How to do “Shiva Mantra Pranayama”?

-Sadguru Shri Shivapremanandaji


In our guru parampara, we do Shiva mantra pranayama as follows:

Chant ‘Om’ (mentally) at Sahasrara chakra.

While breathing in, chant ‘Na’.

Breath out with ‘Ma’.

Breath in with ‘Shi’.

Breath out with ‘Vaa’.

Breath in with ‘Ya’.

Again breath out with ‘Om’.

So this completes one round of pranayama.

This is very powerful. My teacher Shivakaami says that once she didn’t know about Tirumoolarji at all.

She was a devotee, a great devotee of Kriya babaji, Kriya Yogi. And then somehow she got a book Tirumantiram and she started reading and all.

What happened to her? She doesn’t know. She was reading all the Tirumantiram. There is one verse explains this pranayama.

What I’m explaining to you, Tirumoolarji explains how to anchor Shiva mantra to your soul. How to awaken the sound of Shiva in your soul.

She just read and she just started doing it herself. Nobody taught or nothing. She just started doing it.

For her Great surprise, she saw that a Yogi is manifesting in her Ajna chakra by just doing this simple Pranayama.

That was the first encounter of ShivaKami with Tirumoolarji. With this Shiva pranayama, you see that it is something, a programmed thing he taought to her in her past life and promissed her ‘If you do this pranayama, I will come to you.

Unknowningly she did it. He came there. I am here, ‘Jo hukm mere aaka’. It is only for her. Every guru has made a promise to his disciple.

Not only guru, but also the disciple should be intelligent. He has to take a promise. Otherwise it is very difficult.

We fall down in this life again and again. We need a right siddha to guide us. So this is the pranayama she has done and it very powerful.

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