Higher Self help in decision making!

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji



Sadhak Question: How can we develop decision making skills as we follow Srividya sadhana? I have gone through the SOHUM meditation process mentioned in the “Success Wisdom” book to connect to higher self for guidance. Can you please provide more insights on this process? Sadhguruji.

Guruji: You see, that in the Success Wisdom there is a section where we call helpful hints, where one of the tools is how to connect with higher self and receive the guidance and make decision in your life. So this is the question related to that. So how we can do this.

 I have very clearly mentioned int the book, to connect with that higher self your mind should not be active. Okay. Should not be active means not 100%, it should be active very less active. Only it can able to grasp the message. Only that much active conscious mind is needed. Okay, so I have suggested that to silence this mind, I suggested SOHUM pranayama. SOHUM is the vibration of the source consciousness. Okay. When you chant the SOHUM automatically you shift your dimension or your consciousness from individual soul to universal soul. You need to understand that. And the higher self is the bridge between the individual soul to universal soul.

 So, when you do this SOHUM meditation what happens? Your mind is becoming less active and you are bringing your attention to breathing. It means you are bringing the harmony between the physical body and the mind and transforming your attention from body mind to the soul or the higher self. So, when you do this Soham pranayama or bringing the attention to the breath your mind slowly comes down. It will align to the body. That is the one thing you need to do.

And before you do that you need to be very clear. What questions need to be answered by your higher self? Right question. Start with the yes and no answer only. Can I do this, at this phase of life? Can I get this job? Can I invest in this company? Can I buy this plot or the flat or the home like this? The questions will be yes or no, it should be there. And then once you ask this you know that this is the question you need to you write it down. You have in your mind. Then do SOHUM meditation.

 When you are in a silent don’t worry about the question and the answer also. I’m telling you whenever you have this in mind just pray to your higher self. I asked my higher self, my soul, my divine to guide me to solve this problem or help me to take this decision. That’s all you have to do. That’s all you do. Suddenly in the flashes the answer will come. And that answer is so perfect inside. Great clarity and from inside. You know this is a very important one. You know it is not coming from the mind. It is coming from the higher consciousness of your soul that is higher Self. And once it comes you will have a uh feeling attached to this. Like a joy, relaxation, peacefulness like AHA moment. That is one of the aspects you need to discriminate from the mind and Higher Self. Feelings are very important. Relaxed, clarity, focused. You know that this is the right answer. Okay. Once you receive the answer then what happens? Your mind will start indulging and all that’s what I always suggest. Even written that the first thought that you receive that is the right answer most of the time. Okay.

So, this needs a lot of practice every day. Small, small thing. You take it, you take a small thing you ask to your Higher Self. Is my name is this or not? Like this is my home in Bangalore or not like this. You start small how the kids start riding the bicycle or start walking. You need to start the journey like that. Once you become a perfect with this then you know and some people what happens if they are kinesthetic, they start feeling something here something. Whenever their higher self will communicate, some part of their body become vibrating. For example, maybe your heart chakra is more when you receive, heart chakra is opening up. The answer is coming or you receive somewhere it is beating eg: Ajna chakra pulsating, you know that. Or you receive that something you feel. Some light is showering on you. All these are the indication of your higher self how it is going to communicate. And I want to tell you very important thing. Your Higher Self is waiting to answer, guide, help and lift you. But we are not ready to take, or ready to listen to our inner guru. Our Higher Self, our inner Shiva, our Higher Self, our Guardian Angel who is there with us in this life and so many thousands of lives. This is a very very powerful teaching.

Once you connected with your inner guru, inner Shiva, your inner angel. Once you start receiving this guidance, you know how it will guide and help you. Your life will be highly successful. Your decisions will be very good. You will never get confused. And when you do the SOHUM meditation you should not have so many thoughts. Also, for example you are in so much confusion and at that time you want to do SOHUM. It is very difficult. Your mind will be overtaking. Your subconscious mind will be working. That’s what I always suggest. After meditation, after meditation do the SOHUM and ask your question. That time. It is really good. But sometimes when you are in a real hurry and need many of us make a mistake because we are not understanding the Higher Self answers and we do the mistake. Okay.

So, first thing is making your mind silent. If possible, ask the question after the meditation. And when you receive the higher self-message, it could be a very clear to you. You know from inside, okay? And the feelings will be very good like a peaceful clarity, happiness, joy. And this is the decision you feel from inside. Many inner changes of the consciousness cannot be understood by the intellectual mind. That’s what we say. Intuitive decision is done because of the higher self okay. You follow these things regular early practice for small things. And you will see the very good result as you walk on the path of guidance of higher self. Okay.

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