How much Rajashyamala mantra can clear our karmas?

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

Guruji, in one of your videos, you mentioned that one round of panch dashi mantra could clear karmas of one year. So how much Rajashyamala mantra can clear?

I have read that the rajashyamla mantra is equal to seven crore mantras.

You see that whatever mantra you receive from a guru is very powerful. I am not saying that only the Rajashyamla mantra is powerful. All mantras are equally powerful if they are received as deeksha from the right master. The rule is applied in the same manner. When you meditate one circle of Rajamatangi, it is the same. It will clear a minimum of one year of karmas. When you meditate with involvement and devotion, surrender yourself, accept the interference of the divine mother in life, and meditate non-mechanically; only then will one year of karmas be erased. If you meditate mechanically, it won’t be erased. It is the same for the Pancha Dashi mantra, Rajashyamla mantra, Ganpathi and shiva mantra. But even that also is very powerful. One year of karmas of this and past life involves 365 days of emotions, thoughts, and negative energy created by you for yourself and others and the entire universe. The divine mother cleanses these, and that in itself is a great blessing.

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