How to develop petitions to do Srividya Sadhana sincerely in today’s busy life.

By Sri Sadguru Sivapremananda

Devotee:  How to develop petiense as now a days I get restless and inclined to quickly get done with the Sadhana. I sincerely want to do the Sadhana but somehow once the Sadhana starts I get restless?

Guruji’ answered : You see, Sadhana means it’s a trouble for your Ego Consciousness. It’s a process of slow death to your ego consciousness. This ego consciousness is a fake identity that I am a body,I am a mind, I am this personality.

So when you do the spiritual sadhana, obviously  you feel rest less. You feel fear, you don’t want to go inside to see the truth about Your self. Some of you have very negative self image.  The moment you close your eyes, you feel rest less. These images comes, those thoughts comes and all of that. This is normal, don’t worry about this. Surrender to Divine Mother, meditate,  no matter what it is.


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