How to communicate with Thirumoolarji

by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Guruji: Shivohum! Sadhak Question: After the meditation last month. I feel so connected to Thirumoolarji will he accept me? even if I have a materialistic desire? Can I freely talk with him about that? You said in one video that Siddhas are more concerned with our spiritual growth. Can I talk with him freely about anything on my mind?

 Guruji Yes… If you want to develop a connection with any Siddha, you need to approach to him as your friend, father, mother and without any conditions, that you need to understand. So, this is how we develop the relationship from the waking state then the subtle level of our intuitional level of communication. First you start communicating, sit in front of him. Communicate! see him, his eyes communicate! If you cannot verbally communicate, channel… mentally talk with him, Thirumoolarji thank you for being in my life. I’m very happy that you are guiding me. I can feel your presence. Okay… I want to manifest these desires, please guide me. You see…, I want to take this decision… Please help me. Interfere in my life. You need to do all of that. Of course. I said that the Siddhas are more concerned with our spiritual growth. At the same time, they will help you to discover your heart desires and fulfill those desires. Okay? Because if your fulfillment of the heart desire is not possible, then you cannot grow. You are not happy. You cannot go to the higher level of consciousness you got this point?

 So, it’s my own experience. Many times, I asked for something. I have received it from Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. But I realized that why I should waste my master’s energy for small small things? Why don’t I liberate myself with his help? Liberate my subconscious vasanas all the energies, negativities, karmas of the past life, that I cannot do it for myself. I can manifest with my mind and mantra and all. But something that I wanted to take his help to the higher evolution of myself for ascension. Okay.

So always Siddha’s are happy when you respect them for their job. And when you make them as your father, friend, master and communicate with them every day, every night is the best thing. You light a lamp or nothing. You just sit in front of them and receive the messages. Communicate! and do not have any condition. Whether you are good or bad, whether you have materialistic desire or not, whatever you are Siddha, don’t bother. He is unconditional.

 Sadhguru Thirumoolarji’s statement is “Anbe Shivhum”, the one who has experienced Shiva, the God as unconditional love and manifested that unconditional love. So, he reciprocates in the same consciousness to you. Unconditional. You approach, he blesses. If you don’t approach, he’s just there blessing you. He doesn’t have any condition for you. Okay? You can meditate. You can communicate with him every day without any condition.

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