How do I know that I’m progressing in my Spiritual practice?

-Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Human means conditions, Divine means unconditional. Human means expectation, divine means no expectation. Human means desire, divine means desireless. Human means form, divine means formless, silences, bliss, joy consciousness. The path we take is from human to divinity, you should have this clarity of where am I going, what mantra am I doing, what meditation am I doing where its leading me, if you do not have a measuring system, then how will you know you are progressing or not.

One of the symptoms when you do the meditation guided by the right master is you literally experience healing from your mediation, energy from your meditation, balance in your meditation, inspiration in/from your meditation. You experience bliss, then u know that bliss is the real form of Siva and Shakti, the real form of your own soul. If it starts manifesting what happens, in the beginning we focus on the form, as you progress you know that form starts disappearing and am holding divine mother Latithaambika and as I chant the mantra, I realize that after some months or years, more I start focussing on the form, it disappears. It becomes blank, dark, like sky within myself.  More it becomes blank, I hold in that state of formless sky within me and more I do meditation more I experience true form or true form of divinity and from that we experience peace bliss, joy and blessing. Then you know that you are one with Siva Shakti. When you progress, you should feel all these things. More bliss will start manifesting, more you feel grounded, more you feel home, more you feel inner satisfaction that you cannot find from anything from outside world. This is how you know that you are really progressing in your meditation.


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