannot understand, our senses cannot understand. So this is the true inner Guru – this is the true inner Guru. To reach this inner Guru you need a external Guru. Got this point. I cannot see with my own eyes that I have a Guru already within me. That spark of Shiva-Shakti is already there that guiding principle is already there in me. But with my mind intellectual abilities I cannot experience I cannot understand I cannot accept it. This is very very important and very challenging that to accept that there is a Guru principle that is working within you already. So you need a outer Guru – you need a outer Guru. One more person who has to teach you who has to guide you to take you to your inner Guru. So that is the job of outer master who will take you to your real Guru – to your real Guru, I am telling again. So outside master are reflection of inner master, you see that outer masters whatever whomever you are learning from whatever master is helping you to go one step ahead towards your path to self, to discover the truth about yourself thats what we I have given the quoting “Discover the Divine Mother Within You” Srividya Sadhana – Discover the Divine Mother Within You, not outside. She is living you as you. Only she is going to manifest her own ultimate truth consciousness as you progress with your sadhana step by step.

So first we understand who is real Guru, then we understand what is inner Guru – what is inner Guru Then we understand who is outer Guru and how he can help to us? Is this clear to you? So this is very important to have understanding. Now outer Guru is there again there is a qualification and there is you know a step for the outer Guru. This is differentiation. Guru is there okay, Sadaguru is there, Siddha Guru is there. Guru is there, Sadaguru is there, Siddha Guru is there. So Guru is the one who experienced the truth who experienced the inner Guru and know that inner Guru and try to manifest it outside, through his words through his expression through his actions. The person who just understand the inner Guru that is soul that truth consciousness that Satchittananda swarupa is the real Guru real master real Siddha within him. After understanding he guides outside person to reach inner Guru. So we call him as Guru-outer Guru. Where again one more stage-higher stage we called Sadaguru. Sada-means the truth Guru who experiences who experience himself as a truth consciousness plus who expresses that truth consciousness outside through his words through his power through his actions. First just this realization second is expression of that realization through his personality. So we call self-realized master. Self means not body not mind but the soul that truth. So that we call Sadaguru. Sadaguru who experienced the truth experienced the real Guru who experienced the Shiva-Shakti who don’t have any differences who whose i-consciousness became that. He is the Sadaguru a self-realized master. Now we go one more step, Guru, Sadaguru, Siddhaguru. You see that Sadaguru Thirumoolar our Sidda our real master what it means a person who experienced the truth Paramtattva, expressing that Paramtattva truth through his words through his actions through his soul power initiating people seeding this truth consciousness into his another student soul. Awakening another student other people awakening Paramtattva in their soul through diksha through updesha. That is the Sadaguru.

But Siddha goes one step ahead – Siddha goes one step ahead and not only he expresses this Paramtattva through his words through his actions but brings that Paramtattva that truth consciousness at the physical cell level this is very important where he transformed his physical body into a golden light. He is not just immortal with his consciousness his is immortal at the physical level. So we call him as a perfect Siddha. Until you have this physical body still imperfect, limitation is there. The moment I transfer this body into golden light of unconditional love, golden light of truth consciousness or Paramtattva that Sharira into immortal body then that master is called as a Siddha Master. This is very important to understand who is a real Guru who is a inner Guru who is a outer Guru and what type of gurus and what they can have a power to give to you.

A just a Guru help you with a Updesha, Up-desha. Desha means place Up-means near to the place. Updesha means to bring you near to the place. What is the place you want to go near, to Shiva-Shakti – to Shiva-Shakti to truth to experience the truth. So that is what we call Guru gives the Updesha. What he does he brings you nearer to Shiva-Shakti, nearer to sat-chitta-ananda, nearer to truth consciousness. That is Updesha Guru can give. So you see that many masters gives the mantra and ask you to do all the purshacharna, it is Updesha. It is a guidance to follow this path that will lead you nearer to the truth, Updesha. Then if you go for a self-realized master Sadaguru he not give you a Updesha he gives you a Diksha. Updesha is different, Diksha is different. Updesha means guidance is given but you have to earn from yourself with that technique` with that whatever you do. You have to do millions of Japas, you have to do the you know Havana, Tarpana, Homas Purushacharanas all of that. That is what Guru gives. But when you receive the Diksha that is given by a Sadaguru what he does – Sadaguru seeds his truth consciousness in your soul. You see that he charges your soul with that Paramtattva directly. You don’t need to go with you know chanting the mantra to reach that. Directly I seed that truth consciousness into your soul. All you have to do is remember connect and experience. So that is a Sadaguru where he does that. Then if you go for higher level. Siddha it is something very very different. He directly gives a self-realization. This is what our you know master Sadaguru Thirumooler. No mantra to chant, no you know form to worship. Just to connect and surrender – connect and surrender. That is what lord Krishna said in the last chapter 18th chapter. He didn’t said in the 1st chapter because he know that. He is a Siddha you know that a pure consciousness Krishna. He says surrender to me I give this to you. Same with Sadaguru Thirumooler, surrender to me I pass this to you. I am living in a physical body. I am living with a Paramtattva. You just invoke I just flow into you. That is what we call Gurumantra a real Gurumantra that transform, bring this transformation from human to a divine. Gives experience of the formless. It is very important, awaken your intuition to experience the truth – awaken your intuition to experience the truth. So we are blessed to connect with this master Sadaguru Thirumooler. We need to feel this blessing we need to offer our gratitude that master I don’t know unknowningly because of my karmas I landed here how blessed I am – how blessed I am.


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